"One cup a day saves 30 coffee cups a month!" From Cindy's sharing, we not only see the passion for life, but also "how to bring sustainability into daily life". Let's take a look at what actions you can take today!

Cindy, who loves to challenge all kinds of outdoor sports, always enriches its community with a sunny smile and a wonderful life. In addition to being a city girl who loves nature, she also often uses her own influence to share how to continue to fall into daily life, which is loved by IG's 30,000 fans!

Women fans of April Earth Day, invited nature-loving Cindy to respond to the "Love earth" influence quick questions and answers, with "love situation questions" to evoke the unique emotions between Cindy and the earth.

Look at this sunshine girl not only advocates plastic reduction and environmental protection life, but also what else do you want to say to the earth?

Cindy and the Earth's "Love Q&A": If you want to be environmentally friendly, you can start by bringing your own environmentally friendly cups and tableware!

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【Early days】When did you start to have a sense of sustainability and environmental protection?

In about 2016 and 2017, I personally went underwater to find that the beautiful ocean that everyone said was actually not so beautiful.

On the seabed, caves and even coral reefs, there will be plastic bottles, paulinos, fishing nets and other artificial garbage, as long as they are within my ability, I will pick them up ashore and sort them, so I pay more attention to environmental protection-related issues and begin to reduce the disposable garbage I make.

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Your environmental dilemma: What are the dilemmas you encounter in environmental sustainability actions?

  • How to balance beauty and environmental protection?

Sometimes when you go out to wear only a small bag, it will be very difficult to put environmentally friendly tableware, beautiful and environmentally friendly sometimes still need to choose and choose.

  • The dilemma of convenience and the eyes of others

Going out to play sometimes it is inevitable to forget to bring tableware, or to queue up famous stores, there is pressure on time or seek quick convenience, sometimes worry about a group of people going out to play and then cooperate with their own environmental protection, it will be a little embarrassing.

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【Daily Show of Love】What are the environmental protection/sustainable actions you will do every day, and which ones you especially want to recommend to women fans?

Every morning when you buy coffee, you will bring your own eco-friendly cup!

One cup a day saves 30 coffee cups in a month!

Recommend friends who want to start environmental protection actions, you can start with your own environmental cups and tableware!

I will put my own tableware in every bag, and the kettle will also be carried with me, which will reduce the use of disposable tableware and plastic bottles filled with water, and the water bottle will remind myself to drink more water!

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At what point in your life/career did you feel that the environment was different from ten years ago, and that it had really changed?

I feel that the most change should be the progress of science and technology, sometimes it seems to pull the distance between people, and sometimes it seems to be closer.

In terms of the environment, I think the temperature has generally risen, winter has become very different from winter, and garbage has not decreased but increased, and more and more people have been promoting environmental protection-related issues in recent years, but the unchanged garbage problem is also what we should think about.

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【Deep commitment】How to bring sustainability into the consumption of daily life, what is your concept of consumption and investment?

  • Buy a hand-cranked drink by tearing the seal film open and drinking it
  • Try not to use a straw
  • Bring your own eco-friendly bags when you go out shopping to reduce the purchase of over-packaged goods

Before buying something, I also start to think, is this thing really needed or wanted?

Reduce more opportunities for impulse shopping, use what can be used until it can not be used, the same type of clothing, do not repeat the purchase, but also began to slowly reduce their desire to shop.

After watching Cindy's sharing, did you find that environmental protection is much easier than you thought?

In fact, the implementation of environmental protection is not imaginary difficulty, a few simple actions can continue to love the earth, so that our environment is more beautiful. Response #女人迷四月地球日, women fans also invite you to bring forever into your daily life, join the "#Woman Fans Earth Love Project", and more wonderful content don't miss!

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