What if there is a knot in life? Healing is an ability that can gradually find its way as long as there is a method in the mind. From card guide to writing down self-talk, make yourself a master of healing yourself!

Zhou Yongshi, the original tutor of the healing card, is currently the chairman of the card association, a social worker, and has more than 20 years of experience in helping people and teaching.

Teacher Zhou is good at using various media such as cards, essential oils, pastels, etc., combining hypnosis, home row, writing, and artistic creation, leading the exploration of the depth of the subconscious mind, and retrieving the inner talent and strength of the individual!

The path to healing writing begins with questioning the pain of life

The influence of the original family shapes the appearance of people and leads people of different personalities to distant places.

Zhou Yongshi talked about her adolescent self as a young girl, because of the influence of her family, when she was a child, her mood was mostly sad, and she could not improve the powerlessness of the family situation, and the bitterness in her heart swallowed everything silently.

However, the girl found an outlet from the text, "I have tried to write prose, poetry, and novels since I was in junior high school, and the writing of words can express my various feelings and thoughts, and can even be said to be a sustenance of wishes and an epiphany of self-dialogue." From a young age, Zhou Yongshi often asked about the meaning and value of life.

Now that the teacher recalls that there were several key questions that had been influencing her life: "Can pain be cured?" "Does this pain really come to an end?" "Can I live happily?"

So while pursuing these answers, I came all the way to the present.

A pen + card, you sit on the whole spiritual world

In her sophomore year, under the influence of her father, who suffered from bipolar disorder, Zhou Yongshi decided to switch from the Japanese department to the social work department, and from then on she plunged into the field related to spiritual growth.

Later, after entering the society to engage in helping others, she carefully studied various stress relief methods, such as plant aromatherapy or artistic creation, etc. to regulate people's moods, in which she came into contact with "cards", and under its effect and influence, she gradually regarded cards as her life's favorite.

Zhou Yongshi found that the three of "writing, relieving stress and cards" are excellent healing partners, from which you can get the clarification of thoughts, the sorting out of emotions, and the wisdom of the subconscious. These three are also the core of the course "Healing Writing Class" that the teacher is preparing to open in women's fans, hoping to bring readers more personal experience and harvest!

"Cards can be used as a mirror to reflect one's own heart, and through writing, you can slowly organize and see your true thoughts and feelings." Zhou Yongshi said softly, because she deeply understands that sometimes people's pressures and troubles, in fact, there is no opportunity, or do not want to talk to someone, and this time needs tools to help themselves.

With a set of cards and pen and paper, at a simple cost, you can open up a space for conversations with yourself, and best of all, you can do it at any time.

Everyone has a pool of the soul in their hearts, in fact, the strength to support themselves is endless, and healing and stress relief become their own abilities and habits, so that the soul can always be taken care of and nourished.

Photo courtesy | Zhou Yongshi

Uncontrollable situations bring anxiety, but you have the ability to deal with them

When we asked Teacher Zhou Yongshi why she wanted to start the class at this time, it was actually related to the observation and impression of the teacher who had done more than 20 years of helping people, "The pressure of modern people is really great!" Having seen all kinds of cases, she can't help but sigh.

"Especially because of the development of the epidemic in the past two years, in the face of such unknowns and accidents, people have a feeling of inability to grasp." When we can't grasp the current situation, it is easy to feel anxious, so while facing anxiety, while facing more changes, the pressure is naturally getting bigger and bigger... Pressure affects the mood, but also causes physical and mental health and physical condition to be low.

"So it's very important to keep your mood calm and know how to relieve stress." Zhou Yongshi said very seriously that she will always be assured of the mission of helping others, hoping that everyone can pay attention to mental health and let people find that there are simple and interesting tools and methods that can bring self-dialogue and awareness.

Then she smirked, saying that every time she saw students in class smiling because of the card draw, and then find their blind spots and ways out through writing, "I think I must continue to share!" 」

In fact, everyone needs only a little guidance, because the one who understands life best is himself, and only he knows what he wants to look like and what kind of far away he wants to go to.

Photo | Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash

Drawing cards is a combination of art and logic, accompanied by a perceptual solution to life

Why did you love your cards so much that you became the current president of the Card Association and even defined them as the "favorite of your life"?

Zhou Yongshi shared with us the relationship between cards and writing, "Drawing cards is more like the play of the artistic intuition brain, while writing is more like the presentation of the rational logic brain." But healing writing will be another kind of emotional expression."

It turns out that the teacher has seen in the observation of society for many years that people have imbalances: imbalances between the left and right brains, imbalances between reason and sensibility, the distance between the inner and outer worlds, and the huge gap between reasoning and action - and the way to solve this imbalance requires a deeper "understanding of yourself"! Not only to know your own thoughts, but also to know how to perceive your emotions.

Because the rational brain talks differently than the emotional brain, "the intellect knows to be calm, but the heart hides anger." The teacher knows the dilemma, so when he discovered the tool of the card, he devoted himself to studying and designing the card for many years, becoming a mentor in the field, and witnessing countless positive cases and good impacts on their psychological process in these years of teaching and interaction.

Speaking of these stories of helping people, Zhou Yongshi showed a warm and sincere smile and shared the changes that the course has brought to herself and others.

Photo courtesy | Zhou Yongshi

Using the cards and writing of the Healing Writing Class, it is like opening up a space where reason and sensibility meet through the dialogue between images and words. Especially in the dilemma of pressure or contradiction, through the meeting of the subconscious and the conscious, you can let yourself discover and understand the problems and answers.

Everyone is an expert in their own life, with the key to open the door of their own heart. So this is not a theoretical lesson, but a spiritual journey to experience practical work!

Charming club lecturer after work Zhou Yongshi

So let's look back at the teacher's questions about life from a young age:

  • "Can suffering be cured?"
  • "Does this pain really come to an end?"
  • "Can I live happily?"

With questions in mind, start looking for answers. Zhou Yongshi went from the road of writing literature to finding solutions and methods from psychology. Later, she found a good tool for spiritual healing and growth, and she really experienced the operation, so she could answer herself:

  • "Yes! Pain can be healed!"
  • "I can live happily and find a way out from the influence of my original family!"