Female fans invited lecturer He Zewen - as the founder of the "Career Lab", the largest career community in Taiwan, and has written as many as 7 books - can help you focus on the light and let career coach He Zewen help you find your ideal job in the course" What does it bring to you?

He Zewen: Only by getting rid of external false expectations can we live a true and happy self

When it comes to careers in Taiwan, it is impossible not to mention the "Career Lab" community, which has held more than 200 activities in the past two years since its establishment, with a total of more than 10,000 people participating.

In recent years, the founder He Zewen has been invited to major enterprises to share with colleges and universities, from primary schools, middle schools to universities. From the workshops of several people to the first freshman training speeches of Yangming Jiaotong University, even his speech manuscripts can often exceed 100,000 points.

He Zewen is not only a lecturer, but also a best-selling author who has published more than 7 books, as well as a well-known career coach.

Now, in order to help many young people in Taiwan find career direction, we have joined forces with many different institutions and groups in China to jointly establish the TYCIA Taiwan Youth Career Innovation Association.

As the leading figure in domestic career training, women fans have also invited He Zewen to open practical courses for everyone in the charming club after work to help you focus on the light, so that career coach He Zewen can help you find your ideal job!.

Photo courtesy | He Zewen

I want to help others and enter the field of human resources

When it comes to how to start stepping into the field related to youth careers, He Zewen laughed and said that everything is karma. His career journey, through the public sector, the world's top 500 large groups, start-up companies, to his own entrepreneurship and the launch of NGOs, all of which are inseparable from human resources. The choice to enter the human resources is also related to He Zewen's background.

He Zewen, who came from a vulnerable family whose parents were divorced and raised by an elderly aunt, has been helped by many relatives, friends and teachers since he was a child, which has always made him have a yearning to help others and altruism, and he has always wanted to participate in non-profit organizations. However, in the face of the burden of the family economy, He Zewen can only choose to enter the industry first to make money.

At that time, when making a decision, he thought about what in the corporate organization, what can be in line with his own personality of liking to communicate with people and help others? Finally human resources appeared in his mind.

Later, he liked to write, he began to share his observations in many media columns, when he was stationed overseas, in addition to local experience, he most often wrote career issues from the perspective of human resources, and because of this, he began to receive many letters from readers, for these letters, He Zewen attached great importance to each of them, "Sometimes people only ask me 300 words, but I return 6,000 words to the other party", He Zewen said.

Only by getting rid of the external shackles can there be true freedom

In the process of communicating with these young people, He Zewen found that many young people have similar problems. "They may have had a good academic experience and worked in companies that everyone envies, but many are still confused", seeing this situation, He Zewen thought that he was only in his 20s at the time, and it was difficult to respond to all the questions completely.

So he called on many senior seniors to form a "career lab" and began to hold lectures, workshop activities and mentor programs.

Later, when I came into contact with more and more partners who worked hard in the exploration of the workplace, He Zewen observed that a large part of this was due to cultural problems, because the collectivism of East Asian Confucian society made us work hard many times for the sake of "responsibility" - to be responsible for the family, for the organization, and even for the national society.

Under such circumstances, many people begin to be constrained by social expectations, forget their original intentions, and only work hard for responsibility.

It also made him think about how to solve such a problem.

In this way, he began to become a missionary, through various methods, channels, platforms, telling young friends that they should regain the control of life and be the masters of their own lives.

I often hear many young people say that their goal in life is to be free of wealth, but what everyone wants is freedom.

Lecturer of "After-Work Charming Club" Ho Ze man

Lecturers are often invited to speak at universities and colleges. Photo courtesy | He Zewen

What you want is not wealth, but happiness

He Zewen believes that freedom is not enslaved by others or externally, is to be able to be one's own master, and to become the protagonist who can truly control one's own life. If you mistakenly regard the pursuit of wealth as the target of adult life success, you will become a slave to money.

He said that you don't have to make a lot of money to do what you like, but to make money for what you like and create value for others.

The pursuit of wealth freedom may be based on the idea that many Asian cultures are responsible for work to the country, society and family, and always believe that it is necessary to wait for retirement to truly belong to oneself and have freedom.

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But what is true freedom?

It is not bound by social expectations, it is not limited by external frameworks, and it is really possible to do what it wants without exceeding the rules. In order to reach such a state, we actually have to think more about what we really want and what we really care about.

The key to wealth freedom is to stop working for money.

Lecturer of "After-Work Charming Club" Ho Ze man

He said the key to financial freedom is to "stop working for money", so that you can feel free without being bound externally. This does not need to wait for tens of millions of dollars to reach you, you just have to choose to be the master of your life, you are already free.

If you give yourself a bunch of preconditions and tell yourself what you must meet, you can have a happy life, but instead let yourself be bound.

Lecturer of "After-Work Charming Club" Ho Ze man

"What job am I suitable for?" Find your own keywords

Many young people will ask He Zewen "what job they are suitable for", however, He Zewen believes that the answer to this question does not need to be asked for, but to understand themselves, find their own keywords, from the understanding of talent, enthusiasm and values, to slowly gather their own career Polaris.

There are all kinds of possibilities in life, don't underestimate yourself because of your origin and environment. If you give up because there is little hope, that is the real despair.

Photo courtesy | He Zewen

Podcast: Taiwan Bar Xiao Yuchen: Interest is not discovered, but created by yourself

And this time, in the "after-work charming club" of women's fans, He Zewen will also share how to find his true calling and destiny within himself without privacy. He said:

"We're only going to live once, and this time, you're going to live a legend." In order not to let yourself leave regrets, you have to break through, bravely face life, bravely face the inner voice and call.

Don't let your past limit your future, no matter what you have experienced, you should become the protagonist of your life and bravely depict your own brilliant future.

Don't let the expectations of society kidnap you; be brave enough to plant the seeds of your dreams, keep irrigating, and it will blossom and bear fruit."

He Zewen analyzed that in order to find the answer to life, what is needed is to understand yourself more deeply, to be aware of yourself, to know your interests, hobbies, mines, troubles, vulnerabilities, etc., to understand your "why" and why you have become today's self.

In this course in cooperation with women fans, He Zewen will also exclusively use his pioneering STAR dream practice principle to lead everyone to find their own life journey direction.