A week of hard work just ended, you didn't get to the position you wanted; you just changed your emotional state to Single , and the kitten you raised was sick!But even worse still, on the back, you go on a Facebook wall to a friend to take a vacation in a exotic place, show her a series of dream wedding dresses , and even jump to a new job of supergood health.You try to tell yourself that it is good, but the bottom line is still envy?Perhaps they are in a state of light and fresh air. In fact, it is hard to say that they will not come out, and let you stand on the same front for a different interpretation!(Recommend to look at Facebook: Facebook isn't a fake life, it's getting along with people to get along with it )

Single City Girl

Status: Enjoy the beauty
the beauty of my home: living in the most expensive city in Taiwan with the lowest wages, so my home is a fire alley and an apartment like a shoe box size.

Status: Many choices. Where are people going to eat today?
Truth: It may 'also' be a convenience store with an outtake … or a special combination of convenience stores.

Status: Just ended a date tonight __ handsome, a lot less time!
Truth is true: Many of the bachelor's of the bachelor party are more and more female!Nobody wants to run a relationship, I'm tired of dating, but I don't have a boyfriend!

Status: God!Is the Wu Zun walking into our office?!
Truth: He's right, but I've been blocked by layers of guards, unless you want to plug in a red envelope ...

Status: Like today's free lunch, yo!
truth is that from 9:00am to just now, there was no overtime pay, and it was never time to sleep at noon. It was a miracle that it wasn't easy to squeeze out the time for lunch.

(A single man is also a little bit true to say: Analyze his heart

Married Tzu-Mother

Status: Our dream cozy little nest has finally been decorated!(Happiness happily ever after)
The truth is: the mortgage is strangled by my neck, and only two days of dead children paint the whole white wall!

Status: and the other half of the love of the two people!(Nanny's nanny came to help)
" Truth is: It's a month to go out and eat pizza and watch movies.We will not leave the bubble until we have paid off the mortgage loans and the children are 30 years old.

Status: surrounded by three adorable angels, and one on the road!(Cheer)
Truth: I'm tired!But my husband is always “ working, ” and I need to go on vacation ... and go alone!

Status: Hotel the family travel, look forward to it!
Truth is: I finally have a vacation, but why do I have to go with my mother-in-law from Hell?

Status: When the child sleeps, it is "Time of the game" for pulling and pulling out the horses!
Truth is: The so-called game time is just paralyzed on the bed of the bed ... watching TV.(Don't look forward to Hot Keys )

I haven't thought of it!From an angle of interpretation, friends also have their own annoyance and frustration. After all, who would like to share their dark side?In fact, Happy Facebook isn't sharing too!If you're happy and unhappy, you're all your own life. You try to use humor and humor to make a smile, and you may be able to take the courage and energy again.Occasionally I try beautifying the face, so that the graffiti wall of the mind is also followed by (scattering flowers)!

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