When four talk show stars get together, what kind of jokes will burst out? Women fans hold a "Show of Love" gender talk show, in a more grounded, relaxed and humorous form, and the audience to reflect on the existing problems in Taiwanese society!

Women's fans of Women, who have held "I Love My Festival" on May 25 for seven consecutive years, will hold a "Love Show" talk show performance on July 1 this year, in addition to continuing to promote the concept of "Love Yourself", this time we will also invite talk show stars from all walks of life:

Don't look at work - Que Ji, artist Huang Haoping, talk show godmother Huang Xiaochu and Ray Ray, who won the 2019 Kamiddi talk show champion, respectively, with different angles of acid gender bias, there will be many spicy topics that are usually afraid to talk about, and the scale will travel to sensitive gray areas, which is exciting!

Huang Haoping, who had just finished a personal talk show, said excitedly: "I finally have an occasion to choke the people who told me to come out quickly!" Huang Haoping even said that the first one was to shoot his friend Que Ji, who was on the same scene.

Photo courtesy | Huang Haoping

In response, Taipei City Councilor Yu Ji (Qiu Weijie) also jokingly hit back: "Am I also a bitter lord?" He also said that the topic of this time is what he has always wanted to advocate, hoping that people of any gender and sexual orientation can bravely love themselves.

Qiu Weijie: "I love myself once a day, and if I don't have enough, I love twice!" He also invited his friend Huang Haoping to publish the daily "Love Yourself" list.

Image courtesy of | Que Ji

Zhang Weixuan, founder and CEO of Womany Women's Fans, said that this year, he hopes to reflect on the existing problems in Taiwanese society with the audience in a more grounded, relaxed and humorous form.

Zhang Weixuan said: "Women fans hope to use black humor to make diversified and fair issues valued by the public, and this 'show of love' is to hope that everyone can take off all gender frameworks and bravely love themselves!" 」

Talk Show Four Join Forces! Large-scale spicy topics are all discussed

Huang Haoping, who has long been misunderstood as a comrade because of his distinctive personal characteristics, will take a fierce drug this time to ridicule all the prejudices encountered in the past.

Huang Haoping said helplessly: "After speaking, everyone's prejudice against me may be more, but this time I want to challenge to overturn everyone's prejudice against prejudice!"

Qiu Weijie, who is also a Taipei City Councilor and the owner of "Don't Look at Work", also jokingly said: "I think the topic this time is too suitable for Haoping, and I seem to have suffered a bit of a loss." But I decided to PK with him, not funny enough for the next time to help each other stand for free!" 」

Yu Ji (Qiu Weijie) confidently said that he definitely made the audience laugh until they didn't want to leave!

Ray Ray, the only gay actor among the performers, also opened up about the gender bias he had encountered in the past: "I am often said that I am not like a girl, and I will not be able to marry!" As much as I hate to hear that, it's right to watch this show!"

Ray Ray (Ray Ray) is even more self-deprecating recently because of the diagnosis, every day obediently writes at home, ready to come to a shocking joke!

Image courtesy of RayRay |

Huang Xiaofat, who is about to launch a personal published work, calls on "world-weary mommy" to stand up, Huang Xiaofat said that women have too many bloody examples to talk about regardless of whether they are before marriage or after marriage, and all the grievances that cannot be spit out will replace everyone's sharp irony to the end!

Image courtesy of | Huang XiaoChuan

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  • Event Dates| July 1, 2022 (Fri)
  • Event time| 18:30-21:20 (admission starts at 17:30)
  • Venue| Zepp New Taipei (8th Floor, Honghui Plaza| No. 3, Section 4, New North Avenue, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City)