In the 2022 Workplace DEI Survey, Google, Micron, Standard Chartered, Unilever, Yahoo, and BIOGEN called for an equal workplace

On the eve of International Women's Day on March 8, Womany women fans announced the "2022 Workplace DEI Survey", which shows that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are the core of the development of many multinational companies, taking Netflix as an example, that is, optimizing organizational structure and platform content through annual diversity and inclusion data.

In the survey report released by women's fans, as many as 96% of the public believe that whether the company has diversified and inclusive is a key factor affecting joining. In addition, the top three of the "most concerned equality projects" and "the most common prejudices in the workplace" all have "gender", which shows that breaking the gender framework and creating gender equality is still the first issue to be strengthened.

Zhang Weixuan, founder and CEO of Women's Fans, said: "Women fans have been advocating gender equality for 10 years, and in recent years we have invested more efforts in PROMOTING DEI, hoping to keep pace with the international community, not only gender equality, but also all aspects of diversified inclusion." Zhang Weixuan further pointed out that the DEI workplace environment can effectively increase the retention rate by 20% and strengthen the enthusiasm for work, which is a necessary long-term investment for enterprises.

Only 36.9% have never felt inequality in the workplace, and gender, age, and physical appearance bias account for the majority!

Women fans collected 1,962 valid questionnaires, and more than 60% of the public said that jokes such as age, gender, and race would be tolerated within the organization.

The top three most common workplace biases are: gender bias (57.3%), age bias (50.9%), and physical appearance bias (41%).

In addition to the perception that women should do chores and let men be the main decision-makers, more people say that they have been harassed because of pregnancy, and because they need to balance their families and cannot cooperate with regular overtime, they have lost the opportunity to promote.

In this regard, Zhang Weixuan said: "The workplace environment of diversity and inclusion is that everyone can have the same space to play. Don't let women lose their competitiveness in the workplace due to reproductive needs, and let the stereotype of men who need to earn money to support their families have the same time to spend with their families."

Wu Jiayi, director of Google's Taiwan business and co-head of Women@, also said that both male and female employees at Google enjoy 18 weeks of paid maternity leave to implement gender equality with practical policies.

Failed workplace satisfaction! Up to 94% of the population said that age differences and single discrimination caused them to be out of place."

Women's fans conducted a survey on "workplace security", under the standard of 10 points, job satisfaction averaged only 5.28, and only 7.5% of the public said that they were "completely unable" to speak their minds in the work environment.

A whopping 94% said they had felt out of place in the workplace, including being looked down upon for their young age or being called bad because they were old enough to be unmarried.

Lim Yđn, Senior Director of Human Resources for Asia Pacific, said that Yahoo has set up a number of resource groups for multiple issues, so that employees can get corresponding assistance when needed, and feel a sense of inclusion and belonging.

Only 17.3% of organizations have DEI policies, and women fans gather leaders in technology, economic finance, and consumer goods companies to create DEI workplaces

In response to the implementation of DEI in the workplace, less than 20% of the people said that their organizations have DEI-related policies.

However, many well-known enterprises have joined the ranks of "diversity and inclusion" as leaders, and You Cixia, Senior Manager of Sustainable Development and Corporate Communications in Hong Kong, Unilever Taiwan, said that Unilever Taiwan has long supported career opportunities for female employees, and even the proportion of female managers in Taiwan has reached 60%, which is higher than the global average, while empowering employees with disabilities and LGBTQI+.

Chen Weizhi, Chief Human Resources officer of Standard Chartered Bank and chairman of the Diversified Inclusion Committee, believes that the establishment of a multi-inclusion committee within the company plays a key role as a catalyst in supporting gender and disadvantaged equality, which is very helpful for the implementation of DEI's corporate culture.

Tian Yingying, general manager of Biogen Taiwan, said that BYH health supports gender equality and creates a diverse and inclusive workplace environment by holding LGBTQI+ "Unconscious Bias Talks" and the "Life Action" Forum on Reproductive Rights.

Liu Suling, Human Resources Director of Micron Technology North Asia, said that creating a culture that everyone can contribute is the key to the sustainable growth of Micron Technology, in last year's fresh employment, up to 40% of the employees were women, Micron Technology continued to increase the proportion of STEM female talents through the implementation of a diversified and inclusive workplace.

Zhang Weixuan, founder and CEO of Women's Fans, pointed out that in recent years, the proportion of vacancies offered by enterprises is much higher than the number of people who have entered the workplace, and high salaries alone can no longer meet the demand for the talent market, how to provide a stage with more room to play and cultivate diversified talents in the DEI workplace environment will be an important key to whether the company can continue to base itself on the market in the next decade.

Zhang Weixuan was even more touched: "At the Women's Power Influence Forum at the end of last year, we saw that well-known enterprises in various fields have sown the seeds of DEI in Taiwan, and we look forward to more corporate partners joining to create a diversified and inclusive workplace."