When a photo is no longer just a record of what is true, but a photographer's heart, even if only the hue of black and white gray , you can have more ideas, possibilities, and soul for the image of the plane.

The image may be full of gorgeous hues , perhaps with nostaly recording history , and today we are introducing the "little paper photo studio" that has the effect of healing.We've introduced a variety of interesting images that took advantage of the of Bits moon photo , to make Borrow a great deal!A of a tourist is this, and this small paper photographer also has the best shot at the same time!The photographer, Kouichi Chiba, from Shizuoka, Japan, used a little paper man to make various movements in the image. These actions were warm, lonely, courageous, and longed. Even if the images were not written, they felt the feeling of the photographers who wished to express their feelings.

Next we'll look at the day of the little paper people:

I'm home!Dear friend, dear friend,

Let me fly into the sky by rocket fire!

also have a star in the sky?

Go down, where is it?

Hey!Don't let go!

Dry weather, fit to wear with clothing, and the warm sun

one person's time

More photos to Kouichi Chiba 500px blog for Watch.

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Picture Source: 500px