Sun Zhihua, dean of the Strategic Thinking Business School and founder of the briefing laboratory, is a teacher of one of the few domestic industry experiences that has stepped into e-commerce, new ventures and enterprise internal training, and he will pass on the operational thinking of the problems and needs encountered in the real workplace to the students in the charming club after work of women fans, so that everyone has the ability to transmit value and move towards freedom!

Sun Zhihua: It doesn't matter if you don't have great ambitions, life can be wonderful!

Do you feel ordinary?

Teacher Sun Zhihua, although he has a career as a professional lecturer and even established his own strategic thinking business school, he feels ordinary from time to time.

Because in the lecturer circle, there are common "three highs": high education, high experience and high popularity, but Sun Zhihua does not have these three highs, which makes him have a very different way of thinking from other lecturers.

He shared that after a while he finally knew what kind of ethnic group he represented, and unexpectedly, Sun Zhihua laughed that he was actually a regular person, a kind of person who did not have any ambitions for himself, but hoped that life could be more exciting."

The "briefing" is the key to bringing myself from a peaceful life into a wonderful life.

After-work charming club lecturer Sun Zhihua

The opportunity to become a professional lecturer came from a conversation with an old friend Li Baifeng.

Li Baifeng knew that the teacher was not writing at that time, so he encouraged him to try to write and read, and Sun Zhihua also tried to find a theme that he was good at writing from "ordinary life" - briefing skills. So the briefing blog of the briefing laboratory was born!

"At that very beginning moment, I was only a relatively briefing person, so don't mistake me for thinking that I was already a master." Sun Zhihua emphasized with a smile.

After writing seven articles on briefing skills, Sun Zhihua was surprised that he was actually invited to do in-house training, and only then did he notice that there was a market for "professional lecturers". And that internal training, he believes, is actually a failure, because the satisfaction after class is only 91 points.

However, the teacher thought for a moment: "Seven articles are not even columnists, and failure is a matter of course, right?" Self-deprecating thoughts encouraged him, so he didn't abandon his blog and future plans because of the first failure.

"The beginning of many things may not be as brilliant as everyone thinks, and the opportunities for everyone are not necessarily success." 」 For Sun Zhihua, that failure was just to open a window for him, even though he did not have a starting point of the "three highs" and a beautiful opening, he chose to continue to go.

Briefing, taking the teacher's life into a journey that he had never thought of himself, and this journey continues!

Photo | courtesy of Teacher Sun Zhihua

Compared with clear speech, it is better to use "business logical thinking" to hit people's hearts

Sun Zhihua said with a smile: "The business briefing skills I taught are actually very simple, basically you don't need to use the word 'learn', you can learn my business briefing skills!" 」 Because he found that what can become a personal long-term advantage is actually the "level of thinking of business briefings"!

In Mr. Sun's course, students will explain the three levels in the business world:

  1. Executive thinking
  2. Operational thinking
  3. Strategic thinking

Because of his years of practical experience, he found that many times a business briefing will be accepted by supervisors and customers, not because the reporter is clear-tongued, the body expression is good, the amount of data prepared, the briefing is beautifully designed, etc., but because the briefing conforms to business logic, operational thinking and strategic thinking.

Many young people spend a lot of time pursuing the art of representation, but forget to think about the simplest thing – what is the commercial value of this proposal? Helping the company generate new revenue? Helping the company optimize existing processes? Or can it make the company more competitive than other peers?

A "briefing" starts with understanding the other person's needs, not presenting oneself.

"After-Work Charming Club" lecturer Sun Zhihua

Photo | courtesy of Teacher Sun Zhihua

Focusing on the design of the newsletter, do you really understand the business owners and listeners?

Online courses have sprung up, modern people have many learning resources, and we can almost find courses on the Internet that we want to strengthen.

In the face of such an external environment, Sun Zhihua is more concerned, "That is, at such a moment, we should choose learning resources carefully!" He explained: When we are trying to enrich ourselves, we must also understand the common language and thinking of the business world, so that these hard work can be put into practice.

"Behind your expression and persuasion, there is a clear and clear business strategy."

A lot of times we focus too much on organizing the material and failing to come up with insights; too much focus on briefing design without business logic – it's because we don't understand what the audience is thinking!

Teacher Sun actually cited several real cases shared with him by business owners:

  • "Actually, I listened to my staff problem analysis briefing and talked a lot, but I didn't even say the most basic two questions: 'It didn't happen before, why is it happening now?' Is this an environmental change? Or are there other risks we don't see?' "Can this solution ensure that the problem does not happen again?" 」
  • "The other party's products are not bad, but our company's cash flow has not been very stable recently, if you can have some discussion on payment methods, but you are not embarrassed to say, and then there is a company that actively shared some phased delivery plans, so we purchased." 」
  • "Every time my family's R&D is to throw out a bunch of new technology research, but they don't seem to think about the 'best time to market' or 'increasing costs, will that increase profits?'" Can this new feature or technology influence consumer decisions?" 」
  • "Every report is to throw a bunch of original materials to me, I really don't understand, do they want to communicate with people, or just want to finish the report..."

Things like the ones that business owners and listeners want to know are questions that you can't answer no matter how hard you try to gather information and beautiful briefings, and these are the "basis of business logic proposals".

If the foundation is not laid, the efforts of the entire briefing will not be able to exert the greatest benefits.

Photo | courtesy of Teacher Sun Zhihua

Not the pursuit of wealth freedom, but the pursuit of freedom of ability

A while ago, Sun Zhihua had a deep feeling about freedom, "When we want to pursue freedom and balance in life, work, or finances, in fact, the first thing we have to do is freedom in ability." 」

He explained that when we exceed the expectations of others for self-demand and average value, we can have freedom and the ability to regulate life, so in the business situation, the premise of making ourselves free is "strategic thinking in proposals".

In the "Charming Club after work" of women's fans, Teacher Sun will have pre-class questionnaires and after-class homework, and strive to truly understand the students' problems on the proposals, and use the content in the questionnaire as the main axis of the customized class.

That is to say, as long as you fill out the questionnaire more carefully, the more content that is highly relevant to the needs of the students will appear in the teaching!

The experienced teacher will provide a "simple persuasion strategy" form, so that the trainees can have the method and systematic way to examine their own proposals, evaluate and correct their "business logic" and "operational thinking" in a fair and objective manner, so that each success can be copied and accelerated to the state of "ability freedom".