Life for a single woman can be crazy! Take your own hot air balloons, go to amusement parks, rent a limousine! Japanese drama "The Code of The Living Woman": Not to live alone, but to enjoy life alone!

Will you sometimes after work, do not want to say anything more, just want to find a restaurant alone to eat quietly, empty, but next to a table of couples, friends of the lively sound, it seems that you are lonely and lonely, have to take out your mobile phone to divert attention, or eat quickly and go home?

Or see a course or activity is very moving, but because you can't find a friend with you, you dispel the idea, afraid that a person going to a strange occasion will end awkwardly?

"May Girl Hui always goes alone to a favorite place, does what she likes alone, and enjoys being alone."

The protagonist of the Japanese drama "The Code of the Living Woman" May Nuhui is not afraid of herself, she is nearly forty years old, she is keen on living alone, not living alone, but an activity carried out alone.

She is not so simple as eating and watching movies by herself, she rides hot air balloons alone, goes to amusement parks, visits aquariums, climbs rocks, barbecues outdoors, lives with couples, and wears evening dresses to rent a limousine for a night tour of Tokyo.

You think you can't do anything alone, she does it all for you. Each episode is only 20 minutes long, like looking at the vlog, seeing where she's going again, broadening our imagination of "living alone", alone, as if there is really nothing strange, and it's fun.

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The picture | stills from "The Code of the Living Woman"

It is not because of the exclusion of others to live alone, it is because it is cool to live alone

Living alone is not the opposite of group life, not because we don't like to interact with others and exclude others, but in this too crowded city, we occasionally need space to breathe, so that a space belongs only to us, and we don't have to care about behaving inappropriately.

May woman alone to the high-end sushi restaurant, in one breath ordered ten sea urchin sushi, no companion friend to worry about, she carefully tasted the sweetness of the sea urchin, she is to be so willful, binge eat a favorite taste. Enjoy the starlight projection at the planetarium, eager to do it again, pick up your wallet and rush to the ticket gate without anyone's consent.

"It's not because others are excluded from living alone, it's because it's cool!"

Everyone actually has their own footsteps, none of us have to cooperate with anyone, how I want to play today, go home late, or want to leave temporarily, there is no idea of companionship to take care of. The other side of the lonely body is also free and light.

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The picture | stills from "The Code of the Living Woman"

What is there to be ashamed of eating and drinking alone?

"Actually, I used to care a lot about other people's eyes." May girl is not born, very able to be alone. In the process of living alone, she staged a small inner theater from time to time: "Will these couples think I am a freak?" "Will the waiter think I'm an unloved lone woman?"

But she gradually found that no one was paying attention to her at all, everyone was busy chatting with her friends and companions, and the counter attendants were also received as usual, and there was no "strange vision" that she imagined.

The picture | stills from "The Code of the Living Woman"

Once, she met a young woman who came to the izakaya herself for the first time and looked uneasy. She immediately stepped forward and instructed: "Put the change in the box first, if you want to take pictures, it is best to get the consent of the store first!" 」 The woman said to her admiringly, "Thank you, you look really confident, to be honest, I am still afraid that I will eat and drink alone, and I will be strange to others."

The May Woman asked, "Do you remember what the people sitting near you looked like at dinner yesterday?" The woman shook her head. It proves that these imaginations are our brain supplements.

What limits us has always been not others, but others imagined by ourselves. Being able not to care about other people's eyes is a happy thing.

With each additional experience, you become more confident

Although the may woman's solo work is all set off alone, she will always meet the boss, the guest who can talk a sentence or two, or the passerby who is also a solo person on the road.

When renting a luxury car to visit Tokyo, she was still embarrassed that she alone occupied the limousine, and asked the driver if she would feel strange? Instead, the driver said, "We'll be happy with the guests who are driving in the car." But I personally feel that the ultimate experience of the limousine is to be able to enjoy the night view quietly in a comfortable space, so tonight I am also very happy."

The picture | stills from "The Code of the Living Woman"

She always discovers a wider world in these casual conversations. For example, when she went to take a hot air balloon, she learned that the hot air balloon uses the temperature difference to rise, and the colder the air outside, the greater the temperature difference with the hot air balloon, and the more fuel efficiency can be exerted. Or the hot air balloon is flying with the wind, can not control the direction, need to change different heights, to find the right wind direction.

"Every time I experience one more thing, it's like adding another page to the encyclopedia in my heart, and I become more confident!" 」 The May Woman suddenly understood.

In the era of reverence for pairs, groups of pairs, and community supremacy, "alone" may be labeled with many labels, but when you can not be afraid of fear, or even deliberately challenge, the sweet taste will slowly grow in silence and become a secret in this world that is only for you.

Just like when the May woman soared in a hot air balloon, she found that because she was flying with the wind, she could not feel the wind, "We ourselves became the wind." When you melt into the solitary life, the "alone" will no longer be troubled, but the "living" experience will take you farther and farther away.

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The picture | stills from "The Code of the Living Woman"