Do you want to find the driving force of life, integrate work and life, and live a bright self? Let's learn from Bai Huilan and create an ideal look for work and life!

Huilan Bai, who currently works at Microsoft, is responsible for the management and operation of the Windows platform and Office subscription services, and operates the well-known community "Work Life Home" with up to 48,000 people.

In his forties, he found his own "driving force ikigai", and his lifelong vision was: "Use technology to empower people to choose the way they work and live, so that work is a good life."

Xiao Baijie is a lecturer who specializes in "value negotiation" and "coaching sales", and it is a great honor for female fans to invite her to give classes to our users and share practical experience to workers who want to learn!

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When you encounter workplace bullying when you are angry, do I really want the position of "general manager"?

Xiao Baijie published the book "The Cultivation of Divine Beasts in the Workplace" at the beginning of this year, and in an interview, we talked about the original intention of her writing, which was inspired by her previous self, family and friends, and the mass media, all pursuing very universal values: money, fame, and status. Everyone worked hard, but they just chased after a daze.

"Until I was in my early thirties, I thought I was a person who could make a difference in the workplace, and I also felt that if I did it well, I would definitely become a so-called general manager in the future!" 」 However, recalling that he was full of spirit, he encountered the demon king level - workplace bullying on this dream road of general manager.

It turned out that her supervisor had made a fake performance and wanted to make her carry the black pot after the East Window incident, and when the human resources department asked her, "Why don't you report it?" At that time, the young woman was full of grievances at the moment, the supervisor told her to do things, if she refused, she would offend the supervisor, and she also lived every day of being bullied in these struggles.

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And this should also be the real situation that many people encounter in the workplace, the credit has been robbed, the birds are full of hands, the grievances are similar, and The little white sister has also experienced it herself.

But Xiao Baijie also refined the wisdom of life from these experiences: the action we produce at the critical moment is a choice, and everyone's life is composed of various choices in the present.

The action we produce at a critical moment is a choice, and everyone's life is made up of various present choices.

Charming club instructor after work Bai Huilan

"Later, I found out, yes, to be patient was my original choice, and the consequences would also be borne." Later, in the process of handling the incident, she also gradually realized that in fact, the position of "general manager" did not seem to be what she really wanted.

So, if you choose again, how to choose the job position? Xiao Baijie shared her conclusion with a smile and groaned: "In fact, looking for a job, looking for a 'work original intention'! I don't have the original intention, I act every day at work, and I can't act well at all."

First, first, confirm that you are in line with the values of your supervisor, and then most importantly, think about it – why do we work today? This is also a very important step to find the original intention.

According to Maslow's theory of needs, the meaning of initial work is to raise a family, bring security, and meet physiological needs. Then slowly people will want to pursue wealth, social status, and reach the highest level of "self-realization". Therefore, in our work, we must look for a "purpose", beyond the purpose of making money, beyond the purpose of wanting to be a general manager.

Xiao Baijie emotionally shared, "In the end, we will find that in fact, work and life are not opposites, because work is to meet the 'life you want to have', which includes the spiritual level." 」

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"Personal brand" implies opposition: use "workplace diversified branding" to build your value-added flywheel

In fact, Xiao Baijie does not like to use the term "personal brand" in the sharing of the industry, because in the communication with everyone, she found that this concept and the company are opposites.

But if it is to do "workplace diversified brand", the angle will be very different, through a lot of exchanges and sharing, can make cross-border contacts, absorb cross-border knowledge, accumulate professionalism, and then bet back into the industry to make word of mouth, it can let others know "who you are, what will you do, how to cooperate with you", and even create a variety of income channels.

"That's why I said it was a value-added flywheel," said the little white sister who had already walked through this round, with her eyes shining brightly, "I did not oppose the organization, but did a great job of doing the things at my disposal." And then in the process of being awesome, I accumulated a lot of know how, and I shared my know how to get other opportunities, and then I came back to improve my business."

After simulating what the flywheel looks like, she smiled and asked herself, "So what is actually a really good life?" It means doing your job well!"

This also implements the attitude of Xiao Baijie's dedication, our achievements in work, not only show on a few thin resumes, because every action in daily work has become our "brand manual". Just like we will also hear that some people leave, and immediately there will be other companies to poach, precisely because he has a "multi-brand in the workplace"!

Xiao Baijie also encourages everyone to develop a diversified income, so that even if the industry is out of shape, the brand reputation can make us have many different households. Even if the biggest customer leaves today, "It doesn't matter, I can find the next customer right away, so that I can make myself feel very confident and not feel like I was abandoned by my boss." 」 She nodded and encouraged everyone domineeringly.

What you're looking for is not a job, it's income, and income is created, depending on how you create it.

Charming club instructor after work Bai Huilan

Find out your core values, build yourself into a business, a product, and don't give up on seeking new possibilities.

Xiao Baijie said that one of her values is to "let everyone see what their life may look like in 20 years", admitting that she has passed the mid-life crisis, and understands the horror of working in only one company but being unemployed in middle age, so she wants to let everyone see the possibility of her life, and also looks forward to opening everyone's imagination: "Ah! It's possible to work like this!"

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Collect four gems to sparkle your "Prime Mover ikigai"

The Gallup Path conducts annual global surveys to study the health of companies, one of which is "employee engagement at work", which shows that the world is less than 20%, that is, only 13 or 14 out of 100 people say that they are very engaged in their work.

Xiao Baijie pointed out that when a worker today does not know what he is doing and does not know what he contributes will eventually become, he will feel that this work is just for subsistence, and will not have the motivation to do it well.

Therefore, a job that makes you feel good needs to have the following 4 elements, like drawing four large circles, and the total intersection between them is the "prime mover ikigai":

  1. Things you are good at
  2. Things you love
  3. What the world needs
  4. Things you can be paid for

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Can you find these at your first job? This is actually not easy, Xiao Baijie shared that she did not find the "driving force" of her life until she was more than forty years old, ikigai.

When she first came out of society, she first thought that work could make money, so she got the first intersection of the 3rd and 4th types of "occupations" above; Later, he joined Microsoft and worked with what he was good at, so he obtained a "profession" that intersected 1 and 4.

But after these two, although you can already feed yourself, there will be the pain of not being able to find the meaning of life, and the pain of being bored after doing things for a long time, because there is no "element of love" added to it.

Later, in the process of doing community, Xiao Baijie found it interesting to get along with people and meet new friends, so she found the intersection of 1 and 2 "enthusiasm"; Gradually, after listening to her sharing, many people gave back that they were encouraged, had changed their lives, and expressed sincere gratitude to her, so Xiao Baijie found "what the world needs" and collected the intersection of 2 and 3 points "mission".

As a result, the two overlapped "career, professionalism, enthusiasm, mission", and the perfect intersection occurred in the middle of the four circles, which is where the "ikigai" lies, that is, the meaning of life!

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Social media anxiety: You see patterns of other people succeeding, but that won't work

The long-hit bestseller "Atomic Habits" mentions that when you want to establish a good one-way cycle habit, it is not actually a goal to give yourself a data, but to tell yourself "what kind of person I want to be" and give yourself a transformation of identity.

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"So when you do career planning, the most basic and important thing is to ask yourself two questions: What kind of person do you want to be?" What kind of life do you want to live?" Xiao Baijie seriously said that when she recently chatted with young people, she noticed that many of their anxieties came from social media, but she wanted to remind that when you see that others are very successful and you are very inferior, you will want to directly copy the actions of others - but the actions of others may not be successful in yourself.

Understanding the comparison mentality between peers, the anxiety brought about by the bright community information, which affect people's mood and work choices in the local area, Xiao Baijie is like a gentle mother or teacher, gently asking: "Do you have a family, do you have children?" Is there faith, is there leisure?"

Most importantly – ask yourself, "What do you want?"

In thinking about the life you want to live, you find a small goal, so you learn one step closer to achieving the goal, because learning to meet your needs is usually also effective.