In the face of Ryan, who is often concerned about "you can't marry like this", he uses humor to manipulate "gender stereotypes", but instead wins the audience laughter! How exactly did he do it?

Women fans exclusive "Love Show" gender talk show: 2022.07.01 (5) invite you to play together!

People say that she is the most handsome girl in the comedy circle, in 2019 won the "Kamidi Talk Show Battle" championship and the popularity king award; in 2021, she also performed a talk show on the stage of "Dagang Kai Sing", from the talk show performance, event hosting, program announcements are involved, Ryan said "but so far these can only be a side business", he blinked and laughed.

Ryan, who claims not to be a stand-up comedian, has entered his fourth year of practicing joke seniority, and his performance style is close to people's hearts, focusing on issues such as father-daughter affection, workplace survival, and multiple genders, he said that his performance, men and women can be watched by the family, this time also accepted an exclusive interview with women fans, before the "Love Show" on July 1, get a glimpse of his humor and sensibility!

The journey that began with the sister: I wanted to live my own way

Ryan recalled when he was a child, and did everything he could to make the girls he liked smile, "When I was a child, I would make the girls I liked laugh, and I forgot what it was, but as long as I saw her passing, I would try to find a way to keep her, and now I think about it, I was just making my sister right." 」

Five years ago, she saw the amusing of "Stand-up Comedy" from saturday night live (SNL) and the famous American comedian Kate Lee on SNL. Kate Mckinnon.

Kate McKinnon, who is gay, can be interpreted well no matter what comedy role, Ryan is probably inspired and inspired, "If you can, I hope that I can not be bound by my current appearance, and I can challenge different faces more freely and boldly."

Ryan also really took action, going to The Camiddi comedy class, "so I met Zhuangzhuang, Zhuangzhuang recommended me to see Huang Xiaofat again" and began to perform as a group, experiencing the melancholy period of my father's death, "One day I woke up, began to want to live in my own way, and decided to start the comedy road seriously." 」

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I'm not going to marry out: interpreting comedy with a free face

Women fans of "Love Show" talk about breaking the gender framework, and Ryan generously shares that he is very impressed with the gender framework. From a young age, girls are said to have no girl appearance, look neither male nor female, or be cared for by their elders, "You don't look like a girl, how do you marry out?" 」 Already familiar with such responses, he has developed the ability to smile and continue other topics.

"I don't like people to force their ideas on me, and I don't like to do it myself. Using the gender framework to define other people's people, of course, his vision is like that, in his concept can not understand what is the gender spectrum, pluralism and these things, so I usually still use the way of playing haha to deal with, don't be too real, let go of yourself." 」

It is precisely because he is deeply disturbed by the gender framework that he has more observations about the gender framework, for example, in the comedy world, in the early days, everyone thought that girls were not humorous, and he also had incisive analysis.

"In fact, girls are not humorous," Ryan pointed out that humor does not distinguish between genders, "but because girls are often ignored or suppressed in their growth process, the 'good girls' who grow up under the framework have become the stereotypes of girls by ordinary people." 」

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The stage is quiet and not afraid, this picture is very artistic

Ryan shared that he once performed, the group under the stage is middle-aged mothers, before going on stage, the mothers are very enthusiastic about him, as a result, after the opening he told a lot of jokes about "comrades", the scene was silent, he felt that what he said, for the mothers is "hell terrier", and this contrast makes the young partners laugh to the point of not being able to do it, and they are also happy in it.

"Because the whole picture is very much like performing arts!" He added that after the performance, some mothers still took the initiative to add his IG, so maybe the mothers, although they were stupid at the moment, still enjoyed the jokes and were interested in wanting to know more, which was also a step to successfully let the mothers step into the "humorous life"!

"Gender stereotypes" are also toyed with by Ryan's humor, like "labeling", which is a negative act in life, but can become a laughing point in the performance.

Known as "the most handsome girl in the comedy circle", he took his neutral appearance as an example, "I like to introduce myself to everyone in a playful way at the beginning" So the audience feels the contrast in the stereotype brought by the appearance, will laugh, and quickly bring a good impression to the actor at the beginning - the "label" at this time becomes a kind of fun.

But the careful Ryan also carefully guards the boundaries of jokes, and when writing paragraphs to test jokes, he will find people he trusts next to him to try to see if these laughs will offend others, because he believes that "there are no bad views, only bad interpretations", although comedy is only a side business, he still seriously studies and measures, and strives to make the audience happy rather than sad.

There are no bad opinions, only bad deductions.

The most handsome girl in the comedy world, Ryan

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Dad wants you all to laugh: transform the father's funeral, love let him break through the melancholy

Women's fans have been talking about "love myself" on the day of "525 I Love Me" for seven consecutive years, echoing the first gender talk show "Love Show" held this year, and we also asked Ryan what is "love" in his eyes?

Ryan quickly replied, "Attachment is not love, love is a joy without any purpose."

Attachment is not love, love is a kind of happiness without any purpose.

The most handsome girl in the comedy world, Ryan

At this time, Ryan changed his casual and funny, emotionally confessed to thanking his parents for the love they brought him from childhood, so that he could spend it humorously even if he encountered difficulties.

His father's death was the lowest point of his life, and for a whole year, Ryan was depressed. After experiencing the melancholy trough, he began to think how nice it would be if he could share something for those who also experienced pain.

"Everyone has painful things, and if my story makes people think that it's not so bad, it's great!" 」

Tears and pain are twisted into pearls, crystal round, everything he has experienced has become the nourishment of Ryan's growth, he transforms the pain of his father's death, and through his own performance, let the audience share their life wisdom in laughter.

"One of our house rules is to kiss and hug and say I love you," is one of Ryan's favorite passages, which can also be found on YouTube, and he especially recommends dads to watch, saying, "You'll thank my dad for teaching you this later."

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Comedy is a slanted mallet, and humor makes life more enjoyable

"Comedy is my slant," Ryan laughed, emphasizing that Slanted is also because he understands his own personality, as long as he takes things too seriously, he will strive for perfection, so he joked: "In that case, I will only be seen on stage once a year."

So, what is Ryan's full job? Ryan shares that he created his personal brand "Kimóo Emotional Balance Fudge" in 2022, transforming from a social animal to an entrepreneur, and still a comedian is still a side hustle.

Even so, he seemed to take the side business more seriously.

A while ago, Ryan said that he was obediently thinking at home, and what kind of shocking jokes and mischievous off-script performances would Ryan, who had been negative in the home care isolation, bring about?

Please readers also get ready, July 1st "Love Show", remember to come to the scene to give Ryan a kiss and hug and say I love you, everyone stay tuned!