Peiyu Li, who founded PiOTOPIA, attaches great importance to environmental issues and gives more people the opportunity to use "plastic-free products" through her handmade soap brand. In addition, she also has many environmentally friendly habits, such as eating vegetarian and carrying environmentally friendly tableware, which will be practiced in daily life. Women fans april Earth Day, take you into the "Thirty Meters Underwater" program host Dapia environmental protection daily.

As the host of the "Thirty Meters Underwater" program, diver and actor in multiple roles, Li Peiyu always gives people a sunny and cheerful image, and in recent years, her popularity has risen with the rise of the water after winning the Golden Bell for the second time. However, in addition to her outstanding performance in her acting career, she is also a charming woman who loves environmental protection in private, and is committed to practicing and advocating the concept of "plastic-free life".

In response to the Women's Earth Passion Program, we invite Li Peiyu to participate in the "Love earth" quick question and answer, and use the love situation question to find out the unique emotions between her and the earth!

Li Peiyu and the earth's "love Q&A": If you have the ability, you must use gentle strength to practice the ideal!

Your environmental dilemma: What are the dilemmas you encounter in environmental sustainability actions?

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I often advocate that everyone should use environmentally friendly lunch boxes in their lives, but it is difficult to practice this when working and filming, because most of the crew orders meals or uses disposable lunch boxes.

Of course, there have been very good experiences, such as the crew using the way of eating meals, everyone bringing their own environmentally friendly lunch boxes, or going to the dinner bucket to serve rice by themselves, just like returning to the era of high school.

In addition, I have also heard that some stores that love the earth use iron lunch boxes to serve lunches, and when everyone is finished eating, the iron lunch boxes will be recycled uniformly.

Hopefully, such a culture can prevail.

【Daily Show of Love】What are the environmental protection/sustainable actions you will do every day, and which ones you especially want to recommend to women fans?

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I choose "plastic-free products" when bathing and maintaining, using handmade soap and shampoo cakes every day to reduce the number of plastic bottles and cans in the bathroom. That's why I set up my own handmade soap brand, PiOTOPIA.

Let the beautiful soap enter the plastic-free life, and everything will be more comfortable.

What is the item you use the most? If you can only choose three objects, what life do you want to leave behind?

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My clothes have actually been worn for a long time, and several of them have been worn since high school, and I often wear high school uniforms as pajamas, which feels like I have been reminiscing about my youth in high school.

Plus, I used my last phone for six years, and it's someone else's used phone!

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【Deep commitment】How to bring sustainability into the consumption of daily life, what is your concept of consumption and investment?

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Cancer I am a typical housewife personality, plus I have half Of hakka ancestry, so I have the spirit of thriftiness and pursuit of high CP value.

In addition, because I cherish resources, I am very happy and happy to go to the storage area to buy vegetables and fruits that are "about to expire" or "sell poorly". Of course, because of their vegetarian diet, their daily consumption and life options are relatively simple.

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【Women's Sustainable Influence】Which women's sustainable actions are your Role Model (recommended books/texts/movies)?

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I was quite touched by Legislator Yu Wanrou, although I personally do not pay much attention to politics, but she has always been concerned about this land and sustainable issues. I remember that she had a book called "Tomorrow's Table", and I was shocked and full of positive energy after reading it three years ago.

I hope that if I have the ability in the future, I will also use the gentle power to practice my ideals.

In life, do you have any environmental protection habits? In addition to carrying an eco-friendly lunch box and reducing plastic consumption, even changing the way you eat can be a small environmental action. If you have the ability, you can also join the ranks of sustainable action, use gentle power to practice your ideals, and establish a long-term intimate relationship with the earth!

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