We all know that 3D Printing can do a lot of things from 3D printing to Dress , Bikini, High Shoe , and even Foods , and so on, 3D printed, and so on!Today, designers are eager to challenge 3D printing designs and limits, and today the designer, Alan Nguyen, who is from the United States, is one of the commodity designers who are keen to print 3D printing.

Alan Alan in Amsterdam, Freedom Of Creation , FreshFiber and Cubify , says he is immersed in 3D printing day The world in which it is deeply loved and full of glossy nylon colors.From the related products he designed, we can also see how this designer can realize his vision of the sky.

iPad Handbags with Ring Tour

This iPad The special features of a handbag are made of plastic, and the bag body contains 500 hooks designed to make each detail ring around. Such a design makes it possible for users to move freely when they use it, and to shake off the structure of the hooks.

3D Printing High-heel Cellphone Shell
(and High heels are also mobile)

Convenient, take out, and design a diagonal design for your mobile phone

This high-heeled shoe is filled with modern and stylish elements, with the iPhone on the side of the shoe It is not only comfortable and fashionable for the ladies to wear it, but also to put the handle on the side of the shoe. When you put on it and go to party , you will not be afraid of the mobile phone!(But do you really want to put the phone on your feet?)

Have you noticed that 3D printing is actually very close to your life after reading it?Perhaps one day it will become 3D printing, no matter what you eat, or even live, future is full of possibilities. Let's look forward to it together!

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