In this era of 10 seconds of inflammation, which can destroy the company's ten years of trust cultivation, working in the organization, what to do when the organization you are in encounters a gender/female/DEI PR crisis?

This is the most challenging era, when public opinion is more enthusiastic about "inflammation" than "encouragement", as a public relations, human resources, or any talent who works in the organization and cares about corporate culture, you may encounter such a setback: 10 seconds of speech is inflamed, and it has the power to destroy ten years of cultivation.

The company's women's strength and diversified talent training plan is crucial, how to pass out the information message without noise, be seen and accepted by the public, and not misunderstood? Testing gender communication skills is also the cognition of generational communication.

Network natives have formed an industrial force, grew up in a strong gender-conscious environment, with communication sensitivity, how to communicate with the Internet generations of talents, mutual understanding, will be the biggest challenge facing Evergreen enterprises.

How to let the public see the vision of women's power in corporate organizations? Let specific policies speak to numbers

With a women's empowerment policy and gender awareness, the message may still not be well delivered.

In recent cases, among the three main axes of ESG, "women's empowerment" is the most important project in corporate governance. Leaders talk and laugh easily at the annual meeting, express the importance of cultivating women's strength, and are taken out of context by the media and used as negative tones.

The conveyance of the original idea of good intentions is distorted, and it may also affect the employees within the enterprise.

How should enterprises that earnestly cultivate women's strength and diversified communion avoid being misunderstood by public opinion and by the out-of-context meaning of a single word?

The best course of action is to let the specific figures in the ESG/CSR report of the enterprise, the gender empowerment policy, the welfare resource system, these evidence speak.

It is important to find credibility certifications that can make specific policies and data reports such as ESG/CSR the main stage.

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Don't let the first place be the last place: let the professional do the best public communication for you

The above-mentioned case enterprises are actually one of the leaders in the performance of women's strength in the industry of local enterprises. (Woman Fans did a carpet DEI survey in the first quarter of 2022, analyzing the ESG/CSR reports of the top 50 companies in Taiwan by revenue.) )

When your brand is the leader in the industry, but lacks credibility unit certification and rating, even if the industry is the first, it may also be said to be the last in public opinion, but it is a pity that it has been cultivated for many years.

Women fans have long cultivated the topics of gender, female strength and diversified communion, won the trust and certification of the majority of netizens, and are the community in the Chinese world that gathers the most attention to gender female strength and diversified and inclusive people.

In the first quarter of 2022, women fans did the DEI workplace culture survey, with positive reports from 33 media, including Huashi News, Economic Daily, Lianhe Bao, Yahoo News, ETtoday News Cloud, and reached more than 2.13 million people in the women's fan community.

More than two million people want to see the DEI policy of the enterprise, and nearly 2,000 people said in the questionnaire survey whether the company has the DEI cultural policy as a key decision-making factor for him to consider whether to join the enterprise, which accounts for 96% of the questionnaire.

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Your female power is cultivated to make the credible rating unit certified

Through professional certification and communication, it is necessary to avoid the impact of misunderstanding and public opinion because of a light joke.

To be a company that makes employees proud, let women fans through 11 years of accumulated female power training profession, gender and DEI (diversity and fair integration), help you better pass on and unite the company's policies and employee pride.

In September 2022, women fans will hold the DEI Multi-Diversity FairNess and Inclusion Certification Award to help enterprises better communicate the multi-inclusive culture, multi-talent cultivation policies, female empowerment, and also help talents to better find trustworthy employer brands.

If you are also interested, please feel free to contact In 2022, the year of diversity and inclusion and women's empowerment, together we will become allies of diverse talents and create a world of diversity and inclusion.

For more information, head to the women's dei ally global ally, download the white paper on diversity and inclusion, or subscribe to the corporate DEI monthly report.