Melissa, who has traveled more than 50 routes in Taiwan at the age of 27, has a close relationship with the mountains. In the community of mountain girls Melissa and Mao, we see not only their mountaineering records, but also their passion for life. Women fans april Earth Day, we invited outdoor women Melissa to take us into the mountains and forests.

Melissa and Mao , a mountain girl, love words and photography, but become each other's best partner because of their common interest in "mountaineering". The two embarked on a mountain adventure together in 2016, and the IG page was full of their mountaineering records of blue skies and greenery, and even the wedding photos were completed on Hehuan Mountain!

In response to The Earth Day in April, we invite Melissa, an outdoor woman who loves nature, to share her environmental experience and suggestions with the theme of "Women's Sustainable Environmental Impact".

Let's use the "Love Earth Influence Quick Q&A" to find out the unique emotions between Melissa and the earth!

Mountain Girl Melissa's "Love Q&A" with the Earth: After walking into the mountains, I realized that I knew very little about the natural environment!

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【Early days】When did you start to have a sense of sustainability and environmental protection?

In 2019, I quit my job and, having always wanted to learn freediving, chose "Green Island" as a place for me to work and live for a month.

I usually love to drink hand-cranked drinks, and I have lived in Green Island for a month and have seen the islanders do a lot of efforts to protect the environment.

The drinks in the breakfast shop do not take straws, and it is also advocated to go to the breakfast shop to eat breakfast to bring their own environmentally friendly tableware (like we go back to the store to get plates and forks to use), and even when we go to buy supper, we will also take the pot out to put salted crispy chicken, which is also more aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental protection from this moment.

And I think awareness is just the beginning, and what matters is how to implement these behaviors in life.

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【Daily Show of Love】What are the environmental protection/sustainable actions you will do every day, and which ones you especially want to recommend to women fans?

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Until now, the frequency of my hand-cranked drinks is still very high, and I am very accustomed to the life of bringing my own environmentally friendly bags and environmentally friendly straws, and even bringing environmentally friendly cups to buy from home.

Usually when eating out, I will try not to use disposable tableware (such as: no-wash chopsticks), I will bring my own pair of environmentally friendly chopsticks to go out.

In daily life, when you go to the market to buy vegetables, you don't take any plastic bags as much as possible.

Before going out, I will plan out what meat, vegetables or seafood I want to buy today, and bring my own environmentally friendly lunch box to pack, which greatly reduces unnecessary waste for me.

At what point in your life/career did you feel that the environment was different from ten years ago, and that it had really changed?

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I think people pay more attention to the issue of environmental protection, no longer just a slogan, but more people are willing to pay attention to the issue of environmental conservation.

Taking my own work as an example, I began to contact mountaineering in 2016 and later became a full-time mountaineering blogger, but before I walked into the mountains, I did not have a deep sense of identification with my land, especially the natural environment.

But because after starting to climb the mountain, actually visiting and exploring our homeland, witnessing the destruction of the environment and the increase of man-made garbage (mountaineering or diving are all, the garbage in the sea is also shocking), but more able to have practical environmental protection actions, no longer watching people on TV like before,

It is more difficult to empathize with the slogan of environmental protection, which makes me know that the issue of environmental protection is happening around you and me, and more and more people like me, who attach more importance to this issue after personal experience.

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【Deep commitment】How to bring sustainability into the consumption of daily life, what is your concept of consumption and investment?

My concept of consumption is: what can be reused, just use as much as possible to maximize its value.

For example, since 2021, I have begun to use cloth sanitary napkins, but also hope to reduce the generation of artificial garbage, I still remember the first time I used it, I had an excited voice in my heart: "I didn't expect that I could completely zero garbage during a menstrual period."

By April this year, it was exactly one year old, and such a change of lifestyle and mentality was unimaginable to my previous self, and I am very happy that I did it!

Everyone's acceptance of environmental protection is different, and I don't think everyone is required to behave consistently.

Instead, gradually change from the small things in life, after a long time, it will accumulate sand into a tower, and small actions can also achieve great changes!

Women's Sustainable Impact Which women's sustainable actions are your Role Model?

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Over the past few years, I have been influenced by the actions and thinking of many women, and the most influential of them is the Youtuber sheep who runs a broken topic.

I think that in addition to the issue of environmental protection, in addition to reducing human waste in the largest way, it is also very important to prolong the life of goods and not waste excessively.

Since I started watching the film of the last sheep, I have understood the process of breaking up: giving up objects is not the point, the focus is on gradually finding the most suitable way of life for herself through the process of breaking off.

I agree with the idea of retaining the necessary daily necessities and no longer living a life of excessive consumption.

Rather than an empty room, it's important to maintain a quality living space and not waste everything you choose, which is the most important thing.

There is no certain answer to environmental protection, and finding the most suitable for yourself is the most important! As long as you add a small environmental action to your life, there will be a big change beyond your imagination over time, and perhaps one day, you will be like Melissa, because of the change of lifestyle and mentality.

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