Have you ever used condoms?Your partner is always begging you not to use condoms, but are you always soft?Do you know how to use condoms? womenany.net strongly recommends that you, if you are not familiar with the past sexual history of your sex partner, not only for contraception, but also for condoms to protect your body.

to the World Health Organization data, condom use can prevent bodily fluids (semen, vaginal secretions or blood) into the human body by using condoms and may prevent the infection of AIDS and sexually transmitted infections by using condoms properly throughout the entire course of the process.

Taipei City Joint Hospital for the Prevention of STDs and AIDS Prevention and Treatment, Hu Baojun, suggests:

  1. that the package is complete before you purchase or use the date, and the use date is within the valid time.

  2. Every love must be used properly by the entire process, and not to be lucky enough to survive.

  3. The penis must be covered with a condom and be properly worn and worn to the root of the penis.

  4. It is recommended that you do not use oily lubricants in conjunction with aqueous lubricants .

  5. Each condoms can only be used once, if they are worn out, do not turn over again, but have to use a new one.

  6. Remember to check afterwards to take precautions as soon as possible if you have inadvertent or inappropriate use.

  7. Unused condoms need to be kept dry, cool, humidity and temperature affect the quality of the condom.

Use of condom and tips:

Rip-rip the package, remember to check the date and integrity first.

pinch-pinch the airbags, remember not to use your fingernails, to avoid lacunching.

The condom, which is a penis, remembers to be covered in the root.

If you take it off, you take it off immediately, and if you want to have it again, you have to use another new one.

Illustrated step-by-step illustrations:

When a male private place is erectile, the condom will be used instead of the high tide.It is necessary to take the wrapper out of the root and expose the turtle head.

Remember to press the air at the front end of the condom and pull the condom up to half.

Many people will neglect this step. Remember to use your hand to push condoms together with the wraps to the top, and use your fingers to tighten the hatch so that there is no air in the condom. The key: the condom cannot have a gap.

Grab the tip hands and don't relax with another hand, push the condom down the root, but be careful not to break the fragile scrotum and the hair.

Follow these steps to complete the correct and secure condom wear!Remember to check whether a condom is attached to a partner's private place. If there is still a lot of air, it is not only likely to slip out of the sex process, it is also unsafe!

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