Mother's magic is not the kind of magic that makes you become a mother, and you can immediately conjure up three heads and six arms or learn to fly over the wall, if it is too scary. But being a mom is very likely to make you a person who even surprises you!

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I had a baby seven years ago. I guess that's when my "magic" came along with it, like the placental umbilical cord, except that it wasn't thrown or cut off by the doctor.

Otherwise, when the mother will always be very nervous, holding a new life, afraid that she will miss a moment or make a half-point difference.

You say why are we so stressed, just every day is making decisions for another person's life, when you want to talk about it is no longer only yourself, but everything related to children in life, you have to think and do:

  • How to take it out? With a towel or with a strap?
  • Is his vision on your chest looking at your mother's mask or the mask on the street?
  • Is there a place to change diapers at the restaurant you're going to next?
  • Which tableware do you want to change and which toy do you want to buy?
  • Which kindergarten should I go to after that and where should I go to see my teeth?

If it is not "magic" secretly helping you solve the problem and solve the nerves, these successive growth details have to be faced, and it is difficult to make people happy when you are a mother!

More specifically, I think that the "magic" that comes with the child brings not a direct miracle to the mother, but a mysterious and magical force that can pull and even change the possible development in the original life, so that every big and small thing you encounter at home has a better turnaround.

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The magic I've observed so far is this:

1. Magic is where I can choose where my time is spent

Like my bedmate said he was busy at work, had to write homework with the child, and bathed the child, which made him very busy, he didn't have time to fix the appliances (bad there for two years), but he could squeeze out time to play electric.

Isn't it obvious that we all have the magic of conjuring time, as long as we have the heart to complete a specific task?

2. Magic is what I'm going to solve those reluctances

I don't want my kids to eat the same thing, so I want to conjure up new dishes. I couldn't bear to be like this today, and the whole day was busy with work, so I conjured up time again, played Lego with the children, and read a book together before going to bed.

In the end, I didn't want my children to grow up all at once, so I used magic to constantly conjure up myself that I didn't think about.

3. Magic is that very subtle point

For example, every time I am only two centimeters away from giving up on myself, the child will come to me with his things (annoying me), so that I can be distracted and forget what I just gave up. This is probably also a kind of magic.

If I become a mom for a few more years, I should be able to find out more magic.

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What do you think your magic is?

When you find your mother magic, you should have an answer to how you want to be a mother and what kind of mother you want to be.