Zhang Huimei's 2022 AMeiZING World Tour came to an end, moved to stay, the memories were left, and the most special thing this time was that there was also the "ASMeiR" NFT issued by A mei...

Do you know the significance of Ah Mei's special announcement on the eve of the concert, and what exactly is the "NFT" that everyone talks about?

I hope that with my efforts, I will work with everyone to make the title, title, and symbol of comrade disappear from the world!

Zhang Huimei

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In 2022, Zhang Huimei chose to hold the AMeiZING World Tour at the Taipei Arena in her 26th year of her debut, in addition to bringing rainbow dreams and love to fans, she also "pet fans" with 130,000 ticket stubs to give away free NFTs!

Some fans exclaimed that they had earned it, but although more fans were also happy, they were not quite sure what they got. What is the significance of the NFT released by A Mei to fans?

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Pictures | sonic entertainment

So, what exactly is an NFT? Two examples are explained to you

"NFT" is short for Non-Fungible Token, Chinese "non-homogeneous token".

Charming Little Dictionary: NFT (Non-Fungible Token, Non-Homogeneous Token)

The technology of the blockchain makes each "NFT" have its own unique code on the blockchain, with indivisible, irreplaceable, unique characteristics, its presentation can be photos, sounds, videos, etc., because the blockchain has "immutable, open and transparent and traceable", so it can provide proof of ownership for NFT collectors.

What does this passage mean? Without talking about tongue twisters, let's actually use two examples:

If you are a Taiwanese national, you should have an ID card in your hand, and under the protection of the law, this ID card should be inseparable (you can't cut it in half into two to use), irreplaceable (you can't draw an ID card yourself to use), and unique (only one with your photo and ID card number) characteristics.

Everyone has an ID card, but everyone's is unique. Therefore, the Taiwan authorities and organs can check the ID card and your face to prove that you are in person, or verify the authenticity of the ID card, and then carry out follow-up administrative operations.

However, those of us who have seen crime movies also know that identity cards can actually be forged, and the average person has no technology to distinguish between true and false quickly, it is a real object, limited by reality.

An NFT is similar to an ID card on the network, but because it is a technology located on the blockchain, with the immutability, transparency and traceability of blockchain technology, it is more convenient and correct to authenticate.

As long as your virtual wallet is linked to the appropriate website, you can confirm that "you own the NFT" in just a few seconds, or you can trace from the NFT itself that you are the owner of the item.

NFT is a digital asset certificate, anyone at any time anywhere in the world, can find the information you store in the corresponding blockchain (about the detailed characteristics of the blockchain, we will stay until the article to talk).

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But in the above example, the identity card is given by the state, so where does the NFT come from? Let's use the second example as an analogy:

Whether it is music, videos, pictures, programs... anyone can spend their own uploads into NFTs, spend them on the blockchain trading platform, be bought or sold or collected in the blockchain world, and even have the opportunity to enter the virtual space of different "metaversms" to become a specific virtual identity, or virtual items to use.

Therefore, the value of NFT is like: when the original electronic painting work is created, the creator can stamp an unimitable seal on it (make it into an NFT), which is the same as the appraisal book given by the appraiser in the real art painting. Others can copy paintings or music, but without the seal, everyone will know that it is a copy.

(But if counterfeiters also make imitations into NFTs, that's a different story... this is called "imitation disk" or direct fraud, and the rich content we will leave for later.) )

Here's a quick summary – so, how do we understand what an NFT is?

  1. ID Card: Each NFT is unique and can be quickly verified to hold an identity.
  2. Stamp: Making an NFT of a work is equivalent to stamping a stamp that guarantees that "you issued" the authentic creation.

The boom rises, the boom falls, but the technology stays

Last year, 2021 was the first year of NFT, with NFT sales growing by 21,000% year-on-year and tens of billions of dollars in market turnover. The craze has burned from various fields, from the NBA digital version of the star card, artist Beeple, Pak's digital artwork, the avatar series "BayC", "Crypto Punks" and so on.

Image | NBA Top Shot@twitter, Christie's@twitter, The Fungible by Pak, justinbieber

Image commentary from top left to bottom right: Beeple 'Everyday: The First 5,000 Days' sold for $69 million, the NBA Top Shot Digital Star Card, Pak's The Fungible, and Justin Jr.'s $36.15 million "Boring Ape."

These works, last year, jumped out of the cold blockchain world and the pure art world, soaked into the world of regular people, we even saw the famous Taiwanese celebrity Sun Yunyun buying cryptopunk, Jay Chou IG avatar and so on, and gradually the word "NFT" sneaked into our lives.

Pictures | jaychou@IG

But the negative news also grew rapidly in the same period, and in the beauty of overnight wealth, more people lost their savings - entering the market under the frenzy of the results were trapped, believing that the beautiful vision of the project side was a mirage, and the exchange fixed deposit result that guaranteed ultra-high profitability could not be taken out...

The NFT trading market, which was originally a prosperous scene, has seen a sharp decline in trading volume since the beginning of this year. Gary Vaynerchuk, a well-known American entrepreneur, also believes that the current NFT market is overheated, and he believes that 98% of NFT projects will be zeroed out in the platform. [1]

However, while Gary predicted, we also saw that the "floor price" of the bored Ape Yacht Club (referring to the cheapest price of the project) of the well-known project "Boring Ape Club " reached one of the all-time highs – 139 ethers! (Approximately NT$12 million)

Screenshot of bored Ape Yacht Club's historical price on the trading platform OpenSea. Image| OpenSea

Hot money poured in, bubbles appeared, and after the wave of NFT madness, the prices of a few projects were out of reach, and most projects fell to the ground. In 2022, we can think together, what has it accomplished, what has it hurt, and where will it go?

Remember .com the dot-com bubble? After the NFT bubble, did the pearl appear?

While thinking about the environment of NFT, let's jump out and think about it, do you think this ebb and flow is familiar? Something similar happened twenty years ago.

Do you remember the "Internet bubble" that occurred from 1995 to 2001 when you used your mobile phone to send messages and open your computer to buy dramas online?

At that time, for public companies in the United States, everyone wanted a public website to contact consumers faster and achieve better sales, and the results were countless ". The company that ended with the end mushroomed, the stock price of the Internet company soared, and the new business model was thriving.

And then what? We have witnessed history. The bubble of prosperity burst one by one in the blink of an eye, the stock price evaporated overnight, and countless internet companies collapsed, but some survived.

Google, the first person in the network search engine, Amazon, the leader of e-commerce, Netflix, OTT content service... Many of the products we commonly use in our lives now come from companies that have transformed into the Internet bubble.

What will be left after the big waves will be something that weighs enough. Born out of explosive technology, they learn the lessons of the previous generation, survive the toughest times, and open up a new world for the next generation.

After the bubbles recede, will they be pearls left?

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Zhang Huimei released "ASMeiR" NFT on akaSwap to create "Sister Universe"

Speaking of this, everyone should have some understanding of why Zhang Huimei wants to issue NFTs.

Compared with the generally well-known social goods, the NFT project is a very avant-garde concept, and domestic and foreign stars and KOLs who are at the forefront of the times have tried to release their own works to attract fans or players to buy, but this type of cost is usually not cheap.

The reason why "Sister God" Zhang Huimei's move this time makes people shout "pet fans" is because her NFT is "free" to fans with the concert ticket roll. In other words, 130,000 concert tickets can cast 130,000 unique NFT merchandise for free, of which lucky fans may draw "special cards" with artists, which are more special than others, but no special purpose has been announced.

Pictures | ASMeiR@akaSwap

Because (as we mentioned in the article above) NFTs can easily "authenticate", the application of this technology can bring owners together into a very close community and develop online/offline relationships - the people who own, you are special; the people who own, you are one of us.

In addition to its own artistry and the significance of digital identity authentication, NFTs can also be given a unique "empowerment".

For example, the NFT of the golden song singer Ah Burst line allows the owner to get a free gift of "millet wine" at her concert; the NFT jointly released by chef RAW Jiang Zhencheng, the "most difficult restaurant in Taiwan", can use the first priority reservation right and special meals; the owner of the artist Chen Zerojiu's NFT can enjoy discounts in its catering industry, or get co-branded goods from time to time.

Therefore, the "Sister Universe" released by the sister god this time is basically willing to exchange concert tickets for NFT holders, most of whom are fans, so the community gathered through this series will be a group with high loyalty. And Ah Mei chose to announce this matter on the eve of the concert, reducing the number and possibility of speculators grabbing tickets.

This is similar to tracking the meaning of Zhang Huimei's Facebook or IG, this batch of up to 130,000 NFT "ASMeiR" holders will become a community of their own, in the future Zhang Huimei's various publicity or ideas Buda, fan interaction chat, can happen in the community.

Pictures | sonic entertainment

NFT, a non-homogeneous token, this technology has emerged – what has already appeared will not disappear. In the future, no matter who uses this technology to play a world, it is worth our expectation and attention.

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