We offer a number of ways to teach people how to make the perfect makeup ( four-time make-up skills that maintain a full day's beauty ), 4 tricks to teach you the skin makeup , and the fumigation tips are exposed!), but as the saying goes, "How long does it work for the workers to be good?"? How often do the products of this kind of cosmetics be swept away once?After the women have learned to make up their makeup, they also need to remember to protect the cosmetics. Only then will they have a more beautiful and beautiful makeup!

1. Keep the appliance clean

The first principle to prolong the life of cosmetics is to keep clean, do not take dirty brush with new blush or eye shadow, don't help bacteria and dirty move before using the new cosmetics, remember to clean or replace the new ones, after all, this is going to be wiped off the Beautiful face.

2. She's got her hat!

Are the dresser or dressing bags of the same kind of battle fought like a battle?The lipstick in the pink box is not covered by the lipstick, the puff is missing, and the brush bristles are not easily stained. These are not only easy to tainter, but also susceptible to moisture, cracking, and even deterioration in the next hot, humid Taiwan .If you don't take care of it carefully, then you may even cry for even the purse of the end of the lotus!

3. Refrigerated, away from the

Where cosmetics are stored, it's a very important part of it, and it's important to keep away from such things as bathrooms, sometimes with high temperature vapor, sometimes dark and dark spaces.If you can, put cream, lipstick, lipstick, eye pen, even mascara, all through the refrigerator.It sounds like "fresh keeping" overheads, but the low temperature environment reduces the activity of germs, so long as the makeup is properly separated from the food, the feeling of the cold makeup will gradually be liked.

4. Did you wash your hands?

When painting a color on your face, it's like feeding the skin to eat something. If you don't wash your hands, don't you even absorb the soil?A lot of people use their hands directly into the bottle and pot can. Please make sure that your fingers and your backs are clean. This is the same as the first principle: Keep the contact surface clean!

5. Packing of small packages

Some frosty or powdered color cosmetics are often metamorphic because too much of a box is used before the bottom of the box, saving half of the rest, and then packing it in advance and then sealing it in a sealed manner.In addition to saving money in the small box, the other half is convenient to carry.

If the habit of cosmetics has not been properly archived before this summer, please start from this summer.As long as they take care of the cosmetic products with the care of themselves , they will surely have a more perfect makeup .

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