Ms. Lo has been selected as one of the 50 most influential counselors, not only as a professional guest in Cai Kangyong's emotional intelligence class, but also as a co-founder of the Life Design Psychological Counseling Institute. This time, she was invited by women fans to serve as an instructor at the After-Work Charm Club, helping you to focus on the course, a career mentor when you are confused, finding your ideal life for you, and bringing you change!

Lu Meiyi: After years of accumulation and experimentation, I found that I like to do things related to people

Photo | Lecturer Mei-Yee Lu

Lu Meiyi, who studied psychology in college, has been exposed to psychologists and classmates in the past, who are gentle like angels, both take care of people and empathetic, she feels that she is very different from her own personality, so she thinks that she is not suitable for being a psychologist, and opened many attempts, thinking of what is the right profession to do it.

She tried various types of work during that time, because she believed that only by actually doing it would she know what she liked or was suitable for, and in the end she found her own direction in these seemingly unattractive jobs.

"After walking around, I realized that I like to do things that are directly related to people." Lu Meiyi smiled slightly, it was a kind of satisfied smile that finally understood herself.

Lu Meiyi stressed that everyone's career actually has a different process, that is, we will go through the "exploration period" in the early stage, experience the "survival period" in the early stage of the workplace, and do not reach the "development period" until the professional begins to take off, and finally the "realization period". She believes that after the survival period and then the development period, it can begin to make rapid progress in the profession.

Things that seem meaningless will eventually string together in a sparkling line

In the past, when helping large enterprises to train new employees, Lu Meifei often heard employees complain: "I studied enterprise management, but I was doing chores, miscellaneous work, and meeting minutes here, and the supervisors did not see my results..."

"But these are actually the experiences we often encounter in the early days of the workplace!" Lu Meiyi said seriously that although she will always repeat some very trivial and meaningless work in the early days of the workplace, these are actually honing hard techniques, honing our tolerance for setbacks, and then exercising our sensitivity to the direction of the wind and interpersonal relationships.

When doing trivial things at the bottom, because the mistakes made are usually not involved, we can make progress step by step in the process of these trial and error.

Co-founder of the Psychological Counseling Institute for Life Design, Lu Meiyi

"Seemingly meaningless content is the most critical period that determines our survival." In the first few years of the workplace, although everyone will encounter different problems, most of them have experienced setbacks because they cannot ascend to the sky in one step. Maybe some people have a short survival period, and that's lucky; But some people have a long survival period and have to grind for a very long time.

Lu Meiyi stressed that whether or not you can calm down and hold on to the past at this time is a critical moment, because if there is not enough training at this stage, you will suffer a big loss in the future, and it is difficult to have the opportunity to jump to a higher career development like "carp leaping dragon gate".

But she sounds so confident, she has also fallen into a low tide of work.

At that time, she was a psychological live broadcaster, and she had to broadcast live every Sunday, but because when she did the live broadcast, she didn't know who the audience was, and the people who came to listen came in and out, and there were a lot of opinions. Moreover, because the audience facing the live broadcast is very different, it is impossible to do a lot of in-depth content, so that Lu Meiyi feels that there is no growth opportunity after each live broadcast.

"But because the contract was signed, even if it was painful, I had to grit my teeth and finish it." Lo told us that at that time, when Sunday arrived, she would be upset about the job - but now she is very grateful to herself for surviving!

Although the current live broadcast experience is very painful, the various online courses that Lu Meiyi has experienced in the future, large and small occasions, are all because of the strength she has trained in that year, so that she can complete and even successfully record the program.

"There are some things you don't feel at the moment you are doing, or even feel very disliked, and you will want to give up because they don't have much meaning, but these things are actually growth and accumulation for our future." 」 Lu Meifei told us that one day, you will find that all the past experiences will be strung together into a line to make up the current you.

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Confused everyone has, face up to find the ideal career guide

Photo | Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

When we look back, we see a road, and when others look at it, they know that there is a road, but these roads are actually out of us.

Co-founder of the Psychological Counseling Institute for Life Design, Lu Meiyi

Lu Meiyi, who has experienced many things, many annoying processes, and also met a lot of very strange people and things, has come step by step, and has gone through more than ten years of years to have her now. She confessed that more than a decade ago she had no idea that she would do these jobs now, nor did she know what she imagined at the time, and that it would eventually be realized in this way.

The chicken soup articles, success studies, or celebrity success biographies shared in the market are actually directly skipping the hard process, "But ah, in fact, no matter who it is, it is very repetitive and very trivial to polish their survival skills and find their roles in the world." 」

"Some famous, hundreds of millions ofaires, and glamorous celebrities, like us, suffer from job transfers." In fact, many people who come to Lu Meiyi for consultation are already 4, 50 years old, or even 5 or 60 years old, and some customers are even big bosses with successful careers.

She told us that many times, some people seem to be very directional, very determined about everything, and know exactly what they have, but in fact, everyone actually has a little hesitation in their hearts, but they don't necessarily say it.

"We can only get out of this path on our own." The confused stage is a necessary process for everyone, and even many times confusion is the norm.

Confusion actually means that we are alive and we are thinking. That is, if you are not confused, you will not know what you are like.

Co-founder of the Psychological Counseling Institute for Life Design, Lu Meiyi

Lu Meiyi wants us to think about whether the "life that can be seen at a glance" is not what we want, because as long as you hope that you have "growth" and "change", and hope to grow into your ideal appearance, you will inevitably go through this stage of confusion.

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Join hands with women fans to break through the framework and anchor their careers together

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Lu Meiyi, who has been working with women fans for a long time, looks at the articles and courses of women's fans, not for the sake of eyeballs and rushing traffic, but to pay more attention to the transmission of multiple values, so that different voices can be rationally discussed. Based on her accumulated experience, she will provide more methods and tools based on the needs of the trainees.

In this course with women fans, as a writer and lecturer, she will not only use "short-term efficacy" as a call, she will focus on "decision-making" and "orientation" with us in the course, hoping to talk about the really important things.

She said that she hopes that through the course, everyone will get out of hesitation and confusion, make correct decisions for themselves, and find the ideal direction in life. He also stressed that in the past few years of career development, I have deeply felt the impact of "gender issues", and as a woman, I need to discuss and share many experiences that are completely unattainable from a male perspective, and I also need to start to change.

In the traditional socio-cultural framework, women are also given a lot of expectations, I think I have been trying to break through these definitions and imaginations, and so are women fans.

Co-founder of the Psychological Counseling Institute for Life Design, Lu Meiyi

We see meaning in Lu Meiyi's own past experience, and in her story sharing, we see that everyone's present is made up of "past".

So what do you want your future to look like, so start with "now"!