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Wu Baochun, a bread maker who gradually became aware of his talents and soft life after he was shocked by his title, only to return the film to his mother's love for him and his friends' warm blood and blood.Baochun is from a poor and poor country who does not love studies, and his young father and his mother support a home in the main pineapple fields of the main pineapple, with extremely wearth of the labor.At the time of her childhood, Po Chun's call to the mother's lucky day was encouraged to look for the local flavor of the "heavenly male", and to taste the delicious flavor of the poor.

The first time he tasted the rich's food was the red bean bread brought by a schoolmate in his elementary school class, and as a result, she liked the girl who loves the red bean bread, so she wanted to make a delicious nectar of the sweet red bean bread.

However, doing bread is not a romantic dream but a real need!He had to learn a skill to make his mother no longer tired, so he became a good friend of the Enlightenment, which was not only a competition, but also a teacher who had been trained to become a teacher.

Following the accumulation of experience and a large number of reading, Baochun began to realize the key to making a good bread: Old bread + temperature + passion!His red bean bread finally came down, and it was not expected that love and affection were lost at this time, … the poor had no right to lose their hearts, and he had to pull together and move towards the path of a baguer of the first class!

baking suit, he moves from the kitchen of Taiwan to the world's most critical taste buds. He will have the applause of the world and honor the world champion and champion of the world's first Spring Night of the Year of the Snow.The drums of war have been rung … eight hours without interrupting the physical strength of the …. We will have to witness it with my own eyes and cry out "Wu Baochun. Come on!""

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The wheat (in other words) word for a new word.

Wu Baochun is trying to create a bread that belongs to the Taiwanese flavor of the Taiwan flavor, to convey the idea of a more pro-citizen, closer to the lives of the ordinary people; not just the words used in previously used bread shops, or the baker-baker.As a result, Master Wu and Xiao Qingyang located a language professor in Taiwan, a language teacher, and based on the meaning of "bread", pronunciation and so on, to create a special word for Taiwanese to describe the "bread package".

The wheat side (the other thing) is a wheat and a square, wheat, a square, a square, a square, and a new word in the form of a six-book sonic. We will know that this is a wheat meal.The pronunciation of "bread" is also studied in the same language as the French language, pans, Portuguese pao, Italian pans, Japanese panoane, Japanese, and the international language.The world can see the beauty of agricultural production in Taiwan by the fermentation of old bread and wheat.

This is a story about a rural child in the Taiwan area, telling a story about the effort of the Taiwanese people and the spirit of not being afraid of failure.Director Lin Cheng-sheng laughed and said that he was a deserter of the bread world, and he always admied Wu Baochun's execution and passion his bread.For the reasons why Master Wu and Wu Po-chun, Lin Cheng-sheng's director may not be able to meet the Master of the Year for 10 years, or a 20-year-old master.The director often says that he is very similar to the master of Baochun. Both of them were children from a local area. When they were 16, they went north and went north, and came to the bustling city of Taipei to imagine that they could dream of themselves and achieve their own life. Then, because of the fate of their fate, a footballing of bread and water would have occurred.But in the end, Lin Cheng-sheng moved on to the film industry to continue to invest in his passion and ideals, and Wu Po-chun continued to work hard on his own path of life.Director Lin Cheng-sheng laughs and says, " Sometimes it feels strange, but it's hard to make bread. Why doesn't the master of Baochun never shout? But when you think about it, you don't feel much pain in filming. Instead, it feels like you're feeling happy about the passion and passion of this matter.For these two big children, perhaps they have nothing to do. Some have the courage to be brave and perseverally brave. As Wu Baochun's mother says,

One way to go straight and foolishly walk away, and then go on!"

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