This collection of golden sentences is suitable for watching with "The First Rise of the Lantern", while tasting the plot, it can also chew the Yoshimitsu Katayu interpreted by the characters with their lives.

The deep meaning of the golden sentence does not fade away because of the end of "The First Lantern", but can remain deeply in our hearts and become a warm lamp when encountering difficulties in life, giving comfort or guidance.

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In the three seasons of "The First Lights", through the distinct personalities of each character as ink and ink, each person's complex past is used as the background to depict a wonderful story line.

"Life is like a drama, drama is like life" "The First Lantern" seems to stage a scene of life drama: after solving a problem, it is difficult to come; when things are about to improve, it kills the journey and bites the gold, and when it thinks that justice will eventually win, it is found that the original evil still exists.

But we can also understand from each choice in the role, and the reasons behind the choice, to carefully taste the complex and delicate emotions, as well as the consequences of each decision, the far-reaching impact of the interaction between people, we will understand that it is these emotions and choices that intertwine our three-dimensional and rich life.

Through the golden sentences spoken by the characters, it is not only the seeing or desolation of life, but also the deep courage and hope. This article uses the three aspects of "life, love, and family" to classify the 8 selected golden sentences of the third season of "The Beginning of the Lantern":

First, about life: whether it is a good card or a bad card, fate is in my hands

In fact, life is like this, it has been suffering and suffering, what life and old age and illness and death. You're just going to get used to it more and more, and everyone is the same, aren't you?

"The First Light"

Ji's mother's words seem to comfort Rose, but in fact, she is also summing up her life.

Hanako, who was standing by at this time, retorted, "Who... who is going to get used to this kind of thing?" Ji's mother leisurely replied:

"Of course no one has to get used to this kind of thing, but if you don't cheer up a little bit and don't be strong yourself, what's the difference between that and dying?"

The picture | stills of "The First Light"

Yes, no one wants their life to suffer, but if they keep themselves in the quagmire of suffering when they encounter difficulties, I am afraid that before others come to save themselves, they have been unfortunately overwhelmed, and they will not even have the opportunity to be helped.

Adhi adds many conversations with her parents in the third season, portraying her family more deeply:

From the conversation with her parents, we heard that Ah Ji, who regarded money as her destiny, turned out that she was also working hard to provide for her parents, and her gambling addiction and debts were often ridiculed by her parents, and even when Ah Ji finally confessed her "physical condition", we did not hear any concern or blessing from her parents.

A mean and cold family, bringing a lot of torture to Atti. However, God surprises Aji at the end of the play, and all the ladies of the Light are willing to help her. Atti was not driven away because it had become her home.

If your home isn't warm, find another one, or even create one yourself.

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The good and the bad must be let go, and the past is a good thing.

"The First Light"

When Rose's mother drinks with the ambiguous object "Cheng Brother" in the shop, he asks her why she is so strong? Encountered a lot of pain during the day, but at night can still smile and greet people, drink with people who may not necessarily like?

Rose's mother just laughed, her ex-husband betrayed, her friends framed, her son left, her business was not good... she survived one by one, because if she survived, it was good; if she survived, she could laugh again.

For better or worse, it will pass. Thank you for everything that has been my nourishment, making me stronger and stronger, and capable of facing the next storm again.

The picture | stills of "The First Light"

"You don't want that look at me, I don't feel pity at all, I'm actually full of pride." People who are born with a good hand of cards, so be it. A bad hand, and then a break, I think handsome! My destiny is in my hands." - "The First Light"

Jiang Han's "orphan struggle history" from the first season of the image of the people and gods being indignant, to the return to the basics and gradual repentance in the second season, and then to the third season to describe his "orphan struggle history" of his talent and wisdom from childhood, and will also take the writing fee to take care of the younger siblings in the orphanage, making people want to spit out whether the screenwriter is whitewashing Jiang Han at the moment, and can't help but nod his head in approval - yes, in fact, human beings are so complicated!

A person who is extremely harsh at work may be kind and tolerant in the face of his family; a person who is emotionally cynical may also have a day when the prodigal son will turn back; a person who has dreamed of punishing adultery and eliminating evil since childhood may also change his original intention and join in the same stream.

In Luo Yunong's good memories, Jiang Han is not ashamed of his status as an orphan, but proud of himself. He said heroically, "My destiny is in my hands." He made a name for himself, built achievements with pen and ink, and continued to give back to the place where he was born, taking care of the children who were also orphans.

His pride and self-confidence, Luo Yunong saw it with his own eyes, so he also fell deeply in love with it - that love, no one can replace.

Jiang Han, maybe one day I will forget you, but not now.

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The picture | stills of "The First Light"

Second, about love: Don't let regret become the shackles of the relationship

The cold Lily dropped a sentence when the ladies of the "light" quarreled over the matter of affection:

It is easy to talk about other people's feelings, and it is another thing to face it yourself.

"The First Light"

This sentence is best said in the mouth of Lily in the third season, because as the story line develops, even if she discovers the secret of her boyfriend Henry, she still loves him, and in her own way, she makes a promise of eternal love.

We often give many "practical opinions" about the feelings of others, and then wonder why the other party can't listen to them, and even wonder" "Why is it so stupid?" And then pay for the infatuation of friends, deeply distressed.

In fact, love is like a labyrinth, people are easy to get lost in their feelings, they can only grope, wander, repeat the same mistakes, and outsiders can use God's perspective to point out the confusion or cool words on the side.

But in the same way, only those in the labyrinth have the opportunity to enjoy the process of solving puzzles, even if it is painful, but it is also one of the joys of life.

The picture | stills of "The First Light"

College students He Yuen and Aizi have more rival scenes in the third season, He Yuen after the experience of loving and hating Su Qingyi, from immature boys gradually grow into men, to intern in magazines, looking for their own life direction.

What do people live for? In response to Aiko's dazedness about the future, he shared his regurgitation of the "purpose of life":

"When you encounter something, you have a certain feeling in your mind, and those feelings will take you somewhere. You may not know it at the moment, but one day when you look back, you will find that everything is connected little by little to a certain place. I guess that's called a 'destination.'" - "The First Light"

The picture | stills of "The First Light"

After listening to it, Aiko thought about it and even thought about it further, using the "puzzle" as a metaphor, comparing the process of exploring the path of life to finding the lost pieces of the puzzle, pieced together piece by piece to piece together the future.

As a college student, after the stumbling of the first two seasons, she learned to face herself calmly, in addition to being able to speak well to her mother, she also threw out her love straight. Whether or not she received an equal response, she decided not to give up on herself and catch herself well.

The picture | stills of "The First Light"

The baby mother, who was highly acclaimed in the second season, entered the "light" to thank Rose's mother personally in the plot advancement of the third season, and even confided in her heart. Talking about his past, the baby sighed and said:

Cherish the person you care about now, and don't let that person become the next regret in your life.

"The First Light"

Baby's words, everyone should listen.

Sometimes we neglect to take care of our dear people for the sake of face and livelihood, and when the other person is discouraged or unable to spend happy times with them, we wonder why we have not understood each other's intentions and seized those lost opportunities.

Why do we always wait until love is gone before we regret it?

Maybe this is the life lesson of "in order to no longer regret", always have to go through it once, and then know that you must always cherish it.

The picture | stills of "The First Light"

Third, about the family: the hurt of rebellion, and the regret of not being able to say it

"A lot of words are not said in the heart, but when they are said, they are not owed, and when they are said, they are clean." If I don't say it, maybe this life will go on like this, just like my relationship with my mother." - "The First Light"

The baby returned from his mother's funeral, and he did not appear in the guise of his mother Sang, and his emotions fermented with fine wine, rarely revealing his true feelings.

He never regretted the path he had chosen, against worldly values, against the frightened eyes of his relatives, but if something could have been said earlier, wouldn't we have been less tormented?

In the end, the baby did not have time to say the words that had been in his heart for a long time, and it was too late to tell her in person when his mother was alive. The relationship between the baby and the mother is like this for a lifetime - but the relationship with other people can not be like this.

So the baby murmured like a dream, sharing his regrets and pains with his friends, hoping that Luo Yunong would not have to make the same mistakes as him.

The picture | stills of "The First Light"

Compared with other people's fatherless and motherless or blood-sucking parents, Luo Yunong seems to have parents alive, as well as her brother at Taiwan University and the sister of Bei Yinu, but she hates that family, and has been independent since she was a child, trying to rebel against the original family. She tells hanako her story:

I used to think that my home was not warm, so I did something to hurt them. But then I think about it, those rebels end up hurting only themselves.

"The First Light"

If the time could be turned back and the youth girlhood was restarted, what different choice would Luo Yunong make?

But because time can't be turned back, we don't know any of this, so Hanako thought about it a little and said, "If there are 100 points in life, you don't have to figure it out yourself!"

Despite the return of time, the young and ignorant girl still does not understand, to experience the wind and frost heat to refine a mature woman, and then try not to hurt others, and not to hurt herself again.

The picture | stills of "The First Light"

Audience friends, "The First Lights Up" is over - and then what?

In the three seasons of the film series "The First Lights", each character hurts each other, but also supports each other, allies become enemies, and rivals become family.

In fact, isn't the lively and noisy "light" like "life"?

Under the blows again and again, the "light" will occasionally close the store and not open, but when we calm down to tidy up, wipe the tears and become strong again, so that night falls, the light box of the "light" is opened again, the song slowly flows out, people start to work, start socializing, start to play, and the new night of singing and dancing rises.

In the gorgeous late night, there are sincere and false feelings, and those are the traces of our lives as human beings.

"The First Light" is over, but our lives are not yet, you say?