Who is Florentijn Hofman?

You may be familiar with this name, but you must know the news of the yellow duck, about the "fantasy journey" of the little duckling , which has now been misinterpreted "Leak" but was actually an episode of maintenance, and then a Chen Chu, actively invited the yellow duckling to come to Kaohsiung for information.Florentin Hofman is the creator of this cute little duck, 35 years old, Zhou traveled Dutch artist.

The < Fat Monkey > (fat monkey) created by the human word slipper in Brazil.

The Giant of Vlaardingen> ("The Giant of Vlaardingen>" ("The Giant of Vlaardingen>"), the first of its kind in the art of art in 2003, shows a very obvious personal style: a lovely look at the appearance of a conflict, but always with the cleverly integrated view of the landscape and the of a conversation with the audience.

A giant is a rabbit.
Hofman and , spent three months on the construction of the local wood, with a more commemorative value.

He often invites local residents of the work to work together, or to incorporate regional issues , such as in 2004 at , created by the town of Nieuwerkerk in the Dutch town Nieuwerkerk, has attracted the government and people of the public interest in the topic of "magnifying" the problem of muskrodents that occupy the local canal.

up to 32 meters high and 12 meters high. This is a giant muskrat with wood as a rack and covered with straw. It's actually pretty cute.

the Open art biennial show held in Sweden , the stuffed bunny rabbit hair fell behind the bronze statue of the Swedish man, Engelbrekt, as if he had borrowed a little rest from the square.

11-meter-tall giant bear stands in a park in Amsterdam, but with a tall, handsome gesture that is carrying a pillow?Hoffman's works have all along had a sense of conflict in the hearts and minds of children.(Recommended reading: only practical, Amsterdam

Whether modern art has a dispute of value, it doesn't seem to be too big for Florenentijn Hofman to incorporate art into public space in a way that makes it difficult to ignore, and allows the public to appreciate the appearance of friendly animals, and also magnify the visual field of the environment and the precious environment and life resources of the human race.After reading Florentijn Hofman and his animal friends' art tours, is it more like looking forward to the next landing place of the yellow duckling?As we wait and see, we will continue to look for art in the ubiquitous life!

art is in your life

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