Want to laugh when you hear the name "Quacky"? On 2022.07.01 (Fri), women fans will invite Yu Ji to perform on the "Show of Love" gender talk show! Before watching the show, let's take a look at the interview – do you wonder how he got into comedy?

Yu Ji, whose real name is Qiu Weijie, is a 47-year-old, Aka. Taipei City Councilor.

Six years ago, "Don't Watch at Work" was established, and four years ago, the "Do Not Watch" channel was established; in addition to devoting herself to the creation of film and food content, she also worked with her cute assistant Cai Ling to bring listeners not only dry words, but also educational news and information on the Podcast "New Folder".

Invited to participate in the first gender talk show "Love Show" of women fans this year, Yu Ji, before coming to challenge gender jokes, conducted an exclusive interview, allowing us to solve the ultimate mystery of why he stepped into the road of comedians through words.

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Stereotypes hurt, but they also open up moments of gender enlightenment

The gender framework is ubiquitous, and it is inadvertently repeated in life as if the world were supposed to work; however, there are also moments when we feel that little bit is wrong, and that is the precious moment of "gender enlightenment".

Yuji shared two short stories from his life, both related to gender stereotypes:

Usually, he will share his small story of interaction with his wife in the community, but the speaker has no intention of listening, and occasionally there will be netizens who leave messages criticizing him for bullying his wife and not taking good care of his wife.

"I always feel as if they forget that my wife is also a mature woman with a great job, she can judge the good or bad, she can make decisions for herself." 」 Yuji nodded, "In the eyes of those who criticize my relationship with my wife, it seems that women's agency is zero."

Do women have to be protected by men? We who have only recently experienced the Oscars, Will Smith's wife protection incident, may be able to think of more answers.

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The second story takes place when He is in his twenties, when he is young and has not noticed too many gender issues in the social environment at that time...

On that day, he was chatting with a few friends in the bar, one of whom was a gay friend he had known for many years. Yuji tells a story, and in order to show that the protagonist of the story is heterosexual, he uses the statement that the protagonist's sexual orientation is normal.

At that moment, he found that the eyes of his comrades and friends flickered, and Yu Ji immediately knew that he had said the wrong thing, although it was an unintentional move, but it still hurt his friend's heart - was the friend's sexual orientation abnormal? Definitely not.

Although this scene has passed for so many years, Yu Ji still remembers it in his heart, the moment of "gender enlightenment", even if he does not react and do something at the moment, he buries the seeds of subconscious in his heart, gradually takes root and sprouts, so that the branches flourish and one day shade others.

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Being labeled gender? I'm not a cross-man, I'm a leprechaun!

In a world where gender stereotypes are rife, gender labels can be a way of criticizing different genders.

After many years of dancing in the theater and politics, Yu Ji was scolded by people who hated him as a "stinky man", and he shared with us: "I actually can't help but think, in fact, I am not a different man, I am a goblin!" 」

The goblin came to the live performance of the "Love Show" talk show of the woman fan, and asked him the reason for challenging the stage of the "Love Show", and the goblin's answer was unexpectedly simple: "Because I can get together with my good friends to perform, I am the happiest!" 」

The goblin further shared that the reason why he wanted to do a talk show in the first place stemmed from the dream of a good friend in his youth who wanted to spend his family wealth to create Taiwan's first comedy club.

"He forced me to wash my hair together!" In the laughter of Que Ji, we also seem to see In our minds, we also see Yu Ji washing his hair and stepping into the road of comedy.

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Let's talk about love! Love once is not enough, love twice

Women fans have been talking about "loving themselves" on May 25 every year for seven consecutive years, and this year they showed "Love Show" for the first time on July 1, and finally we also asked Que Ji this life question - what is love?

Yuji made a distinction between liking and loving, he replied.

Like is a state, love is a choice. You can't stop yourself from liking or disliking someone, but you can take responsibility for your commitment to loving someone.

Ji Ji (Qiu Weijie)

Love can be shared with others, or it can be returned to himself, and Yuji adds that he is a person who loves himself, "I love myself once a day, and if it is not enough, I will love twice!" 」 Even shouted at the community, July let everyone see "how terrible is the self-loving boy!"

I love myself once a day, twice if I don't!

Yu Ji ( Qiu Weijie)

With the mood of loving yourself twice a day, on July 1st, let's watch the first gender talk show "Love Show" in Taiwan, what kind of comedic strength will Yuji show, and what spark of love will be rubbed with the audience, so stay tuned!