Women fans will invite Huang Haoping to perform on the "Show of Love" gender talk show on 2022.07.01 (Fri)!

Before that, let's take a look at the interesting interviews between women fans and him: when others make gender jokes about Huang Haoping's feminine temperament, how does he humorously reply?

Huang Haoping, known as the "noble prince of comedy", is a professional host and actor, known for his stand-up comedy works.

He has served as the host of the red carpet of the three-time TV Golden Bell Awards, and is currently the host of the TV program "Variety Show Three Kingdoms Wisdom", the Podcast "Abnormal Love Research Center", and the producer of the online program "Raising the Hammer God", and has devoted himself to speeches, touring talk shows and live comedy productions in recent years.

Woman Fans 7/1 (5) I Love My Festival, with quick questions and answers, invited Huang Haoping to chat about "gender, comedy, love and empathy"!

Photo courtesy | Huang Haoping

Huang Haoping: I want to make everyone smile while making money

Haoping began to have the idea of doing talk shows and comedies, which he said was the time when he "found that there was money to be made".

"In my memory, the first joke that caused reactions from those around me was my imitation of Roger's teacher." He achieves an unexpected laugh point through the contrast between language and expectation. "Every lecture at that time was mandatory, and since then I have realized that the language is designed to bring laughter unexpectedly." Huang Haoping began to find that it is great to be able to make everyone smile and make money?

Of course, the road to talk shows must have met with different audiences or netizens to feedback, Huang Haoping said, he was deeply influenced by Daniel Sloss and Jimikar, two talk show/comedians, "their satire is sometimes vicious but has meaning, and the interpretation of black humor is the golden theory that I use to strengthen my beliefs every time I face doubts."

Photo courtesy | Huang Haoping

Huang Haoping's "Show of Love": a comedy that shows empathy and breaks through the gender framework with jokes

"I used to joke about horoscopes on stage, and when I got home, I received private messages scolding me for my small vision and narrow thinking, and saying that one day I would have retribution." 」 Howpin shares.

Usually after receiving this kind of feedback, he said that he would start to review "whether my jokes are not well written, and then say sorry to everyone, I will work hard, avoid misunderstandings, and improve next time." 」

However, Huang Haoping's words turned sharply, and he immediately laughed at himself, "Please also see that this constellation is more inclusive, I am not romantic enough, we Capricorn people believe in science too much, so it is also very reasonable not to believe in constellations."

There are many social frameworks, and constellations are one of the frameworks for classifying people, as is gender.

As a temperamentally neutral comedian in the talk show world, he generously shared that he had encountered many jokes in the name of "gender framework".

"People often think that I have a feminine temperament, it must be Gay, and I am made some jokes like 'I don't dare to go ahead of you.'" 」 Hoping recoiled from the comedy, "Then I will reply to him: 'You can doubt my sexuality, but you can't doubt my taste.'"

Because I have met, I can empathize with the troubles encountered by many feminine men, "Sometimes, people who make jokes like this will emphasize that 'Gay is not bad, we are all very open, is what do you think is wrong with your comrades?", Haoping saw through such words.

He said, "As a result, these people who are treated with ridicule because of their feminine temperament have to be labeled 'you are the one who discriminates against comrades'."

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"The invitation of women fans, I want to challenge to see!" 」

Huang Haoping participated in the show of women's fan love, we asked him the reason, he laughed and replied, "I have been invited by some straight male comedians to annoy female fans, I want to challenge it, and look forward to breaking through the stereotype of straight male comedians in the past!" Ah, if you can't say it well, just use it as a paragraph and then tease yourself."

This talk show theme "Love Show", from love to break the gender framework, we asked Haoping to understand what is "love"? Howpping put it this way:

"I think love is the manifestation of 'empathy,' and you know someone and something, and you can accept this person." 」

"Self-righteous 'acceptance' in the absence of understanding may degenerate into 'almsgiving' from the moral high ground" Is the same reason a closer understanding, not almsgiving, not pity, no one is any higher than anyone else.

"Comedy gives me sensitive thinking that helps us to feel more about the offenses we have been subjected to, and then digest them through comedy."

Huang Haoping decided to take this invitation and wanted to challenge the gender framework together, are you also looking forward to this performance? Let's watch the "show of love" for women fans!