Have you ever seen a government advertisement that advertises virtual currency scams that are really dangerous? This article sorts out most of the scam methods on the market, as well as 3 ways to solve the heart, there is no chance of being deceived in the future! (Point of love, collection of this article)

Table of contents of articles

  1. preface
  2. Scam 1: Phishing websites, fake official text messages, fake smart contracts
    1. Crack method one
  3. Fraud method two: fake exchanges, fake currency, fake investment teachers one-on-one teaching
    1. Is it an investment or a scam? Who is the contract protecting?
    2. Cracking method two
  4. Scam three: money disk, Ponzi scheme, call you a loan + cool but incomprehensible vocabulary
    1. Cracking method three
  5. Who are the harvested leeks? The 3 target groups of the scam group
    1. Petty bourgeoisie
    2. university student
    3. People who have been injured in their lives
  6. 3 actions to avoid becoming scam leeks
    1. Don't rush
    2. More doubts
    3. Ask everywhere
  7. Edit postscript with next week's preview

If someone you hadn't met told you that he loved you and wanted to give you a Birkin bag, would you believe it? If it was a partner who had been dating for three months and told you that he would be responsible for you for the rest of his life, would you believe it?

If not, then, unknown netizens said that he made a lot of money on what, please don't believe it;

If a friend says he has a great investment opportunity, be suspicious.

The "deception" has been happening since ancient times, and there have never been fewer malicious people, they have always been, but in different forms.

In the past, we might laugh at why our elders received a phone call from a background where a child was crying, and they would rush to pay the scam group without even confirming it. However, we who seem to be smart also have the weakness of modern people.

Today's article will talk about the characteristics of the recent common "cryptocurrency" scam methods, and what are the similarities with traditional scam methods.

Photo | Photo by Natallia Boroda on PIXTA

Scam 1: Phishing websites, fake official text messages, fake smart contracts

Decades ago, when text messaging was slowly becoming popular, people would receive a kind of "congratulations on winning the car ~ jackpot ~" text message, and then ask for remittance taxes to keep gifts, and even leave a set of value-added pay phones in the text message, let people call deliberately chat and idle, and take advantage of the opportunity to defraud the phone bill.

And modern not only SMS, but also email, Line, all kinds of community private messages, they will impersonate the official message, tell you that because of OO reasons, so please re-login account password, or please re-enter the "helper words", and even hit the "whitelist", bonuses and the like, ask us to click the following link... don't click!

Phishing websites will also occur when we search with Google, and people will buy a very early search page in a short period of time, if you just want to search for exchanges, trading platforms and other websites, you click into the fake official page they built, then the account password is also at risk of theft.

In addition, there will be malicious smart contracts, which usually emphasize how to easily mine and make money, etc., requiring users to authorize virtual wallets, but in fact we may authorize the other party to transfer the assets inside.

Crack method one

  1. Do not point for links of unclear origin
  2. Keep in the habit of entering URLs directly or bookmarking the correct website
  3. If you do win the lottery, follow the official path for secondary confirmation
  4. Before authorizing your virtual wallet, decide what you're going to authorize out

Fraud method two: fake exchanges, fake currency, fake investment teachers one-on-one teaching

Cryptocurrency exchanges are a bit like banks, so we can imagine that it can use fiat currency (such as New Taiwan dollars) to buy national currencies, but the banks are all legally effective currencies of other countries, but the exchange has many other small coins in addition to stable large cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ether).

Because "decentralization" means there is no regulation, the establishment of exchanges is much simpler than opening a bank in a country. There are many well-known exchanges, but today I want to remind everyone that "fake exchanges"!

They usually tell people on the relevant clubs on the Internet, the advertising pages of financial magazines, and even many on dating software, telling everyone how much money you can get by joining an exchange, and the exclusive program makes you a lot of money.

Those ad articles will have keywords such as the following:

  • Flight attendants become cleaners and eventually achieve financial freedom
  • A 40-year-old office worker invests in bitcoins to earn millions a month, making him billionaire
  • The unemployed father could not afford to support his family until he found a way to earn seventy-five thousand yuan a month

And when we read the wonderful inspirational article, and then really added to a certain App, according to a certain "mysterious investment method" operation, the investment page seems to be normal, the book also looks like making money, it will attract users to invest more and more money into it.

When one day the user wants to exchange the money back for Taiwan dollars to get it back, the "customer service" will say that your account is frozen, there are risk doubts, you need to pay a deposit, taxes ... and so on, ask the user to pay another sum of money, and then the "customer service" will never call back.

Photo | Photo by Pickawood on Unsplash

Is it an investment or a scam? Who is the contract protecting?

Then there is that if we accidentally join some bad investment groups, and then see that everyone's messages are praising XX teachers, please reasonably suspect that they are all the same group of people helping. Or if they emphasize how much media coverage they have, carefully distinguish between real reports and articles that spend money on ads.

The "lawyers, accountants, investment teachers" in the group will recommend that you buy an "unlisted" coin, tell you that the performance is hundreds of thousands of times, and ask you to check other real small coin cases in the cryptocurrency industry (so people are likely to believe it, but this is completely different).

This is very similar to a real-life telemarketing, which is similar to recommending people to buy "unlisted technology company stocks", which is essentially a kind of fundraising, but if the other party knows that no one will buy it after the listing, it is called "fraud".

A worse person, he will also emphasize with you to "sign a contract", the rhetoric is to protect investors, to prove how much (useless) money we spent money to buy, in fact, in black and white writing is "you understand that investment is risky", making it difficult for you to take legal avenues to sue each other in the future.

How did these investment teachers on the Internet get high-annualized remuneration, sports cars, food and wine that they show off on the community? Most likely not from "investing" but from "people who want to invest" – if you're not careful, you're his high-annual reward!

Cracking method two

  1. No matter what you're recommended, google it first to look for the name and see if anyone has shared their experience of being scammed
  2. Go to the CoinMarketCap exchange rating website and check to see if the exchange is ranking well
  3. Go to different communities in the Canadian dollar currency circle and ask different people to see if it is suspicious or credible

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Scam three: money disk, Ponzi scheme, ask you to take out a loan + cool but incomprehensible vocabulary

Many parents should have had experience with the "mutual aid society", if it can run smoothly, it can really play a role in mutual aid, but in fact, there is often a situation of "backward meeting", because people who will participate in mutual aid say that they do not have a lot of surplus, and under the greed of getting a large amount of money, the possibility of absconding with the money is very high.

Now the use of some processes and vocabulary that are not familiar to everyone, such as emerging fields, has become the next method of fraud syndicates.

The capital disk is the operation method of "post-gold replenishment", whether it is to join members or groups, as long as you hear "upline pull down", "introduce a person how much money to give you", this is basically irrelevant to cryptocurrency investment.

The first people to join can indeed get money, yes, but it takes a lot of people behind to come in to make up for the funding gap, which is known as the Ponzi scheme and rat club that will one day be destroyed.

At the same time, they are likely to use some cool words, such as "AI trading", artificial intelligence operations, etc., to emphasize their excellent technology, while telling you some real coin circle knowledge, such as "moving bricks", quantitative trading, grid robots, etc.

Mixing true and false information with fake and false information, coupled with fake high-pay figures, is likely to fool people who are new to the coin circle.

In fact, we can calm down and think about it:

If the "artificial intelligence" they develop is really so smart and powerful, easily benefiting hundreds of people, then they should have to lock in large households, why bother to pull small retail investors like us, and even teach one-on-one, and also recommend that you take out a loan to invest?

Cracking method three

  1. When you hear "high rebates", you should be alert
  2. Hear that AI is 99% scam
  3. Hear the loan and never wake up
  4. When you hear "netizens recommending", remember to go to "more netizens in related fields" for verification
  5. Hear "Miss it is gone", then feel free to miss it, it is good to miss the opportunity to be cheated of money!

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Who are the harvested leeks? The 3 target groups of the scam group

Given that "cryptocurrency, virtual currency, NFT" are all new words that have emerged in recent years, people who are not easy to understand are taking advantage of the fact that everyone does not understand it. The "greed" of wanting to make money is not wrong, it is wrong to deceive people and evil people, and we do not have enough knowledge and vigilance to protect ourselves.

The following groups are easy to target, and if you have relatives or friends who are one of them, please be careful.

Even if it is not one of these ethnic groups, one day there will still be fraud, please pay more attention, if you are really deceived, remember to go to the police, the police have a chance to crack the fraud group, although the lost money may not be able to get back ... but you can avoid more people from being victimized!

1. Petty bourgeoisie

Most of the young people between the ages of 25 and 35 are out of social work and may have little savings on hand. In this era of widespread knowledge, young people will use YouTube and Podcast to actively learn to invest in financial management, so they will also maintain a more open mind to new financial projects and are willing to try to see.

If at this time they are not familiar with the coin circle, have not yet been exposed to what is called a normal exchange, a normal community, in case the first step is unfortunate to step into the field of fraud groups, or just want to know when directly searching for the name of the trading platform, they are directly monitored by the phishing website wallet, then almost the first investment is easy to lose.

Coupled with the pressure of starting a family at this age, the anxiety of wanting to get rich in the short term may affect their judgment.

2. University students

Generations that grew up on the Internet absorb new knowledge very quickly. Although the average student does not have much savings, they have a more flexible time, so they are easily targeted by Ponzi schemes and absorbed as members.

If your college friend suddenly tells you one day that "passive income" is important, that he wants "wealth freedom" before he is a few years old, and he knows how to make money easily without looking for a job – please pay more attention to him!

Upward mobility should be used in the right place. It's not wrong to do more research, but being brainwashed can lead to a lot of mistakes.

3. People who have been injured in their lives

In fact, the above scams, when someone on the Internet asks for help, you ask him where he heard it, the most answer will be ... "3 recommendations".

Where did those netizens come from? From IG, Line, FB, more from dating software.

In early 2022, the popular Netflix series "Tinder The Great Liar" depicted a love con man who pretended to be the Diamond Prince on IG and cheated the love of several women who wanted to really associate with each other to defraud a lot of money.

Are there any people on the internet who are telling the truth? Yes; dating software can not find true love? OK.

But we should be alert that there are still many people who use false information to fake information, and they take advantage of the moments when human nature is fragile, when they want to be cared for, when they want to be taken care of.

Therefore, when there is suddenly a handsome and beautiful woman private message today, we can search their photos in reverse, and we can first determine whether the other party is suspected of stealing pictures. What if they talked to us eagerly for a while and suddenly one day said, "Have you ever heard of virtual currencies"?

Be careful, that's probably the beginning of scam phishing.

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Photo | Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

3 actions to avoid becoming scam leeks

First of all, in order to make yourself a little more professional, let's first distinguish between the individual definitions of "cryptocurrency" and "virtual currency":

A Small Dictionary of Women's Meta universe - Virtual Currency

Generally refers to digital goods other than fiat currency, which have purchasing power in certain circumstances. Such as Line Points, Convenience Store Credits, Beauty & Pharmaceutical Store Credits, and so on.

A Small Dictionary of Women's Meta universe - Cryptocurrency

Digital currencies, which can be generated according to blockchain technology and cryptography, are not regulated by governments or statutory bodies, and can be freely circulated on the blockchain as a medium of exchange for goods.

That is to say, although the "Bitcoin" and "Ether" that we often hear are said to be a kind of virtual currency, it is more accurate to say that cryptocurrencies are born of more complex technologies and have more complex characteristics.

Therefore, if a certain group has been using the term virtual currency, there are two possibilities: first, they use this commonly heard vocabulary in order to be grounded; second, they do not want to teach people how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies normally, and may not even understand very well, but just take novel words to deceive people into sending money.

Photo | Photo by André François McKenzie on Unsplash

Here are three actions to avoid being scammed, and think through each step before deciding on an action:

1. Don't be in a hurry

Don't be in a hurry to hear any information that can "easily make a lot of money", it is easy to get into trouble.

The scammer will use all kinds of words to urge us to immediately send money into his pocket, because as long as we have time to stop and think, or even ask relatives, friends or netizens, their vulnerabilities may be discovered.

Really good things, not in a hurry.

Even if it is an unlisted currency, if it is a legitimate, high-quality project, it has long been divided by the big guys in the private placement stage, and it will not be the turn of small retail investors, and it is really good, and it will continue to rise after the listing, and it will be too late to buy and invest at that time.

So, don't be in a hurry.

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2. Be skeptical

Any text messages, any emails, any private messages we receive "any link" should be repeatedly suspected, and do not randomly click.

There is no free lunch under the sky, old classmates who never care about your situation, or netizens who have good photos on the Internet, there is no reason to suddenly care about whether you have the opportunity to make money.

This kind of time remember to first suspect the other party's intentions, do not be overwhelmed by "time-limited", "high pay" and other information. Remember to connect from the correct app or official webpage to different channels to verify the authenticity of the information.

3. Ask everywhere

There are many online scams, but there are also many kind netizens. It's just that I can't meet, so netizens sometimes speak a little more fiercely.

If you doubt that you have been deceived, or if you are on the way to being deceived, don't be shy, go to the Internet and ask netizens in different places. Whether it's NFT, blockchain, cryptocurrency community, or even any version of Dcard, ask a few more places and someone will answer you (or laugh at you and scold you by the way).

In fact, Google is very good to use! Regular exchanges will try to expose their pages, find KOL recommendations, etc., hoping that their rankings will go forward and their reputation will be good. But if you're searching for something that can't be found on the Internet at all, or an obvious advertising article... then before investing money, it is recommended to think about it.

Our partner's love for us, we all need to confirm it again and again, so why is it related to half a lifetime of investment and financial planning, will casually listen to the recommendation on the Internet, and hand over the bank's savings?

Fraud has existed since ancient times, and they have also changed into a trendy look with the progress of the times, seducing more people into their traps.

In fact, it is not only the field of cryptocurrencies, I hope that people who read this article can be more cautious and cautious about all kinds of investments in the future.

I'm a woman fan editor Emilie, thank you for reading this. If you like this article, please click "Favorite Articles" and "Share" to your friends who think you will be interested.

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