"I have three chairs in my room, one for one place, two for friendship, and the third for the social" Thoreau

We all need time to talk to ourselves, but we have more time to be friends with each other, to laugh and to make a living.But friendship, we don't seem to be able to learn, and there's no one to teach.When you understand it, you will inevitably experience it while taking movies, movie sets as a reference template, and gradually, finding friends who can really walk away all their lives .

When you were looking at the American opera

or the Japanese drama "Orange Days >", it often shed tears for the other people's struggle.At that time, was it felt, envy, or appreciating the beauty of television?

Already existed

sister situation

Hey, I moved.What makes me most happy about it is that we have a bus that can arrive in a straight line every 10 minutes.Do you know what this means?This is very good, and I can call me at the speed of Kylie in the city of Desire, and when I feel sorry to call me, I will rush to the scene, and I will hug and say, " Smile one, I'm here."

American photocopy

screen capture

Looking at the audience of the movie version of , you should forget this tear: In the dream of the night, Kelley received a phone call from Miranda, and Miranda, the phone call, was so frustrated.After the phone call, Kelley took the heavy snow and crossed the entire New York City of New York to the Miranda family and gave her a big hug.Maybe it's an old faggot, but it's so extreme as to sprinkle the dog's blood.Whether it was a hero who rose to the front, or had to use help radio, and to call a friend's Miranda, the woman who had no grudge and no regrets was the only woman who had no regard for the way forward, and only if she had the most sincere "she" could summon it.

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is a little
.New friends like slidlight, old friends are blinking forever)

There may be one or two or many best friends of each person.The first day of the kindergarten was a handkerman, and a partner of the first job was also regarded as the best ally, and many, many, and more, actually, were more fortunate than Kelley and Miranda.With the lifting of the head, the planet around is also surrounded by a number of daemons and has a stronger reason for it.

The sisters of the City of Desire can be a microcosms of each piece of friendship.In a awkward time, we really want to get along with each other quickly and well, living in different cities, and seeing things that the other person likes will also call in the past ... Sometimes it's not that necessary, but these are all because the "people" are all at the same time, and it's very hard to be valuable.

< I may not love you, the one who's the one who can understand the world?

Is there a friendship between men and women?…, the old topic, not to be discussed, presume that it exists. (As for " Pure " friendship , and say?In the film < True Love Time >, the friendship lasted for more than 20 years. Even during the process, the relationship between friendship and love was always the same as the one that was rememberable in the other side of the world.ref=read " target="_blank"> Psychymate .< I may not love you, and I can see a similar plot, and the Cheng Ching is especially extraordinary in the eyes of Li Ta-jen. Li Daren always has the means to break up the process of the Ching and Qing forces.The time units have been cultivated in decade (more than ten years) to understand each other's degree of relationship with the twins.

" After that, you have to keep taking care of each other."Friendship really is a long way to go.

You also have a friend like Dexter or Big Reno, or have you been able to match his friendship to a" friend "?Last time, my dear friend, before he left the plane, had a hug of parting: " After that, I had to keep taking care of the other person.On the way back to the north, there was no sadness, but instead began to think about fraternity, and the force of the force of force was like the force of force.

A friend is never more than just a friend.The honest good intentions released have given the other a feeling of being "cared for."For the original purpose of friendship, really, it can help people to take care of others!

If a person is so important, he doesn't care if others are being labeled with an ambiguous, foul, and cunning label.Originally, it wasn't meant to be a label to make friends. You are just you. He is a friend, a friend and a friend who is a natural friend. It's complicated, and I'm afraid it's just a matter of how complicated it is to be born in other people's minds.

I am your most powerful support!

Ah, have you seen the recent jailbreak Hanibui UP UP super cute little man?It's really good to have a cure. A group of cheerleaders will not be able to get up.It's a little bit rough, but the loyal boyfriend, his girlfriend, probably has a role to play.With them, they are standing behind the tens of thousands of response teams, taking the Kanban board, shouting, and beating them.This kind of excitement is what we need, and is even more exciting than any plot!

Anyone who sees a Haniboi UP UP UP UP at a time when it can immediately break up with a smile.

After the big wave has passed, a friendly wine is worth a bit of savagy.And the phrase "old friend" who often hangs on the mouth of the mouth is to wait until the two of them are old enough, or the best friends.

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