In many cultures in the world, it is the symbol a woman
The peony is a of the rich and the roses of the rich
The rose symbolicative love and passion

year, the popular flower dress extended to this year's spring summer
style became much more active
Is not just a mopping-up dress
with a playful waist short dress
In this spring warm season,
or a vivid, geometric totem
is a single, unavailability of spring.

High waist or no waist-free long dress
Wandering on the ankle
casual feel
wear high-heeled shoes

People who are too big to wear the dress to decorate
can be decorated belts or cashews.

Comparative low breasts or shoulddown dress
You can add hair bands or hair loops to decorate

High-waist and deep V-neck dress is sexy
Put on your head some cute hairdressing or pin.
Can make your LOOK a spring breath

Powered orange and textured special shear design
Fit to a thin yarn
with simple decorations
if you add a straw hat to the beach

Elements of the Earth Colour and Shatter
The pattern of flowers or geometric shapes
It's easy to create Bohemian style
It's easy to create Bohemian style
year's flower is brightly decorated

with candy colors, lines, geometric shapes

colors and patterns not only brightly colored
Many models also become more stylish

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