"Eating well can be the most beautiful sustainable action!" Lin Nianci, who grew up in the field of promoting vegetable food and diet, has been environmentally conscious since she was a child; for her, environmental awareness comes from every bit of life and is naturally formed. The Women's Obsessed Earth Love Project invites Lin Nianci, the founder of Cotton Delight, to share with you how to find the blueprint for sustainable life in your heart.

Founded in 2013, Cotton Delights opens up women's new imagination of life with cloth tampons with a sense of design. Not only gender, "Cotton Delight" is also committed to sustainable development; founder Lin Nianci travels the world, committed to women's empowerment and environmental protection work, her cloth sanitary napkin social cause, not only give women a new choice, but also flip their own physical and mental state. And what does she want to say to the earth?

Women fans of April Earth Day, invite Lin Nianci to respond to the "Love earth" influence quick answer questions, with love situation questions to evoke the unique emotions between Lin Nianci and the earth.

Lin Nianci and the earth's "love Q&A": Eating well can also be the most beautiful sustainable action

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【Early days】When did you start to have a sense of sustainability and environmental protection?

Growing up in an environment, the home is the field to promote vegetable food and diet, every week there will be organic vegetable farmers from Fuxing Township to deliver vegetables to the home, and sometimes on weekends, they will go to Camping on Daxi Mountain to set up tents, etc

Mom always carries pots and pans and family-sized eating utensils, it is really impossible to judge when there is environmental awareness, it feels like natural, bit by bit, day and night, the way life at home looks.

【Daily Show of Love】What are the environmental protection/sustainable actions you will do every day, and which ones you especially want to recommend to women fans?

Daily life is with nature, and in the morning you feel the warmth of the sun, drink warm water with plant dew, and slowly begin to cook rice porridge grown by natural farming methods, stir-fry the cowhide vegetables harvested in the vegetable garden, and mix fresh lettuce with olive oil

Eating well, cherishing the growing vegetables of the earth, and supporting farmers who cultivate friendly farming are the most beautiful and sustainable actions on the daily table.

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What is the item you use the most? If you can only choose three objects, what life do you want to leave behind?

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  • Cloth tampons

I have been using cloth tampons for nearly 10 years, usually 8-12 pieces of cloth tampons of various versions accompany me to travel around, and the longest piece of cloth tampons is the daily normal type made by my cloth tampon enlightenment teacher "Qiu Yihua", with green small flower cloth. I love it so much that I usually use it ritualistically only on the first day of bleeding.

  • Bamboo toothbrush

In 2020, after the lockdown of Nepal, the whole half a year was the use of the only toothbrush "Produced by Yuantai Bamboo Mountain" every day, because there was no excess material at hand, and I did not want to use a plastic toothbrush, I did not expect to use the same bamboo toothbrush for so long for the first time, it was so durable.

  • Handmade cotton Indian duvet

Super love this kind of inside full of feel, the inner layer is covered with carefully beaten cotton, the outer layer of cotton is handmade woodcut printed flower cloth, plus the final delicate hand sewing process, the flower cloth and the cotton are sewn together, wrapping up the body's touch of incomparable warmth and comfort, each can be used for several years.

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【Deep commitment】How to bring sustainability into the consumption of daily life, what is your concept of consumption and investment?

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  • First of all, you have to pay attention to your own body, and look around at the objects and objects that surround you?
  • What is the fuel (diet) that you feed your body every day?
  • What kind of material do you want to resonate with?
  • What kind of belief-based production methods and products do you grasp about consumer behavior and money?

Every moment, every day, you can create a blueprint for a life that lasts forever in your mind.

【Women's Sustainable Influence】Which women's sustainable actions are your Role Model (recommended books/texts/movies)?

At present, of course, I am thinking of recommending my new book "Women, Pilgrimage to the Body: Female Awakening, Social Entrepreneurship, Positive Menstruation", which tells the relationship and connection between many women and Mother Earth, and the development of the environmental positive menstrual movement.

Lin Nianci and Mian Leyue used cloth tampons to start their own environmental revolution and practice the blueprint for sustainable life in their hearts. In fact, small things can also achieve sustainable belief, just like the food on the table, the purchase of daily necessities, or the change of consumption concept, can give you new changes, leaving the most ideal life in your heart. What is the blueprint for a "sustainable" life in your mind?

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