Let us look at the photographic eyes of female photographers and see the diverse nature of her uncompromising, uncompromising reality that she has captured.

When we talk about photography, our first intuition is "Brother Bro".Behind the scenes, it is always used to imagine a pair of men's eyes.Perhaps we rarely think about this question, but when you think about it, it's surprising to see that the Photographers are an occupation with a significant gender gap.Although the popularity of digital cameras has increased the number of female photographers behind the scenes, there are no lack of talented women photographers who are highly appreciaty. But in Taiwan, there are relatively few female photographers in Taiwan.Lindt, who we interviewed, was a female photographer who graduated from the London School of Art Institute of Modern Cinematography. In London, he made a number of brands, big fashion shows, and back to Taiwan, and he had taken photographs of fashion magazines such as Elle, FHM and the time of the topology.She said she was lucky, but on the road, there were no persistence and perhaps not enough.

There are times when people are always moved by certain things.

For the first time I saw Lindt, really, outside of her slim skin, white skin, pink hair, a little bohemian, like a model, and as a photographer, it's a very different kind of imagination than a photographer.Ask her how she had the courage to take photography as a career, and she told us a very special story.
of high school, it was the first time that the university studied law. After graduation, the university went smoothly into a large company to work as a legal service.But I don't know why. She gradually feels that life doesn't seem like that. It's a little bit mysterious, but Lindt's very sincere look at us saying, "I really want to do what I want to do."In the past, she liked art. She quit her legal work and transferred to the advertising company to design, plan, and become a bit closer to the dream.

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Lindt shot a dancer who couldn't hear it, and the model had to wear a hearing aid when he was photographing, but he wanted to hang up with a microphone in the picture, but it made people feel that some sort of invisible melody in the picture was sensory, not just the ear.

As the digital camera was popular with the network at the time, Lindt started to record some of her world's perspectives with his camera, and she also accumulated many fans and Internet users.She smiled and said, " At that time, I slowly found out that my pictures were quite a lot of people.She has also found a different world in photography.She knew a girl who loved to take pictures on the Internet, and she had done a lot of crazy things together, and even had a photo exhibition. At that time, Lin's motto was, "I wanted to make every day, like no tomorrow," and she took every single thing she wanted to do.But she didn't really want to make a living. Photography was always an interest in her. He really pushed Lindt out of the country or took photography as a career. It was because that friend suddenly lost contact and disappeared one or two months later, and Lindt found out in the news that his friend had committed suicide in the United States." This is really a shock to me, because that friend is my spiritual pillar."This is the story of Lindt," says Lin. "Photography has become a dream that I feel must be accomplished."Part of it is that we hope to help that friend realize his dream, and also discover that life must be something that I like to do and what you can do."

Photography, for me, has no way out, and I don't want to do anything else.

that time, she had no professional photography training, and she didn't even have any professional photography training. She directly took pictures of the department director. She was praised by the department director for a very different kind of "photographic eye," and she was born to take the line.I asked her when she first started studying, would she be afraid?After all, many of the other classmates are already European photographers.Her eyes were rounded up, and she smiled and said, " Fear?I don't have anything to fear!Because at that time it was already known that photography had no way out for me. I didn't want to do anything else.And at that time, my goal was that I wanted to take pictures of my loved one, so I was happy to encounter any things that weren't or frustrating, because I knew I could learn that I wouldn't have anything to do!Perhaps this is the positive attitude that makes Lindt more and more chances to take pictures, not to give up any opportunity to take photographs, and to practice on the London route. Sometimes she looks at the angle of the different people, and exercises his clothes and props, and the eyes of Lindt constantly train her own special point of view and perspective.

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Lint is a photo of a series of subjects taken by the "Pareto" ("Partime").The picture was taken from Ilan's farmland, but the hue was deliberately black, and the concept came from a blue sun, painted by a genius little painters of the movie Rue Flowers, "because it wouldn't work so hard for Daddy."(Sibling: Children's 21 warning to parents: Choose to stand with your child, okay?

Good pictures, not just pretty.

Look at Lindt's work set, and it's very easy to get in, because it's a picture of a picture, and it's a great story.In London, where training and cultural stimulation were held, Lindt was almost unhesitant to say, "The most important thing is to know that every photo has a story."Because too many people are taking pictures, the key is what's behind the picture.The light of a picture is more powerful than the camera lens. Only the experts can see it, but the pictures have to be seen by everyone, so they have to have their own stories.And Lindt is the most powerful, that is, to tell a different story through the lens.It is also because of this insistence that every photo has to be felt, and that Lindt is lucky to receive the attention of the photographer Lin, who is a special photographer for the time of the "Partime".

'm really lucky to have a lot of opportunities, " he laughs, smiling.Next to these masters, what they have learned is how to communicate with each other. " At the time of the photo, the real character is that the photographer is not the model, because photographers have to control a lot of emergency situations, lighting, modeling, communication and so on. They have to have feelings for the pictures. These are actually very big challenges."What's the biggest setback to Lindt's picture?"She says, "Of course parents are worried. They want me to have a normal, stable life, so I'm going to try not to worry about them."will find a balance between business and art.I was thinking of ways not to give up taking pictures.Easily, "Don't give up taking pictures," but it makes people feel that Lindt's insistence on not giving up.

More challenges, more opportunities, better

In addition to brand business photography and magazine's project photography, Lin has also been serving as a screenplay for film dramas from the film crew.This was the first time she had taken a series of photographs from a group of people to Ilan for a month or two.Lindt said there was something on the eye that lit up in the light.

London, 2009, photographer in photography, she is looking at the world with her "Natural Photographic Eyes."Picture | Author provided

" I'm going to film it all the time.This is my insistence, and I will not compromise.At the end of his visit, Lindt asked her to share a few words with us. She said it seemed a bit of a cliche, but she really thought, "If you want to do it, don't regret it. Don't forget why you wanted to do it."You know, remember, you will have a firm commitment to your own life."Did you find the thing you wanted to do?"(Extended reading: The basketball player is turning into a musician!{nova SEVDALIZA: anything is possible )