When you're in a bad mood, don't go shopping and eat again and eat again!Even if the new clothes or the delicious, delicious honey toast adds to the happiness of the people, it will begin to worry about the next month's bill, and the explosion of calories.If you want to clean up the shade, try the following seven measures, which is easy and cost-calculated!

1. To enjoy the nature of the window outside of the sky

Looking out the blue sky of the window, the blue sky, white clouds, are old and old. How long did they not notice that the insects in the park were called by the birds, and close to the flower and smell of their natural fragrance?The weather is fine and can feel the warmth of the sun on the skin, and try to keep up with the rhythm of the raindrops and the sound of the wind.When emotions are low, they hand themselves over to nature, and the body brings a new feeling to us.
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2. To appreciate creativity

art and music are two great and exciting choices, and now there are many channels that can be appreciated free of charge, whether on the street artist or the nearest gallery of art, spending time and creative narrauations, and perhaps unleating new forces.(The street is filled with interesting new things, , do you find it? Knitting to Play: Street Art for CFT , Super-Creative Street Art Selected )


up the old sundries and many people like to clean up their environment by scrubbing toilets, and this is a very good way to do so, because it is a natural and ordered space.If the situation is not good, the goods sold to the second-hand shops or to those in need will also be unimaginable.


long as you are close to a familiar friend, can do it without hiding, and at the same time that you talk about the land, you can also treat the fragile souls of the people."A cup coffee and cup of coffee", "the magic of friendship is so amazing!"

5. Campaign Natural High

Campaign allows the brain to create a kind of morphine, a pleasant and pleasant substance in the brain, and is the most natural and healest way to boost the spirit of the world.If you are afraid that your physical strength is not good enough, you can sneaky a dog or ride a bicycle, let alone the sweat of the burning calories. It's really refreshing!


singer Hsiao Keng-teng says that every time he helps a weak friend and sees the joy of his face, he gives a lot of power to Hsiao, and makes him not afraid of difficulties.In fact, life is a continuance of love , sharing time and resources for people who need help, even if it is the power of cotton, it will also be grateful and happy in the hearts of the people.Why do they not want to help others and others?

7. Breaking a regular life surprise

Pick a small town, buy a ticket, jump on the train run away , take a walk, take a walk, or have an impulse to sign up for a boxing class, and give it a break.Even scholarship, John Kerry was full of curiosity about Korean in the film "No Mr. Questions."It's not like what we're going to do.As long as it does not involve danger or hindering other people's affairs, it will be bolder to break the break!If it's a little different today, the mouth corner will sneak up.

There are many methods that don't need to spend too much money to keep the low pressure away. Some unexpected surprises and activities will make it more likely that people still have a lot of things, and those who love it still protect themselves.As in the film < Pet's Happiness Screenplay > Say: "Even if life is not like a cloud, everyone will eventually find the silver happy line behind the cloud."If you're in a bad mood next time, you know what to do!

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