When life can only leave a few objects, every time you think and ask questions about "staying or not staying", you can have a deeper understanding of yourself, and this simple life practice is not only environmentally friendly, but also a kind of self-dialogue. Women are obsessed with April Earth Day, and we invite Mrs. Crow to take us into the daily life of the Minimalist.

As a minimalist, Mrs. Crow often shares the minimalist life on the channel, including "My Simple Life Exercises", "Five Benefits of Simple Life", "Those Things That Break Away from Me", and those minimalist exercises give us a new imagination of life.

In response to The Woman's Day on Earth, we invite Mrs. Crow to share her changes after she began to minimalism, starting with "Women's Sustainable Environmental Impact".

Look at how Mrs. Crow implements minimalism, and what does she want to say to the earth?

Mrs. Crow and Earth's "Love Q&A": After starting to practice simple living, start liking my possessions 100%!

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【Early days】When did you start to have a sense of sustainability and environmental protection?

Growing up watching my mother's classification of recyclable garbage, the creativity of reusing old things, and the cherishing of resources, these made me very accustomed to this daily life before I recognized the term "environmental protection", and now I often lament that it is not as good as it!

Your environmental dilemma: What are the dilemmas you encounter in environmental sustainability actions?

Mainly convenience it! In the modern society of multi-work, everyone has a time or a last resort, so maybe there is no absolute standard for environmental protection and sustainability, which is more like a heart for me.

Within the scope of your own responsibility, spend a little more effort to choose a way that is friendly to the environment, do not need to compare with others, and know that you can do your best.

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【Daily Show of Love】What are the environmental protection/sustainable actions you will do every day, and which ones you especially want to recommend to women fans?

Everyone's lifestyle is different, and the way it fits will not be the same, but I think conscious shopping should be the most important thing for me, if everything we buy is carefully considered, then it will reduce a lot of unnecessary waste of resources.

Although it may take a lot of time at the beginning to think about whether such an item is suitable for my life and whether I can use it for a long time, but after getting used to it, this process of talking to myself and stripping away the cocoon is also very interesting!

What is the item you use the most? If you can only choose 3 objects, what life do you want to leave behind?

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The longest-serving item is probably the first piece of clothing you buy while working with your favorite brand! I've been wearing it for more than a decade now.

But the two oldest objects around me were probably the watch my mom brought with me when I got married, and the Parker pen I received from my grandfather last year, who is no longer there, but I now use it every day to write a sentence for myself.

If I could only leave three objects, I was pragmatic and hoped to leave a glass, a wooden bowl, and my e-reader from my mother's side.

【Deep commitment】How to bring sustainability into the consumption of daily life, what is your concept of consumption and investment?

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Investment is not my strong point, but since I began to practice simple life, my consumption concept has changed a lot, before I like to try all kinds of things and favorite styles, whether it is clothing or daily necessities, I feel that I have been looking for a style that suits me, and then break this style to start over, unconsciously hoarding various types of things.

After adjusting my consumption habits, I put my early adopter habits on short-term consumables, such as food, drinks or daily necessities, because they will be used up in a month or two, so I can easily meet the needs I like to try.

The rest of the items are used for a relatively long time, such as clothing or furniture and appliances, and I will worry about the extent to which I like/need them, and after a while, I also find that the proportion of items I have that I like is much higher.

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If the earth were to break up with you, please give 3 examples of how you would stay?

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If Earth is really going to break up with me, I don't think I'll be able to force him (laughs).

It's much more important to me to find a way to get along during the relationship than what are the ways to retain.

By thinking about whether objects are suitable for you, which is one of the ways that Mrs. Crow knows herself, how do you choose to know yourself better? There is no answer to environmental protection, sustainability and lifestyle, as long as you are happy, it is the most important! If you can only choose 3 objects, what life do you want to leave behind?

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