Who says business can't be combined with environmental protection? Founded more than ten years ago, Green Vine Vitality uses brand practice to continue, adhere to the mission, and continue to grow. In response to The April Earth Day for Women, we invited Liao Yiwen, one of the founders of Green Vine Vitality, to share her environmental awareness and practice with us with her own experience and beliefs.

Advocating subtraction and natural maintenance of green vine vitality, with the image of "pure", "organic" and other images for maintenance to open a new definition. They tell us with actions that the combination of sustainability and business is not impossible! Women are fascinated by the Earth Passion Project, and use the "Love Earth Influence Quick Q&A" to find out the unique emotions between the vitality of green vines and the earth.

Let's see how Liao Yiwen joined hands with the green vine to live forever! And what does she want the earth to say?

Green Vine Vitality Liao Yiwen and the Earth's "Love Q&A": Through brands and products, it will continue to sprout in life!

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【Early days】When did you start to have a sense of sustainability and environmental protection?

On the eve of my 30s, I left the foreign financial industry and began to seek some opportunities for change. Fortunately, at that time, with the other two co-founders of Midorito, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Lin Bixia, and I also began to have some question marks about my daily life: Is there a more real and sustainable way of life?

Believing that "there is always a better way to treat ourselves and the environment in which we live", and based on the assumption that "the power of business can bring about positive changes in the world", we founded Green Vine Vitality in 2010, hoping that through the power of brands and products, more sustainable choices can sprout in life.

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【Daily Show of Love】What are the environmental protection/sustainable actions you will do every day, and which ones you especially want to recommend to women fans?

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Usually when you go out and pass through the park, when you see the old tree, you will remember to say thank you to him (your one-year-old daughter will also say thank you to the tree together); thank you for absorbing carbon dioxide for us, and discharging oxygen. For me, these are perpetual actions that are simple and can be practiced every day.

Because their hair is not too long, do not need to have additional "moisturizing" needs, want to share with women's fans of friends, if the hair belongs to a healthy and not dyed state, you can experiment to see, with a mild ingredient shampoo to clean the hair is enough, if not needed, you can really not use the hair lotion.

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At what point in your life/career did you feel that the environment was different from ten years ago, and that it had really changed?

In 2020, ten years into the brand's founding, we conducted a "Pure Care Survey" surveyed by more than 18,000 Taiwanese consumers. We found that whether it is green vine customers or the general public, up to 90% of respondents agree that skin and environment should not be a second choice.

Compared with the past, the public's care products are only about the skin effect, "skin care products should not only be good for the skin, but also with the environment", and even has become the current practice.

In addition, from the perspective of business management in this generation, business and philosophy are no longer two choices; ESG and sustainability have gradually become the obvious science of business management. At the same time, we can also see that Taiwan continues to be the country with the most B-business certifications in Asia, which is what I feel, the changes in this decade.

【Deep commitment】How to bring sustainability into the consumption of daily life, what is your concept of consumption and investment?

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 “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality not quantity. Everybody's buying far too many clothes.” - Vivienne Westwood 

As long as there is consumption behavior, it is inevitable that it will cause a burden on the environment, so I still believe that Reduce is the most powerful action, reducing unnecessary consumption and consumption from the source.

In the investment section, ESG themes are selected (there are now relevant indices/ETFs) and believe that this is a long-term trend in the future. We hope to support companies that are willing to integrate ESG into their daily operations through the selection of investment targets.

If there is an item that you really want to buy, but the unit price is higher, before consuming, you will make yourself wait for 30 more days, determine whether you really need it, and then take it home, and cherish it until the end.

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【Women's Sustainable Influence】Which women's sustainable actions are your Role Model (recommended books/texts/movies)?

Dr. Lin Bixia has been the spiritual mentor of me and the other two co-founders of Midorito.

Through the concept of "putting people and the environment first", developing products that are more beneficial to the human body and the environment has always been Dr. Lim's greatest passion and expertise.

If you want to summarize the philosophy developed by the doctor, it should be "the pursuit of true essence", and the core spirit is "permanence".

This is why many of Dr. Lin's thinking can be tested in the long run, such as nitrate issues, food waste recycling, environmentally friendly cleaners, emulsifiers in skin care products that are not necessary for the skin, etc., which were challenged at the time of the proposal and looked back in hindsight, very forward-looking views.

What is your quest for true nature? Green Vine Vitality uses its belief to turn products into "sustainable actions that can be practiced" every day, what beliefs are you first implemented in perpetuity? Maybe one day, you will also practice a "more real and sustainable" way of life like the green vine.

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