Stick to what you love! These showbiz sisters have been riding the wind and waves for twenty or thirty years, and they have nothing to fear when they enter their forties!

"Sister Riding the Wind and Waves", invited 30+ female artists to join the draft, and became a girl group trainee from scratch.

It's like an older woman's counterattack, telling you, "Sister is not easy to mess with!" Female artists can not only be examined wrinkles, figure, but also singing and dancing, using the years to polish the light of self-confidence.

The sisters invited in the latest third season, in addition to Wang Xinling, Liu Hanya, Guo Caijie, Xu Ruyun, who are familiar to Taiwanese audiences, as well as Twins' Asa and Ah Jiao, and even invited former "Girls' Generation" member Jessica, which is full of memories to kill.

Walking through the confusion and worry, no longer embarrassed and shy, the sisters are cool and dashing, laughing and talking about their own once embarrassed, and occasionally regrets can be gently put down.

Selecting the six golden sentences of my sisters, I heard them say, "Now is the best time of my life!"

Wang Xinling: Who said that forty years old can't be a sweetheart

If I reach the age of eighty, I can still dance "Rainbow Smile" and "Love You" on crutches, and it is not bad to be a sweetheart grandmother!

Wang Xinling

Wang Xinling sang and danced the classic "Love You", which immediately triggered the screams of more than thirty sisters in the audience, and also set off everyone's shouts: "Youth is back!"

Wang Xinling, who debuted as the "Sweetheart Sect Leader" and sat firmly in the position of the singer, once fell into a low ebb due to health and emotional problems, but she was petite and had unparalleled perseverance. Looking at her bright singing voice and bright appearance that have hardly changed in twenty years, I know how much effort it takes to maintain it.

Wang Xinling, who is nearly forty years old, is not afraid that he will no longer bear the title of sweetheart, as long as he can still jump, as long as the audience wants to watch, the performance will continue, and the sweetheart will always be the sweetheart.

Liu Hanya: I don't position myself as a wall flower, I can shine everywhere I go

I don't feel like I'm the flower on that wall now. Everyone can shine in different places.

Liu Hanya (Aya)

I believe that everyone's childhood has heard "Ice March" and "Miss Wallflower", Liu Hanya has turned to a behind-the-scenes producer in recent years, from a funny host to an intellectual image.

This time, she re-integrated the interpretation of "Ice March" and "Miss Wallflower", but now she has more confidence, knowing that she is no longer a wallflower and can shine everywhere she goes.

Compared with other sisters, Aya's singing and dancing is definitely not top-notch, but she is not worried at all, and she generously twists her waist and swings her hips, which is a kind of beauty that belongs to her sister!

Xu Ruyun: Know what you want to live at each stage

You have to find someone who is meaningful together before you get married, not for the sake of getting married.

Xu Ruyun

Xu Ruyun, who is famous for her popular love songs, chose to play a psychedelic and tender song this time to break everyone's bitter and lyrical impression of her. It was also a challenge for herself to ride the wind and waves, not willing to be confined to one look.

Talking about her approaching forty years of marriage, she felt that it was worth it: "You have to be clear about how you know each stage, the life you want, and what your goals you want." 」

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Tan Weiwei: Don't be afraid of the east and the west, live in the moment, just enjoy the stage

I have this opportunity to enjoy, not to be afraid, not to be disturbed by the things around me.

Tan Weiwei

Tan Weiwei, who debuted in 2006 with the talent show "Super Girl", has a high-pitched and loud voice and can always sing songs majestically and tragically.

But looking back on the days of the past competition, I was always more anxious than enjoying, "Before, I forgot to enjoy the stage, enjoy the music, and pay attention to how many people's fans came, and I was very anxious." 」 What I was thinking at that time had nothing to do with the stage."

Now she can relax and understand that there are things in her that others can't take away: "My voice is changing, and there is a precipitation of experience, and emotions are accumulating." 」

She performed her self-created song "But Ask for Pain", but seeking pain is the Meaning of "Whatever, You Can Do" in Sichuan dialect, and she hopes that all her sisters can relax and accept all the best arrangements.

Huang Yi: Forty Plus is the best day of my life

I'm now forty years old, and it's the best day of my life. I know exactly what I want, even if it's just a little chance, to get it right.

Huang Yi

Huang Yi, who just debuted with "Wrong Flowers and Marrying wrong langs" and "New Zhu Gege", looked back on the smooth period, but brought her a lot of confusion and trouble: "I don't know, how do I want to be an actor." 」

At that time, because of the scandal, public opinion was all over the sky, and now she can also frankly look back at that time, cover her face and smile: "You go to the Internet to search, these terrible photos, you can't take them back if you want to."

With a daughter in recent years, Huang Yi said that the gap in her former love has been filled by her daughter, so she wants to be her pride and role model.

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Wu Jinyan: Boldly enjoy the light in the middle of the stage

I'm going to see what the light in the middle of the stage looks like.

Wu Jinyan

Wu Jinyan, who is famous for his role as Wei Yongluo in "Yanxi Raiders", began to learn ballet at the age of four, "but dancing ballet for thirteen years has not brought me confidence."

She is not the best dancer on the stage, always on the edge of the group dance, her parents come to see the performance, but also always look for where she is.

Even so, she chose to bring a ballet performance: "I haven't stood under the light in the middle, I'm going to see what the light in the middle looks like." 」

If you don't accept defeat, you may fail in the challenge of not experiencing it, but you just want to see the scenery, which is the stubbornness of your sister.

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Insist on what you like, with two hundred points of hard work to achieve, only today in the show business circle unshakable they are. Sisters have been riding the wind and waves for twenty or thirty years, let us continue to watch them open the gates, take the road, fearlessly, and rush up.