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The good bridesmaids are in heaven, and the bad bridesmaids steal the groom.Like a classic movie, the bridesmaid is the bridesmaid of the card, and the other half of Julia Roberts the other half of her future.In addition to the dramatize that brought together, the bride and bridesmaids did not the same friendship between the bridesmaids and bridesmaids, and there were usually two connoisseity lines:

1. First, the wrong person was chosen.

The saying goes well, and it's easy to send a god to God.The bride is often forced to ask for unfit help because of the pressure of the family.For example, her younger sister was very poor and had a rough line. Although she knew she loved it, she wouldn't dare to guarantee that she would not be in trouble at the wedding banquet.In fact, a friend who feels like a sister who feels like a sister is actually going to be happy to show her when she's married this day (if she isn't married), then she will definitely be in the company of "The Avengers".Some of the brides feel the ability of a friend to have an organized plan, "she will definitely be super power!"The two men, however, underestimate the need for a deep friendship and a good understanding of the foundation of the marriage.It is easy to pull in, but it may be much more difficult to ask her to stay out of custody.

2. Lack of good communication

In fact, all relationships in the world require good communication to maintain and prevent marriage between brides and bridesmaids, because of the loss, misinterpretation, and even rupture of wedding ceremonies, and to maintain an honest and open attitude in the process of the wedding, and to deal with issues of great size together.Would you like to help me decide the flower style of wedding arrangements ?Or "bridesmaids want to wear a dress that matches the best man, but is just the most annoying purple. Are you willing to wear it?""If you invite them to become bridesmaids, they must be sure what assistance they want from them."Regardless of whether the wedding is simple and simple, the pressure of preparation is bound to be great. The bridesmaids are the "fairy" rescue groups of the world, not the witch who has refueling the fire.

The most important and unique fact-this is a wedding that is not a bridesmaid.

A perfect marriage is definitely a big event in the bride's life, but not for her, and not having a good relationship with her.It is not the most important thing in her life to spend a few months of the time and effort being the bridesmaid in her life, even if she can't leave everything behind, and doesn't mean that she doesn't care about it.Keep this fact in mind, perhaps helping to resolve the friendship crisis between brides and bridesmaids, and through this one, you are the good friends who have gone together in life .

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