Mention Micron, you will think of several bright keywords, semiconductor industry, DEI multi-integration, multinational enterprises, as one of the semiconductor representative enterprises, how does Micron promote the concept of diversified inclusion inside and outside? And how can companies support female talents so that women have the opportunity to shine in the workplace?

Micron Technology: Talk about the semiconductor workplace experience of two professional women

When it comes to workers in the "semiconductor" industry, what is the gender that comes to mind?

This episode of charming formula specially invites the world's top five semiconductor companies and Taiwan's largest foreign investor "Micron Technology" to re-compose everyone's career imagination of the semiconductor industry. Two women from non-engineer backgrounds, Suzanne (Zhou Shizhu) & Ivy (Hong Jiaxin), shared with us sincerely this time that their real experiences in the semiconductor workplace were discussed.

As the chief intellectual power litigation strategy officer of Micron Technology Greater China, Suzanne talked about the early workplace, mostly men, and when the meeting was first held, she was also considered to be a staff member who came to help handouts and pour tea, until the moment she sat down in the meeting, and she still remembers the surprised eyes projected by the male supervisors around her.

Returning to the proportion of semiconductor talents, the proportion of female employment has been increasingly rising, and "diversified inclusion" is increasingly the focus of public attention.

Micron regards sustainability as one of the focuses of deep cultivation of talents and takes a long-term view.

Ivy, who is also the public affairs manager of Micron Technology and the head of the Micron Foundation, conducts diversified talent training in STEM fields, goes deep into the campus to carry out encouragement and scholarships, leads the foundation, and carries out many promotional activities with young students and generational dialogue (for example: Girls Going Tech, Home Support Science Day, Micron Dream Building Scholarship, and Visually Impaired Students Weekend Science Camp) to reduce the threshold of contact between different ethnic groups, so that children from different backgrounds have the opportunity to contact the industry and generate interest.

(Pluralistic Voices: Unilever, Micron Respond to Women's Fans DEI Allies Declaration: Breaking Stereotypes and Increasing the Ratio of Female Leaders to Diverse Representations)

Don't give up when you encounter setbacks, and growth thinking takes you further

The reform of communion seems to be going well, but in fact, Suzanne & Ivy is not without setbacks.

Suzanne, who sat at the negotiating table for a long time, needed to communicate with men on many occasions, and sometimes even received many emotional words, in the face of setbacks, Suzanne sincerely shared, she had the impression that she had also been at the negotiating table, and was questioned by the other party on the spot with a bad attitude, she revealed that she was actually frustrated at the moment, and chose to leave the scene first to clean up her emotions.

Rearranging herself, in the second half of the meeting, she quickly brought the other person back to the point, not dancing with the derogatory words of the other party's emotional or strategic negotiations.  

Learn to ignore the emotions that come with you from the outside, and face the results on a case-by-case basis, and you will not be limited to that situation.

Micron Technology Greater China Intellectual Rights Litigation Strategy Chief Zhou Shizhu Suzanne

In the face of setbacks, can we choose to face the challenges? "Resilience" has become a relatively important indicator, can the thinking of talents maintain resilience and growth?

This is directly reflected in Miko's partners Suzanne & Ivy.

Whether it is Micron Corporation or Foundation, they are trying to plant a "unknown" seed, although they don't know when it will blossom well. But you and I are on this road hand in hand, with expectations, hoping that the consciousness of pluralism and inclusion will blossom everywhere with time.

Ability needs to be cultivated in a long career, and training actually requires a tenacity, don't give up in your most difficult times.

Micron Technology Greater China Intellectual Rights Litigation Strategy Chief Zhou Shizhu Suzanne

DEI Enterprise Metrics, what does Micron do?

The consciousness of pluralism and inclusion, whether for "enterprises" or "individuals", is not a one-time phenomenon, and enterprises need to know how to keep pace with the times and firmly revolutionize.

Every year, Micron Technology shows its employees the determination to organize what practical actions the company has taken in the past year.

They will go deep into the countryside, promote fair pay and benefits, provide a better personnel and childcare environment for employees, cooperate with financial institutions with a sense of diversity and inclusion, and so on. For Micron, it is not only the surface of the digital presentation, Micron is also a real, the goal of diversity and integration, into the lives of employees.

For Suzanne, diversity and inclusion also has a key, which is to realize that we are in the same boat, according to the same goal, if there are different points of view, there are words, in the face of conflict, together to find solutions, move forward faster.

Suzanne says what she enjoys most in Micron is the process of working together as a group with her partners.

Ivy also added that micron has been trained to guide employees to stand up for their peers when discrimination occurs. When employees know that the corporate philosophy is not just a form and slogan, but a voice through practical actions, their beliefs stand on the same track and move forward together.

(Diverse perspectives: 96% of talents regard "diversity and inclusion" as a key factor in joining the enterprise, and "gender bias" still ranks first in workplace inequality)

A charming recipe for guests: cheer yourself up whenever you want

Suzanne & Ivy said that during the process of advancing the task, it is inevitable to feel tired, especially in the process of not seeing results during the execution, or even not knowing what to do for. The confusion and frustration of not seeing the results in a short period of time do exist, but because of this, we must try to cheer ourselves up!

What is being advanced is not a short time to see the results. The seeds that are planted, although they cannot bloom immediately, are in the process of each other, practicing to encourage themselves and accumulate positive energy. In addition to cheering, they also did not forget to appeal: "Empathize with others and show concern!"

When you doubt what you are doing, what you need most at the moment is to give yourself great encouragement and affirmation.

Hong Jiaxin, Public Affairs Manager, Micron Technology Ivy

Sowing seeds will not immediately grow into a tree, and we must cheer ourselves up at any time, because all efforts will not be in vain.

Hong Jiaxin, Public Affairs Manager, Micron Technology Ivy

When pumping and relationships are multiplied together, this power will expand into better goodwill and circulation!