Female fans join hands with Dr. Po Ge Rujun to light a light for everyone to lead to the metaverse and NFT. This time, how will Dr. Po's co-creation course with women fans lead us to understand the past and present lives of NFTs and metaversms?

Dr. Po Ge Rujun: NFTs and metaversities will bring great changes to mankind

From the time when there was no Email and no Line, to the era of Web 3.0, the world has changed dramatically because of technology. Is it possible that the "metacosm" will bring about great changes to mankind, or even more, like the network in those days? This question deserves our preparation in advance and understanding the mystery.

After the emergence of these mechanisms in the metaverse or blockchain, the changes we get may be 10 times or even 100 times the changes in the past!

Dr. Po Ge Rujun

Dr. Bao believes that the world is turning upside down, whether it is the state of the economy, the state of the epidemic, or the war that is happening. This is a time point in time to rethink the position of "technology" and "self-identity" in an era where the real virtual is intertwined.

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Lecturer Dr. Po. Photo | by Lin Yuwei

When you see things you don't believe, ask yourself these questions first!

When you see future trends or future possibilities, you may often feel that it is impossible because of your excessive conceit and then worry about changes.

Dr. Po Ge Rujun

Dr. Po shared with us that every time someone said to him, "What might happen in the future, but we don't think it's possible," he would ask, "What happened before?" Have there been any similar trajectories in the past?"

Or, if someone tells him that Bitcoin is a fraud, he will ask them, "How did gold come about?" How did the dollar come about?"

Sometimes through this "how did you do it in the past?" Or "How did it happen before?" Ask questions to see the essence of this event.

Dr. Bao stressed that the things we think are normal now actually look very strange to people at that time.

He used electric vehicles and digital payments as an example to explain to us further. Some people may feel that the development of electric vehicles is not really good, why has the stock price of "Tesla" made electric vehicles rise so much? But when Ford Motor launched the new car, no one wanted to buy it, and people thought that the car was very dangerous, and if they sat on it, people would die. The car has become an indispensable tool in our modern life.

Or, we now feel that payments made with digital or blockchain are opaque and insecure, and there may be money laundering scams. However, in fact, when you go to understand the history of credit cards in that year, you will find that in fact, the company of that year also persuaded merchants to accept a plastic card.

If I want to know the future, I must first ask the past: "If this were the case in the future, how did it happen before?"

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Lecturer Dr. Po. Photo | by Lin Yuwei

How do I take the first action? Change your mindset to keep up with the times

People are easily limited by themselves, that is, they are unwilling to accept and admit, in fact, some things are changing, and they cannot understand.

Dr. Po Ge Rujun

Dr. Po believes that the change of mood is the most important! For things that are unfamiliar and unfamiliar, do not make up your mind too early, otherwise you may miss many opportunities.

"Don't listen to others, it's better to try it yourself and think about it." For example, he often encouraged himself to think, "If I believe in it, I will think how it happened." Suppose you are on the opposite side of yourself.

Or first assume, "If this future happens, what is the reason for that?"

With these questions, you can put yourself in another, more objective perspective. By doing so, you can force yourself to believe that this thing will happen, and you will realize that it is not impossible, but if you have not done this thing, you will often think that it is impossible.

"If you want to get rich, you must first stop being conceited." Dr. Bao explained that the way to get rich is not to believe in yourself too much, so that it is possible to see the trajectory of the times and the path of the previous era.

Lecturer Dr. Po. Photo | by Lin Yuwei

How to understand the historical context of NFTs and metaversities?

Dr. Bao, who was originally doing "new technology knowledge dissemination", saw that women fans have been doing information knowledge, personal inspiration, and the promotion of future possibility exploration, and will assist together to combine new knowledge with the platform of women fans.

The lesson "Dr. Po Takes You into the Past and Present Lives of the NFT Metaverse" will share concepts and tools, starting with the blockchain, then NFT, and finally to the metaverse, in this order to take everyone to understand slowly.

Instead of jumping in from somewhere, causing incompleteness and incomprehension of things, it becomes blind to touch the elephant. It is better to let Dr. Po gradually complete these new knowledge from the trunk to the tail of the elephant, and take you to understand the past and present lives of NFTs and metaversms in a relaxed and easy way, and at the same time grasp their fundamental concepts!

Embark on the journey and the road will be revealed! Join Dr. Po in the worlds of NFTs and metaverses!