Do you remember the "Little Love Song" that was popular all over the streets? Soda Green debuted, Qingfeng's solo flight did not disband, and finally returned to the life of fans with "Fish Ding Ito", Lin Weizhe gave the gift of "putting down" for the commemoration of the 18th anniversary of this army - let's see, for fans, Soda Green and Qingfeng, what those years have brought to them.

18 years of soda green group commemoration day, May 30.

Lin Weizhe suddenly declared on the morning of the same day (30) that he gave up the ownership of the "Soda Green" trademark.

He wrote, "This matter has come to this day, and there is an inner voice telling me, 'It's time to let go.' At the height of the epidemic, I was self-managed and locked at home, quietly thinking, remembering the bits and pieces of the past. I knew it was time to make a decision to let go of the past, for better or worse. So I decided to give up ownership of the trademark. And wish the name a better future. Dear All, Life is short, I wish you all good health and peace and wish you all well."

He also delivered the goods at 4 p.m. on the same day, and the Wisdom Bureau said that it was invalid on the same day.

For Lin Weizhe, creating "Soda Green" can be described as starting from scratch, whether it is the origin of the Ocean Music Festival, the release of single albums, the singing of small love songs, and the many egg attack "Unparalleled Beauty" concerts, Lin Weizhe can be said to be indispensable, he really regards Soda Green as his own, and suddenly wants to take away the existence of the flesh of the heart, you can imagine how difficult it is to "put down" like this.

The epidemic has made him think quietly at home, and the repeated lawsuits in the past have not only broken the relationship between the two sides, but also suffered for this, remembering the time when they were with each other in the past, and no one will give up.

And this "let go" news came too suddenly, and the day of 530 is of great significance to fans.

Pictured| Lin Weizhe's statement

In 2018, Soda Green and agent Lin Weizhe were deadlocked over the ownership of the three words "Soda Green", and many times they went to court, and the original family-like relationship became a dispute between creation and ownership, Qingfeng once said that he regarded Lin Weizhe as a father, and after the end of the agreement, he took his hand and said: "We can still be family."

Pictured| FB@ Wu Qingfeng

Looking back on the process of female fans interviewing Qingfeng, he said that during that time, it can be described as a dark period of life, even in this negative wandering, he still insisted on soothing the hearts of the listeners through creation. He said, "Most happy songs are written when you're unhappy." It's like the album "Astronaut", filled with a broken muttered diary, as if writing an outlet for sorrow that has nowhere to release.

Dance that was once so close to you without gravity
In the days when the conversation is like pulling each other
It's just a pity that my environment is anhydrous and oxygen-free

My re-listening
Thought you said continue, the original you said
It's departure

- Astronaut

Qingfeng often sat at the piano, half dreaming and half awake, humming alone, and the music became the outlet of his emotions.

Who exactly should i write a song for? And how to interpret it? Maybe the so-called story didn't exist in the first place. He believed, "When I write a lot, it's somehow dead." People who listen can interpret the appearance of the song on their own, absorb the parts they want to pursue, and resonate or not, only the listener understands.

(In-depth interview: Interview with Wu Qingfeng: When injuries occur, only you can heal yourself)

Figure | Fish Diced Itin FB@oaeen.fb

Although facing the darkest period, at this moment Lin Weizhe's letting go is like a dawn, and time has given the best solution, and now this return is the moment when the dawn comes, reflected in the hearts of long-awaited fans, Qingfeng said: "When injuries occur, only you can heal yourself, and you must have the courage to heal your own wounds."

If you can't continue singing under the name soda green, why not jump out and create it alone?

Strive to let Yu Ding Ito return to the life of the fans, Qingfeng's strong soul, take him through everything. And this courage, not only in his creation, his singing, perhaps Qingfeng singing, not only for the "soda green" itself, but as long as he is in, even if there is no "soda green" as a medium, for the members of the group, for themselves, the soul of the group will never die.

Sincerely wish both of them their respective futures and move forward to a better place. Thank you Lin Weizhe, thank you Qingfeng and Soda Green, whether the fish is green or not, we all remember the love and invincibility of the two sides, and at this time of the epidemic, we have seen a new chapter of goodwill, beautiful relief and the departure of both sides.

Female fans have been recruited in the community at the same time - "For soda green (fish ding ito) fans, the golden sentence that affects their lives!" 」

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Do it seriously, try it, and I know if it's good or not; after trying, I'm qualified to say that everything is worth it.

Singer Qingfeng (IG @howenjoysimple Contributed)

Happiness is not to pursue too much happiness and feel unhappy.

Singer Qingfeng (IG @immune_darkness Contributed)

When you are dark, you must not see the light, but if you are willing to go out of the darkness, the light you see is the most brilliant.

Singer Qingfeng (Contributed by IG @ziweitellermasterlin)

Say thank you to the new language exchanged by time and the landscape on your heart, and don't want to worry about those unbeautiful worlds.

Soda Green "Small Universe" (Contributed by IG @amity_gogogo)

Thank you for not being knocked down, thank you for my own death to sing, death to sing.

Singer Qingfeng (contributed by IG @annielinn__)