There is a proverb in the West: "Marry in June, Good to the man and happy to the maid." (Happy wedding, Happy New Bride), whether you're the new couple in June, or where you're planning to go on vacation, let's take a look at the world's largest tourist site, Tripadder , and choose the Global Ten-Wave Hotel .

1. Anastare Apartments

" Perfect! From room to view, from atmosphere to service.If you go to Santorini, and you want it to be perfect, it's right."

Anastsis is on the edge of the cliff, and the guest room is facing the beautiful scenery of the blue sky, and at least the crowds of people in the tourist resorts seem to be relaxed and comfortable around the world.

2. Italy Capri La Minerva

" Every night we go back to the restaurant, and we find that they've helped us release jazz music, beautiful flowers and a weather report and a little tip.

a legendary place where the Odyssey is almost subject to the sound of the banshee song in the sea, with a fairy tale of beautiful scenery and 18 guest rooms, each of which has a feeling of home.

3. Bowness-on-Windermere Cranleigh Boutique

has a clean hotel with a traditional and modern style and elegant elegance.A bottle of wine, a book, and reading at Fireside is a very pleasant thing to do.This place is over-worth!

Each guest room is a unique luxury design and cozy style on the side of the Lake Windermere, where two people can go to a nearby shop for a shopping mall.

4. British Winderr Cedar Manor Hotel and Restaurant

" Everything about this hotel is perfect, from a special meal experience, and a very attractive and attractive employer.All guest rooms are designed, gorgeous and comfortable!

in 1854 as a private villa, and now has a natural beauty of the private cedar tree, which is quite suitable for couples who want to travel in quiet and quiet time.

5. Mardi Reef, Maldivia Resort

' You're going to be surprised to be here. I could not say anything at all.We have a very deep impression on Baros, as if we had only come here.

Resort in the Indian Ocean is only 20 minutes away from the Maldivian international airport, not only with dense vegetation, but also by an unforgetable water experience.

6. Casa del Mar, Langkawi

Hotel is located in the South China Sea, not large, but the hotel is quite sophisticated, like a small castle on the beach.

There are 99 scenic islands near the famous Malaysian tourist island of Lancawie, and as long as one hour's journey can enjoy a warm and graceful outsource of the world.

7. Jantville, California Bardessono

" We're here to relax. There's a fireplace, a big Bathtub, a shower, a shower outside, and a very comfortable bed, and it's really a good fit.

, California, is the name of a wine home in the United States. It is also a natural dream of being able to enjoy luxurious facilities such as roof swimming pools and other luxurious facilities, while being surrounded by green buildings and fresh food.

8. United Arab Emirates, Dubai Amaha Water, desert, desert, desert,

"It's only two nights, but they will remain in our memory forever."It's not cheap, but it's worth it every cent of the money.My wife is a picky American esophagus!I don't know what to say!

9. Rantai, Krabi, Liana Springs Resort Hotel

" Super-Enemy!The perfect blend of deluxe, comfort, and culture!" "

In the Thai island of Lanta, you want to ride a bicycle, a smooth boat, a Thai boxing, and an elephant. You just fear that you don't want to get out of the room outside the door, and you're comfortable in the room.

10. The Vilgando Resort Resort, Ali North Reef

" The islands are very beautiful, very quiet. The emerald water is clear and clear. The sand is exquisite and exquisite. It's like stepping on the flowers!We spent seven days on the island, and we were moved to her beauty.

is surrounded by a beautiful lagoon, a dark reef, and a long white sand beach, the only resort island on the island.Here, "No shoes, no news" is only the fun and leiserless of the calming tropical fish.

Go to an unforgetable trip!
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