If the diagnosis is confirmed, is it going to be finished? Wait, before the world breaks down, first look at the 15 things you can do, women fans editors understand you, there are some things I want to tell you...

Seeing two lines on the pregnancy test stick, the mood may be like spring and autumn; seeing two lines on the fast screening test paper, the mood is probably like a cold winter - because the fast screening is positive, there is a great chance that the diagnosis will be confirmed.

Diagnosis does not require self-stigma, I want to set an example: woman fan editor Emilie myself, also inexplicably diagnosed. (Fortunately, the company's remote friendly system has not been in contact with infected colleagues, and is in safe isolation)

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At that time, watching the fast sieve in my hand float out of two lines, I felt dizzy and panicked for a while, I had just eaten the Mother's Day dinner of three generations at the same table, and there were children and babies playing together, "What if it is infected to the elders and children?" I thought sadly and tried to trace the source of the infection.

Unexpectedly, my mother was one step ahead of me, desperately blaming herself for putting her little grandchildren at risk of new crown pneumonia, listening to her regret mixed with coughing, I woke up like a thunderbolt:

"No, it's not anyone's fault!" Everyone's frustration is understandable, but no one needs to be blamed!

Good people are always worried that their illness or leave will affect others, but if we don't blame typhoons, earthquakes or even volcanic eruptions, then we shouldn't blame the virus everywhere. What is needed for each other is not blame, but mutual understanding.

And I also in this diagnosis experience, feel the strong contagiousness of COVID-19, everyone in the same family has been hit, but everyone's symptoms are not the same, some people cough very seriously, some people do not cough but dizziness headache, some people have a sore throat, some people are not comfortable for more than two weeks, some people are good for three days, and some people are quickly screened positive but there is no discomfort (that is, the asymptomatic carrier of the chosen person).

There are also people who are already about to sift through the yang and yin, and their bodies are gradually recovering, but their physical strength has plummeted, and they have become easily tired, and I am afraid that it will take some time to recuperate to return to their original state.

Symptoms vary according to the individual's constitution, so it is important to eat a healthy diet on weekdays, fix exercise, and enhance immunity, and when you can go out, prepare the medicines you may need (such as painkillers, nasal sprays, throat sugars, nutritional supplements, etc.), confirm the external support system that can be mobilized, so that we know who we can find when we need help.

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Honey, you may need this information

You who are reading the article may also be worried about the recent epidemic in Taiwan, the rolling policies, the fast screening that cannot be bought, the long line of PCR in the heavy rain, the postponed activities, the children who have suspended classes, the sick family members... any of these will be disturbing, not to mention all of them.

If you are about to sift positive, use the principle of "first four and five back" to calculate and inform relatives and friends. However, it is important to remember not to blame yourself, it is not anyone's fault to be sick, no one wants to infect their family, and no one wants bad things to happen!

Women know you, and Emilie, the diagnosed editor, wants to write down your mood for you – because we know it all, it's not easy.

15 things to heal yourself when you are sick

Once you are really sick, you are invited to stop and be aware of your emotions first, because you need to take good care of yourself at this moment.

The following 15 things can be done on your own or all, and they will bring you peace and courage.

  1. Calm down, take a deep breath, do it 30 times
  2. Eat slowly, take small sips of soup, and eat more than one meal a day
  3. Find trusted friends and family and talk about how you feel about being sick
  4. Accept the care and you will soon have the ability to help them as well
  5. Be a waste for the time being, rest well, and sleep well
  6. Pick up your phone and call for food to be delivered
  7. Put down your phone and screen away unnecessary distractions and connections
  8. Reading, reading a book that I want to read but haven't finished yet
  9. Draw, choose a blank piece of paper to draw your mood (recommended: good morning and good night notebook)
  10. Listen to Podcasts, radio, and let the vocals accompany you (recommended: charming recipe)
  11. Thank you body, it has worked very hard to prevent the epidemic
  12. Pull open the curtains to bask in the sun, learn to be a lazy cat, and be lazy
  13. Look at the night sky, think about the universe, what orders are you going to place this time?
  14. Re-examine, which people and things are worth believing and cherishing?
  15. No need to blame yourself for diagnosing the diagnosis, a good recovery is the most important thing in the world!

Settle your mind, bad things will pass, for more than a year in order to prevent the epidemic, you have worked very hard in the past, and a better future is waiting for you.

Remind yourself with mindfulness – clarify your thoughts, sort out your goals, go back to where you are, and go back to what you most want to be.

Getting sick is really hard, but gradually we recover, and even after recovering, we can grow new strength. You and I are like warriors returning from the battlefield, using their own experience and warmth to support the people around them to survive this difficulty.

It's okay, everything will gradually get better.

The darkest hours are sure to pass, and the brilliant summer days are coming.

When you're sick, think about the above 15 things you can do, and then say to your family and friends:

"Hey, what do you want to do this summer?"

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Finally, to put together the information that you may use, may we be clear and brave to face the difficult situation:

Don't worry, good things are coming:

After the epidemic, the feelings are deeper and the heart is stronger!