Hey, did you know that Zhang Weixuan wrote a "user manual" for himself? Do you also want to know... how to write your own instruction manual in order to interact well with your loved ones?

Zhang Weixuan, Founder of Woman Fan, Co-Founder & CEO of Wusi Media.

Successive presidents have been hailed as representatives of female entrepreneurs, several Times Magazine has been selected as one of the top 20 women influencing Taiwan, the U.S. Department of State has invited to participate in the Young Global Leaders Program, represented Taiwan at the APEC APEC APEC Conference for many times, promoted the enlightenment of gender and pluralistic inclusion in the Chinese-speaking world in a popular and technological manner, and has two books, committed to creating a world where people can be fearless and become themselves!

Today's women's fan course invited Wei Xuan to open a class for the students, of course, it is guaranteed to be an exclusive course, and what is special about this course?

All this starts with a message one day...

The "instruction manual" was born: from now on, you know how to use your power and how to communicate with you

Women fans usually use the communication software Slack to make contact within the company. One day, founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan released a "Weixuan Instruction Manual" on the public channel, and everyone's eyes lit up, and a row of feedback was swiped at the bottom of the message.

Suddenly, instead of understanding her growth, preferences, dealing with people, etc., the partners of a woman's fan suddenly know how to "use her" and under what circumstances they can "use Wei Xuan to help themselves".

Not the advantages, not the disadvantages, but the "usage method" – what exactly is this concept?

It turned out that Wei Xuan noticed that many people interacted with people at work and on a daily basis, and the following situations often occurred:

  1. Feel that the other person does not understand themselves
  2. Don't know how to let the other person know about themselves
  3. Don't know how to create good interactions

Being able to use each other's expertise efficiently, double the flow of work, get closer to the ideal in less time, and get closer to each other with less effort – isn't that what we all want?

Therefore, the surprise brought by the "Wei Xuan's instruction manual" is not only inside the woman's fans, but is carefully planned as a curriculum, in a systematic way, step by step to draw up an exclusive personal "instruction manual", for people in the workplace, relationships do not know how to communicate, interact and even cooperate with others, there are enough guidance and awareness skills to be used, so that interaction and cooperation can become simple and relaxed, even fun!

And that's why and why this exclusive course was created.

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In addition to making people understand you, the instruction manual can also make you understand yourself better

Women's fans have been known for their "word healing" for ten years since their inception, and there are also a large number of fans who have followed us for a long time. We hope that if we want to implement the purpose of women's fans, "let everyone be fearless to be themselves", reducing unnecessary emotional internal friction is an important first step.

What is the second step? We hope that through curriculum and hands-on learning, people will realize that they actually have the right to take the lead and take the initiative to create change in a directional way.

What changes can the "instruction manual" bring?

Wei Xuan laughed and said that this concept was not invented by her, in fact, many celebrities have done similar things, but her instruction manual has a concept that is very different from everyone else's...

Most of the user manuals are the protagonists of themselves, that is, what I am, and then the other party wants to cooperate with me; "but my instruction manual is the opposite of theirs, and the user is the protagonist," Wei Xuan carefully explained the difference between the two.

Compare yourself to a product, a tool, "If I were a resource, how would people use me?"

So when Wei Xuan writes her own manual, instead of writing her good (oh, the advantages can't be written), nor is she writing about her bad (oh, she can't finish writing about her self-deprecating shortcomings), but using the things she has done in the past to prove the resources she can provide, so that the team members know exactly how to use themselves.

In other words, "empathy" is the most important core idea when making instruction manuals, which can help the writer become more objective.

Originally, we may not know ourselves so well, but when doing empathy, we can better screen the errors caused by emotions, such as "I can't be creative like Steve Jobs" or "I am super good so there are no shortcomings" such blind spots, and observe ourselves from the perspective of a third party, and we can better recognize the real appearance.

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Photo | Photo by Dorota Dylka on Unsplash

The instruction manual for "interpersonal relationships" is designed to produce "valuable interactions"

Modern people are accustomed to living a life of multiple identities, not only in the workplace there are relationships between superiors, subordinates, and colleagues, but also in interpersonal relationships, there are also various identities to take into account, so how to use the "instruction manual" in the relationship?

Faced with another type of question about the use of another level of life, Wei Xuan understands the doubts that everyone may have, that is, it feels as if people are "materialized", and she explains with a smile:

"Actually, the 'instruction manual' is to teach people how to generate 'valuable interactions.'"

Sometimes we may have a very loving partner, a very loving company, a very loving colleague... but when we can't have a valuable interaction with each other, the interaction is ineffective; when the interaction is ineffective, in fact, everyone will be very painful, and the deeper the love, the more painful it is.

If we organize our instructions and deliver them to each other, then each interaction will produce feedback, and everyone can fine-tune themselves according to these feedbacks, and gradually, this will form a good cycle, so that communication between people becomes smoother, each other is happier, and love can be deepened.

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What kind of interaction, there is what kind of life

Wei Xuan felt that the so-called "valuable interaction" could be judged by the words of Confucius two thousand years ago: "Friendship, friendship, and friendship":

  • Youzhi: Can the interaction object give a very direct and honest feedback?
  • Friendship: Can we look at things from the concept of inclusive inclusion and inclusion?
  • Friends: Can friends motivate us to have new ideas and understand more unknowns?

On the contrary, the appearance of valueless interaction is "fixed thinking", such as "this design can't work", "this can never be done", etc., human nature often makes people say this kind of thing unconsciously, but Wei Xuan believes that this does not help things, does not introduce any action, and only increases each other's frustration.

Therefore, she particularly emphasizes that people who have just entered the workplace should consciously practice "growth thinking", hold the belief that "I will not learn from me", no matter what difficult situations can also look at the side of solving the problem, and do not give up to seek answers, which is valuable interaction, valuable output, such a person will also have a "valuable life".

And these value interactions can also be likened to "short-term windfall v.s long-term investment": the former is very enjoyable at the moment, but the sharp rise and fall, and soon loses value; the latter is to steadily put a long-term line, so that the value continues to increase - Wei Xuan believes that such a concept is very important in relationships and work!

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Once the important concepts are clear, they are put into practice in the course. Wei Xuan bluntly said that most people do not fully understand themselves, so the course will guide the students hand in hand, write down their own analysis, so that this course is not heard, but can have real output, so that students can bring back to life to use.

Two hours, the class will finally be over, but you can plant a seed in your heart, and you know how to irrigate and fertilize it...

As a result, in a short period of time, Wei Xuan's course brought the beginning, direction and method;

Thus, through the expansion of the depth of your thinking, the life of the course continues and can be spread out to help yourself and others!