Hou Zhixun (Raymond), who runs the "Life Hacker Road" content subscription, online course and training camp, came to the women's fans as a lecturer, and together with us, we get strength from the tools, take you to find out the mastery of life after work, enjoy more scientific and technological fun, and more importantly, embrace efficient productivity and achieve self-management!

Hou Zhixun: As a "tool man", I am proud of my tools

Hou Zhixun became a distance worker at the age of 20, began to take on cases freely at the age of 22, and married at the age of 24 to work on the Beijing Internet. Now back in Taiwan, as a one-man company and a digital nomadic, he runs the life and work model he wants, and is also the main writer of "Life Hacker Road" and the founder of "Raymond Thirty" and "Yuzu Zhi Couple".

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"How to work is more important than hard work!" He tells us that tools can empower us, allowing individuals to create more possibilities and eliminating the need to follow traditional career paths. However, Hou Zhixun, who is proud of being a "tool man", once did not think so.

In college, in order to earn his own living expenses and tuition fees, he struggled to survive in the three major survival projects of academic examinations, case acceptance and skill learning, and because of the pressure of survival, he had to choose to sacrifice sleep, which is the most inefficient way to desperately fight.

It wasn't until later that he slowly noticed that the diligence that focused only on the goal and did not pay attention to the method was inefficient and diligent.

So he began to study various digital tools and productivity methods, and even designed a time management system based on his own situation, automating repetitive tasks to organize and present his work without code.

"Tools" can be any form, and as long as they help the creator accomplish their goals in a more efficient way, they are "good tools" .

The founder of "Raymond Thirty" Hou Zhixun

Find free software across the ages to create an exclusive life system

Based on his rich experience in digital tools, Hou Zhixun began to share the methods of using digital life tools on the Internet, and was committed to promoting three things: discussing the current situation of digital life, making use of digital life tools, and sharing digital life solutions.

He believes that by sharing the importance of "tools", it can help everyone master the new era of work, and then help the brain decompress and regain the quality and sense of control of life.

Hou Zhixun is like a guide, helping us discover new ways of working and living, as well as helping us find the secret of one person can easily complete the workload of ten people.

Any student from all walks of life, including foreign executives, freelancers, education services, or home workers, can achieve productivity gains across the board because of this set of technologies. Through the application of digital tools, member users can find breakthroughs in their own needs and regain their "sense of control of life".

For their own actions, being able to consciously control themselves is the key to avoiding low efficiency and diligence.

The founder of "Raymond Thirty" Hou Zhixun

Hou Zhixun believes that whether it is for task matters, interpersonal relationships, time use, or communication and collaboration, there must be something we can crack. The reason why he chose to teach Notion is that Notion is a cross-era free software that can create your own life and work system according to your needs.

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However, students who have taken Hou Zhixuan's course know that he will not teach only tools, because the tools themselves are only a carrier.

Notion's freedom can be better integrated into Hou Zhixun's 10-year productivity methodology, and this software has no fixed form, like a blank piece of paper and a canvas, if you are not clear about your own needs, there is no sense of awareness of your own behavior, you can never write, at best, just do what others say.

Smart workers in the digital age know how to optimize their processes, because how to work is more important than hard work.

The founder of "Raymond Thirty" Hou Zhixun

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The sum of all our actions determines what kind of person we become

Hou Zhixun, whose progress in the first half of the year is almost full, not only has the Notion training camp, but also the decoration project of the smart work house, he said with a bitter smile: "Rationally, it is not necessary to accept the sharing of this course!" 」 But he believes that women's fans are similar to a large percentage of them in practicing "Lifehacker" values.

He hopes that if women come to share, those friends who love themselves and consciously upgrade their sense of control of life can find that "they can take notes like this", "they can communicate and collaborate like this", "they can manage their lives like this", "they can plan their lives and careers like this" because of their sharing

Seeing users open good changes and gradually enjoy the fun of life and technology is the place where Hou Zhixun is most satisfied.

Life hackers believe that the meaning of life comes from the "elevation of consciousness dimension" and are not willing to accept the status quo, so they choose to crack the default mode.

The founder of "Raymond Thirty" Hou Zhixun

He also tells us that man is predestined free based on the Stoics, the subjective agency of Adler, and sartre's existentialism. That is to say, we are the product of our own choices, we will take the initiative to manage the controllable things in life, and what kind of person we will become depends on our own choices and actions, and "people" is the sum of his actions.

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I want to love myself more and embrace high productivity and self-management

Hou Zhixun believes that he is just a person who likes to walk in front of him to help explore the way, and the content he shares with people comes from the roads he has traveled, the scenery he has found on the road, the particularly interesting tools, and the methodology and experience of solving problems along the way.

Using tools can give life another possibility, allowing you to continue to iterate and live smartly.

Hou Zhixun tells us with experience that learning should be efficient, which is nothing more than two dimensions:

First, from the inside, if you can learn with problems, it is the best way to learn, and you can get exclusive content exclusive to you;

Second, continuous output, re-practicing what you have learned in your own way, and re-adapting it to your own needs and situations, can be internalized into personal wisdom.

Finally, he added that the ultimate goal of pursuing productivity is not to do more, but to seize time back, which is freedom.

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In the past two years, due to the impact of the epidemic, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the application of "long-distance work" and "digital tools", which is the time that has boosted him and come to women to share.

If you also want to embrace efficient productivity and self-management, and want to regain the autonomy of your own life, finding the right tools is the only way.

By managing your time efficiently, you will love yourself even more!

In the course held in cooperation with women fans, Hou Zhixun will also share the secrets of using digital tools, leading everyone to find the direction and strengths of their careers.