Ten years of trees, a hundred years of tree, people may have a little impression of this phrase, but they don't know the story of the pipe · (Forget about who is also the person who forgot the pipe). He may remember that he had a good friend, "Uncle Bob," the other story of "the turn of the tube."If Uncle Bob doesn't remember, recommend reading: Bao Shu and Gun Zhong )

In short, the phrase "ten years of trees and a hundred years" means that it takes ten years to grow a tree, and takes a hundred years to grow a .The study of girls' education points to more effective results for countries in the developing world.For example, education helps the wealth of a country to change , the child's death rate and the decrease in the number of AIDS cases .You can imagine a virtuous circle where future generations will be better educated.

This is why the management says that the nurturing talent needs long-term investment, especially in places where low income or lack of resources often results in more payback than expected.

Since March this year, the United States has a documentary film , striving for the right direction!Girls , nine girls from nine countries (Afghanistan, Egypt, Peru, Nepal, India, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Cambodia, and Haiti), to combat the fate of child labour or forced into early marriage, may also learn to know the story.Their stories were recorded by nine notable authors, while the narrator was accrevled by actresses such as Kettblanche, Anseesophy and Meliche.


the documentary filmmaker, said: "There are currently six thousand public screenings, among which, apart from chain cinemas, they are sharing the efforts of these girls in college."Gden added that about a million dollars of income would be fed back to girls' educational programs.In the next few months, in addition to plans for French and Italian actors to participate in the promotion, there is also the translation of subtitles in the six languages, with the hope of playing in the India of Divergence , followed by the International Day of Girls , which took place in October.

" When women in global development are safe, healthy, educated, and empowered ."If we want to improve the world, it's the best investment that we can do within our capabilities," Gden said.

When these girls only want to learn, they are ruthlessly blocked by traditional societies, and even their lives are threatened. What can we do to help them?

In addition to continuing care, involvement or donations to charities (from India's Ruksana and Ethiopia's Azmera are World Vision ), and can also apply their own knowledge of education and learning to help them share the story of more people, learn stories of out-of-school children, and bring more women together in Taiwan and the rest of the world!(Recommended reading: Breaking age limits, technology will introduce school education reform )

to recognize the nine brave girls:

Haiti's Wadley


Cambodia's Sokha

Ethiopia's Azmera

Egypt's Yasmin


Egypt's Suma


Girl Rising

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