As one of the few stand-up comedians, Huang Xiaochun gradually let go of his nostalgia from "age" when society began to label women as "30 years old", and dug out the laughter points, and also better understood the relationship between humor and human nature!

Women fans exclusive "Love Show" gender talk show: 2022.07.01 (5) invite you to play ~

"Talk Show Godmother" Huang Xiaochu, the director of "Comedy Girls", the only comedy group in Taiwan to focus on women's issues, has 12 years of experience in talk shows, hosting and production. Self-operated venue "Moon Half Nest Performance Space" to promote the "Expression Education" curriculum. Author: "Comedy Mama Sang Humor Expression".

(Interview Part I: Humorous comedy mom Sang | talk show godmother Huang Xiaochu: Society uses the name of protecting women, and girls don't even have the courage to laugh at themselves)

Embark on the path of a comedian, after the pain, is deeply in love

At the beginning, Huang Xiaochun just wanted to be an actor, but he didn't expect to be planted in the comedy world.

She recalled that she was recruited to enter the "Kamiddi Comedy Club" to learn the logic of comedy performance, during that time, Kamiddi, there were also theater and film and television performances, did not expect to gradually fall in love with comedy, "Talk show can say what they want to say is very cool, and actors need to be involved in various roles, usually can not show the real voice." 」

Huang Xiaochu has a straightforward and sincere temperament, and in the case of the same performance, she found that the stand-up comedians had a high grasp of the content they presented, and they were also rich in acting skills, and they fell in love with it more deeply.

But at first, the first two years of her career were painful, and she came home crying and self-denial after each performance. It was also because of the pain that she studied further and truly established her lifelong career.

Along the way, she watched Zhang Shuoxiu, the director of the "Kamiddi Comedy Club", who has rich production experience, and used perseverance and patience to survive the turbulent development of the comedy industry. She laughed and said that zhang Shuoxiu, who was "not a comedian", had the deepest influence on her in the field of comedy.

We asked her, is it still painful? She said that now she will no longer use pain to feel the acting career, "I am very grateful for the wonderful nourishment of those years!" 」

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30-year-old enlightenment: studying human nature from jokes, recognizing self-mission in talk shows

Being a stand-up comedy or comedian often starts with a sense of accomplishment that makes people laugh.

Huang Xiaofat said that in the process of growing up, although she knew that she had the ability to make people laugh, she did not particularly feel the importance of it.

It wasn't until she reached the age of 30, when society began to label women as negative, she said, and it was also at that time that she began to let go of the joke of "age".

"At the age of 30, I found the 'old school' character to be very useful, I would say that I am 18 years old, 12 years old, when interacting with the young audience how old, insisting that they are just a little older, saying that their favorite pop song is 'listening to the sea', will cause laughter in the hall." 」

At this time, she has officially opened up the laughter point, and has also begun to explore the subtleties of how gender and various frameworks are handled, and she has also planted a understanding of the relationship between humor and human nature. "The public will be embarrassed that girls laugh at themselves for being fat, but they are more relaxed about girls' jokes about age."

So she plunged into the comedy cultivation business, set up the only funny girl group in Taiwan, "Comedy Girls Funny Girls", began to organize her painful struggles into a vein, teach teaching, get a sense of achievement and satisfaction from it, and gradually understand that this is her life's ambition, and it is also the most suitable thing for her.

She found that talk show and education can perfectly integrate their personality, enthusiasm and expertise, and their "self-perception" is becoming clearer and clearer, and they also find a sense of mission!

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Huang Xiaochuan's way of passing on "love"? Show of Love: Make people laugh humorously and keep loving

Jokes also have real power.

Huang Xiaofat was very impressed, and there was an audience member who came to tell her, thank you Huang Xiaofat for telling the joke of the nursing mother, so that when she died of breastfeeding pain and could not hold on, she was relieved by laughing out, and then got the energy to continue breastfeeding.

Among the jokes, there is Huang Xiaochun's love for the audience, so that the audience can be slightly released from reality and silence themselves.

Talk show is a special form of performance, the performer and the audience on the stage to play, occasionally will touch the humble and dark side of human nature, Xiao Fat mentioned, because of the sense of "human nature", with love and humor, to touch those places. "The emotional performances such as sarcasm and resentment used by stand-up comedians can make people think that this is not love, or not 'positive', but it is actually another way of conveying 'love'." 」

However, Xiao Fat also said that "love" is proved by time.

"If I can 'continue' to give, 'continue' to do boring homework and endure the frustrations in between, not to prove it to anyone but simply to experience the 'process', after a period of time, I can tell myself that this is true love." 」 It's like loving people, acting and yellow (laughs)."

Comedy is drama, drama is the story of depicting people.

Huang Xiaochun decided to accept the invitation of this "love show", are you also looking forward to this talk show performance? Let's watch the "show of love" for women fans!

(Interview Part I: Humorous Comedy Mom Sang | Talk Show Godmother Huang Xiaochu: Society uses the name of protecting women, and girls don't even have the courage to laugh at themselves)