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The BMI of Asians should be less than the human health of another country

At present, the UK's health standards are standard in the case of BMI, but there are experts who propose to fix Asian standards to 23 because Asians are more likely to suffer from second type diabetes and other diseases.NICE has said that excess fat is responsible for more than half of the world's second type of diabetes mellitus and two percent of cardiovascular disease.Dr Rachel Pryke of the Royal College of GPs, a British general practitioner, said that the classification of such a race was good because some diseases would have higher rates of race due to race.(Recommended reading: A lazy, lazy, and lazy movement ) * news source

A small amount of food is really easier to thin?

A few minutes of the diet concept was questioned at the annual conference of the American Diabetes Association.A new study found that among those suffering from type 2 diabetes, the BMI of the people who ate only two meals a day earlier dropped 1.23 and the number of people who had six meals a day dropped by 0.82.Czech scholar Hana Kahleova said the study proves that "breakfast is like the emperor, the lunch is like a prince, dinner is like a beggar," an ancient proverb.(Recommended reading: Table of Phys Clock on Physiology ) * News sources

Bride with no white yarn

the legal and legal tendencies of gay marriage the problem that comes with is the choice of the wedding dress of the female homosexuals.In the past, female comrades chose only male dress as an alternative to their wedding dresses, but often because men and women were different in their shape, the dresses were not suitable for them to wear.In recent years, a progressive appearance of clothing cards designed for the female comrades has been a great pronunciation of comrades and women.(Recommended reading: Facebook's Small Action, Corporate Attitude: legalizing same-sex marriage ) News sources

Female Offensive Institute of Technology

In the United States, STEM (Science, Science, Science, Engineering, Architecture, Civil, and Mathematics) attempts to recruit more women, thus escaping from the stereotypes of a group of residential men.The ratio of men and women in the US polytechnic is three to one, and the proportion of men and women is unequal. The department is trying to help the few women in the system to adapt to the male-led environmental life and study.The School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin is designed to provide guidance to a few women in the field, such as the placement of female students living in a dormitory, and the advice and assistance of young women in the higher grades.However, school men, including teachers, professors and so on, should not be neglected. They have also given appropriate guidelines to women in this environment with a view to eliminating gender stereotypes.(Recommended reading: Give professional women an incentive to love!Home and career reconciliation method ) * * news source

Have you ever seen a female porn?

The porn special for women has been developed since the 1980s.From "Couple's porn" to "feminist porn", the way to the present "feminist porn" has produced many different arguments.The feminist porn industry advocates the importance of workers' welfare and hopes to provide a fair and safe sex industry environment.It is also expected that the feminist porn will become a major innovation in the adult industry.However, the fact that feminist porn cannot be ignored is that it remains the largest segment of the male population.However, this writer believes that after the first prize for women's porn, today's feminist porn has taken a big step forward, and has successfully changed the preexisting impressions of the porn.(Recommended reading: The advantages of the menstrual cycle?) news source

The health of children in the next generation

Grandma Grandma is too painful for her grandson to create a new problem!The study notes that children with large grandparents are more obese.The grandparents let their children eat unrudled food with excessive sugar, such as ice cream. Such actions increase the chances of children dying in advance, or even trigger the risk of diabetes and heart disease.(Recommended reading: When the child makes a mistake, do not say it in three words!) news source

What is beauty?

Is it beautiful to know that obesity is in a country in West Africa?The parents even encourage their daughters to become more and more fat and more and more beautiful.Or in a tribe in South Africa, women would be placed in a big plate, and the larger the plate, the greater the beauty and the richer the more.(Recommended reading: Women, the beauty of which is more than the one ) * news source

There are a lot of definitions in the definition of beauty, and we don't have to look like a Barbie doll.American artist Nickolay Lamm dressed the average 19-year-old girl as Barbie, underscoring that the typical girl's shape is not just like Barbie, and that we should be able to accept the most realistic look of her.* News sources

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