For mothers, the mother community has never been just a shopping channel, and in recent years, it has been the most common secret platform for thousands of mothers and friends to communicate with each other. In fact, all Mom wants is free time and people who understand you.

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Let me unveil for you the somewhat mysterious veil of the Mom Society.

If you are not yet a mother, or do not have a friend who is a mother, the "mom society" on Facebook may be a little difficult for you to get close to, because almost all of the old clubs are members recommended, and large-scale clubs also have strict restrictions and interaction requirements.

The mother's community has never been just a shopping channel for mothers, and in recent years, it has been the most common secret platform for thousands of mothers and friends to communicate with each other.

This time is very lucky, to invite to a mother community Evergreen Tree appeared to say, but her own business selection community is really too good to shop, if the whole article only let her introduce this "let the mother can spend as much as" community, is how "from nothing to such a big thing", afraid of advertising, so decided to use the buyer and the seller of her, for the mother community management of the view of the dialogue, two-pronged, or can give you some more specific imagination.

(Lin: Lin Xiaohua, 8 years of management of the selection society| Europe: Ou Mama, 6 years of experience in community shopping)

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Q: Please use three sets of keywords to briefly explain to the general public what is a mom society?

Lin Xiaohua: "Mother is composed of places that can take care of all kinds of needs for warmth and seclusion."

Mama Ou: "Healing Mom, Eye-Opening, Spending Money."

Q: What are the characteristics of the Moms (Shopping) Society? Especially what other e-commerce platforms don't have?

Lin: "People in the community will interact frequently, and buyers will influence each other, because what you buy will be seen by the members of the community, and you can also refer to other people's consumption options, but a post can only sell one product, and the consumer interface that you find is actually very unfriendly."

I think the biggest feature of community shopping is that it's led by sellers (a bit like TV shopping?). Because you have to constantly take the initiative to release goods to match buyers who may be interested, it is often said that when you pass by the community, you will slip your hands and buy things that you have not thought about buying."

Ou: "The mother community has a strong sense of humanity, the most important thing is that I can interact with my mother instantly, in addition to the quality of customer service and the selection of things, I also like to see what other mothers and friends have bought!"

For example, if a raincoat sells ten suits, I can go to the message board, secretly count the preferences of other mothers, and then buy the one that few people buy!

Over the years, I am sincerely grateful for the existence of the mother's community, especially in the period when there are newborns at home, it is particularly necessary, otherwise it is very happy to be locked up at home, anxious, and inconvenient, and to be able to follow the footsteps of my mother's predecessors and buy suitable maternal and infant products."

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Q: In the past few years of rolling in the mom community, have there been any material gains?

Lin: "I really know a lot of people, after the stable operation of the community, I also opened a physical store, otherwise I was just a person hiding behind the screen, I didn't like to communicate so much, and now because of the intersection accumulated online, all the way to the netizen meeting in the offline store, now I can enjoy getting along with people, which should be my biggest gain." 」

O: "I often have familiar faces upstairs and downstairs in Commodity +1, so it's easy to meet mommy friends with similar tastes, so I made an important friend."

There are also a lot of clichés that I didn't know before I didn't know about Korean dramas (Kinko, Ou Touch), it seems that they are extra little information obtained from the small talk of the major ladies, and I think the community is an important medium for mothers to keep up with external information and connect with the world!" 」

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Q: Why is mom busy or squeezing time to go to the club to list/place orders?

Lin: "So I said that it is good for me to be young and have children early, and now my children are big enough to take care of themselves, and everyone doesn't have to worry about starting a business with children, if you start a business first and then have children, I think it's still more difficult." 」

O: Because going to society is still five hundred times more convenient than taking children out. And the mother community is not only as simple as parent-child goods, not only wear and play, but also seafood, chicken soup, fruit, family to eat to make up for can be purchased with one click, simply department store paradise."

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Q: Influenced by Facebook's wobbly algorithms, do you think the mom community can still survive (for a few years)?

Lin: "It is difficult to predict that there will be a few more years, but there will be psychological preparation and advance deployment very early, and it will still be mainly community management."

O: "I'm worried that I'll have to say goodbye to the Moms Club in two years, and I feel like everyone is now running to Shrimp O to buy something."

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Q: The last question would you like to look at what time the clock is now, why can't mom sit down for an interview until after 11 p.m.?

Lin: "It's 23:38 (laughs), I usually spend 18:00 after work to 21:30, focusing on spending time with my family, waiting for the children to fall asleep, slowly washing themselves, tidying up the house, usually after 22:30 to be a static self." 」

O: "I've already had 23:48 on my side, although the child went to bed at nine o'clock, and I was busy all day and wanted to go to bed quickly, but freedom is precious, so what are you going to do with your mother?" 」

As a result, we "overtime" talked about parenting, what dramas we are chasing recently, what dramas to chase, and what dramas to chase, in this night when we want to sleep and are reluctant to sleep, two mothers who are keen on the mother community may not only need Me Time, but also care about meeting a sympathetic companion.