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Every girl has a lot of faces, and this is a secret that is hidden from the closet.Most of the time, Sweet Freshness , but also the Punk rocker list, is also a collection of old nostalks .The alternative Ponk culture is one of the most popular among the popular, and the classic Vivienne Westwood is both an introductory and an advanced fashion.What is the achievement of the fashion kingdom of Vivienne Westwood, a global fashion indicator from the street store of those days?The coolness of the old woman, Vivienne, is not the only way to get to know her.

If you give you a piece of white paper, play a game of ten seconds and ask for a quick question, the title is five "British fashion brands", and what will the answer be?Plaid Burberry?Vivienne Westwood?And ...? Time's up!Of course, we will think of even more (for example, Hunter is coming out on rainy days. Talking about boots, I will think of Dr. Martens, however, is forced to acknowledge that the most widely known British brand in Taiwan is a Vivienne Westwood, known as a magazine or Japanese manga, as a teenager, in the age of girls.

Is it Vivienne Westwood?Or is it not in love with its uninhibited character?After you know the story of Ms. Vivienne and her brand, I'm afraid it will only be a step closer to the bow.

Bold Vivienne Westwood Westwood won the UK as the best fashion designer for the UK (Photo Source: Source )

Vivienne, a secular version of Vivienne Madam, she was a primary school teacher before the age of 30.Life is like being arranged in a well-organized way. When the marriage was married, she was married to a person, and had a son.But she knew that her life was dull and dull.She, she could hug more.After having encountered a career partner and Malcolm Mclaren, her world was once again alive.At this time, like a quick mirror in the movie, they listen to a lot of music, criticize the government fearlessly, and do nothing with their friends. They can do anything.Malcolm became a legendary agent of the Sex Pistols (Sex Pistols Orchestra), and Vivienne also became a member of the group, and became a group of musicians, including a broken T-shirt, a broken T-shirt, a different pin, a rivet, and a bandage.Through the Punk Cultural Wave in the ' 70s, she held the position of the Queen of Punk.

Punk Seat's Fairy Couples: Sex Pistols Brokers Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood (Source: Source )

Trying to work for faith is a good way to pave the way

I'm not trying to make a difference, just trying to do the same thing in different ways.It is not intended to be rebelliable, but only to find out what is different from the conventional method.

Leaving the original life, Vivienne was convinced that now that he was going to do it, he would become a "architect who even admired himself."For more than 30 years, she has been engaged in the profession of clothing and clothing for 30 years.

Vivienne does not want to repeat himself despite the design of the Ponck design.She began to read traditional costumes and classical paintings in the United Kingdom, and she published her traditional costumes, using a large amount of scotch cloth, and then rock and roll style interpretation of classical undersole shoes, as well as theatrical dress, saw her constantly flip through Vivienne Westwood's charismatic charm.

One of these hates, high shoe money, also created the most famous fall in the history of the exodus!At that time, the famed model of the Waterloo Road, Oehne Kanbeir, wore a pair of nine-inch heels (the upper left of the figure) fell on the show, and now the famous high-heeled shoes were collected in the V&A Museum in the UK.

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Since the slogan of provocations was previously written on T-shirts, why is it not possible to make it a high fashion nowadays?Interestingly, Ms. Vivienne has been ambassador to the environment in recent years.One more time, she called on the world to focus on the topic. In 2013, the spring summer series focused on the theme of Climate Revolution, and published a series of clothing made of environmental cloth to promote "Buy Less, Choose Well" to reduce the new fashions.

Vivienne Westwood Fashion Announcia in 2013 (Photo source: source )

Vivienne Westwood on Climate Change Issues, appearing on the Climate Revolution t-shirt by the Climate Revolution T-shirt in London, 2013 (Photo Source: Source )

Cross-border cooperation is good!

Vivienne Westwood has a famous quote:

Get out of life what you put in.

There are endless possibilities for life, but you may only be able to enjoy a landscape along the way.Let's put aside the intrinsic experience and model of life before we go somewhere else. Maybe we can fill up more surprises.

Ms. Vivienne always likes to Transboundary cooperation , which shows the side that she has the courage to try.In 2013, Vivienne's most friable collaboration was to help the British Virgin Airline design crew to make new uniforms.The new uniform is made of recycled cloth and is designed to blend the elegance of Viking Air with Vivienne Wistwood's unique design and bold choice.The new uniforms are expected to be launched in 2014 and officially take off.

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Also this year ballet (ENB) - cooperative branding initiative should allow Vivienne Westwood to become addicted.The new director of ENB, in order to reinvent the company's image, specially invited Ponce to design a promotional suit. The conditions for discussion at the time were: The sense of British history must be rooted in the history of England, and the feeling of "decadent" and "decadent" fashion sense.It's ... it It's like Vivienne Westwood, and she's got to be so familiar to her.



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If you plan to reach New York by the end of August, be sure to visit the Punk: From Chaotic to Advanced , which is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of New York.This show brings Vivienne Westwood's classic Vivienne Westwood's classic avant-gardener style, such as the original style of Vivienne Westwood, advanced custom-style dress, costume, costume, and clothing, and the most exciting and amazing things that have been printed on T-shirts, and the most spectacular objects such as the sole and thick shoe.

Vivienne Westwood is an era myth that cannot be missed if we like the United Kingdom and have a good sense of the rocker spirit that is bound to be practiced.She is full of idealism and is confident that she is going to surpass her pride and posture, truly and truly admipable.

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