Read the law? Complementary sociology? The department, which seems to be indistinguishable from the "editor", has enlightened her attention to gender issues. She loved to read and wanted to make an impact on the world through writing, so she flew to London to study at the Institute of Gender Studies. In the past, she always took excellent results as the goal, but also in the process of studying in this foreign country, she encountered frequent setbacks, she worked tirelessly, passed through one hurdle after another, experienced the baptism of publishing, curation, and architecture, and finally came to the world of "woman fans"!

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Joining the women's fan content team, the challenge is far greater than imagined, it is difficult to graduate from the Gender Institute in London, across the difficulties of different places, thinking that she should be able to contribute to what she has learned in the past, but when she looks at the gap between herself and other partners, the anxiety alarm of "perfectionism" begins to buzz again!

This polishing trip of women's fans, at first, was not so comfortable, from the dizzy state, slowly combing the difficulties, and gradually being able to take the helm for themselves. Looking back on this process in hindsight, everything requires time, patience, and the ability to internalize.

Wan Yun clarified herself and sorted out two small steps for partners with "perfectionist" tendencies.

  • Take a step one, with a limited time frame, think about how to complete the task, do not delay, do not think "to plan to the most complete, and then act."
  • Skip step two, agile action, let go of the perfect mentality of everything, "start doing" is more important than "perfect", and iterate quickly while doing.

"The quality that can be given in a limited time is one's own strength, which is very frustrating, but the fact is that no one has unlimited time to do things, through this way, you can see where you need to strengthen and improve, or quickly steal from others, and see what people you feel are doing." 」

Wan Yun said that you will gradually find that your thinking in a short period of time is more and more complete, and your mastery of things can also be improved.

As a passer-by, she laughed and said that if this could help perfectionists and get through the seasickness period at work, it would also be immeasurable. During the attack, she described as an Olympian, who had to go through repeated self-discipline and training to practice stable performance, even if he was in poor shape, he would not fall too far behind.

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The most rewarding thing about the content is to help others while actually helping yourself

From being a novice media editor to the present, I wonder, what is wanyun's past experience as an editor that has brought her a sense of accomplishment? She smiled and wanted to say, "I can see how bad I am and feel my progress and growth." In addition, when society needs to help a little, those moments make me feel the need for this role to exist with women."

Talking about the eve of the referendum on same-sex marriage, in fact, the content team has clearly known that the result of the referendum will be the majority disagreement. "In addition to the efforts to advocate, we also began to prepare for the end of the referendum, how to take on the huge loss, anger and sadness, so that comrades know that love and hate are not incomparable- love has always existed, will not change, and is more powerful." 」 She communicated and collaborated with various marriage rights platforms, legal translation, and collation of debate referendum meetings... many times, and the process gave her a deeper understanding.

Wan Yun said: "At the moment, I feel that being an editor can help a little bit, it is very practical, and it is important that someone in different positions continues to work hard."

Returning to the wanyun of women's fans for the second time, she rolled up her sleeves and was determined to work with her partners to create the ideal content. This time she took on the role of Leader, internalizing the accumulated experience of the past into the nourishment of her partner.

Do Leader at first glance decathlon, do you want to be good at any field? Or is someone born to be a Leader? I asked curiously.

She laughed and said that it is impossible, no one is born good at any field, what needs to be had is a heart of all kinds, all the time, curious about the world, in all the internal and external content absorption and play, constantly self-renewal.

Technology has changed from star to star, and the content methods of communicating with users have become more diverse, such as Podcast, YouTube, Instagram... a variety of promotion tools.

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At the beginning, it is not everything, but also gradually and slowly groping, building self-confidence little by little. She knew very well that one person could not go further, and it was necessary for a group of people to have a way to gather their strength.

Wan Yun metaphorically, from editor to "editor of content talent", the task is to let all partners join, are more powerful than the original, amplify everyone's highlights and advantages, and in turn help the content team.

The perspective is further, the right people, the right ability, located in the right position, "so that partners have the opportunity to outshine their own advantages, watch the partners in the process of growth, sparkling, that sense of achievement is also very great." 」

One person can control everything, because as long as you control yourself, you can achieve it. But now it's the whole team, and the challenge is enormous.

Woman fans Content Lead Wanyun

It is not easy to give nutrients and be able to balance output and one's own life.

Woman fans Content Lead Wanyun

Let yourself smell fragrant, you are very happy

At the end of the interview, we still asked the question that each episode of the charming recipe must ask, "An exercise that can be done today?"

When she received the questions, she couldn't help but laugh out loud, not expecting that one day these questions would be asked to herself in turn. She thought about it for a moment, and immediately threw out an exercise that she had been doing recently, and WanYun said, "I want to invite everyone to dress up every day from today onwards!"

She continued: "After the epidemic began, if WFH, it is easy to wear pajamas all day, looking back on 2021, is to feel, "Oh? Why did I become a person who didn't find myself attractive and attractive?"

Who said that dressing up must be seen by someone, and it is also very happy to show yourself at home! For her, it doesn't hurt to get up and change her pajamas, put on a little makeup, or even spray some perfume on her body, as long as it is fragrant, she can be very happy all day.

Make yourself a charming person, first feel that you are charming, like yourself is too important, do not be ashamed!

Dress up for yourself, live for yourself, be happy for yourself, live yourself cutely, and love the "self" every day – this is wanyun's best charming formula!