Tainan Art Museum's popular "Hell Exhibition", have you seen it? When the ghosts are moved into the exhibition hall, it is not only an artistic presentation, but also a manifestation of upgrading for the contemporary mind!

Tainan City Art Museum's "Asia's Hell and Ghosts Exhibition" became a hit, and on the first day of its launch, nearly 7,000 spectators poured in, and everyone laughed that it was "more people than ghosts" and "Yang Qi is too heavy, zombies are scared to death"!

I think this phenomenon is very interesting, especially before the exhibition began, there were religious and parent groups that criticized the exhibition for polluting the land and defiling the people. But the greater the controversy, the more attention it attracts public attention, and it is clear that this is a generation of greater acceptance and curiosity about darkness and ghosts.

In fact, for hell, ghosts, darkness, are "both expectant and afraid of being hurt", we like to listen to ghost stories, after listening to it and dare not go to the toilet alone; I like to watch ghost movies, but I can't help but cover my eyes with my hands in the process.

The eyes cast into the dark night are all wondering what is in it? Even in the age of science supremacy, we still guess that something invisible exists larger than the world outside of us.

Photo | the Fan Page of the Tainan Art Museum

(Looking directly at fear: Xu Weining talks about ghost film roles: forcing yourself to face the most feared things, it will be full of strength)

Pluto, which is loaded with darkness, is in you and me

As a beginner in astrology, I think it may be from an astrological point of view.

Recently, I learned about Pluto, a dark-sounding and mysterious star that represents the forces of destruction, rebirth, desire, death, extremes, and the unconscious.

It is the most distant generational star from Earth in astrology, circulating a constellation every 10 to 30 years. Although it is usually not felt, it lies quietly at the bottom of life, like a mine, and when it is stepped on, it will erupt with great power, either shattered bones or reborn after destruction.

For example, my generation of people born between 1983 and 1995 is the Pluto Scorpio generation, Pluto was originally the guardian star of Scorpio, and entering its own guardian constellation will represent a more powerful force that will enable Scorpio to control the issues of sex, finance, the dark side of human nature, and the reversal of fate, triggering upheavals.

Photo | Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

Judging from the historical events at that time, the prevalence of AIDS, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the de-riff of Taiwan, and the Asian financial turmoil all correspond to the theme of Pluto Scorpio.

Born in this wild wave generation of the 80s and 90s, there is a strong emotion in their bones and a strong desire to control things. When we grow up, we are very sensitive to gender mobility and reform of the system, so in issues such as the same-sex referendum and the Sunflower Student Movement, we are mainly involved in promoting groups.

The constellations we often talk about are mostly "sun signs", that is, our outward personality, but in addition, there are various invisible dynamics in everyone's astrolabe, such as the moon sign that represents nourishment and security, and the sign of Water that governs mind and communication.

Photo | Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash

Pluto is the dark side, and each generation has its own obsession and madness, these extreme forces may be frightening, but they also contain the power of upheaval from the bottom. Because people themselves have the pursuit of desire, sex, money, power, and so on, the vitality can burst forth.

So from an astrological point of view, darkness is always in our lives, written in your soul. Instead of suppressing or pretending not to exist, look directly into the darkness to see the light in it.

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Being curious about ghosts is actually a desire to get to know yourself

Back to this popular hell exhibition, the darkness that has been suppressed and hidden in the past can also become an exhibit and be displayed under the eyes of the public, I think the meaning of this in the soul is very optimistic, representing that we can get along with the darkness in our hearts more and more, and no longer abandon the night.

As the curator of this time, Julian from the Musée Duque Branly in France. Julien Rousseau, who in curated narratives, said:

"Ghosts and goblins are the embodiment of people's fear of the unknown, as if creating a vehicle that can summarize these negative emotions can find ways to eliminate or avoid it." 」
"Human beings cannot avoid facing life and death, so ghosts are a remembrance of the dead and a comfort to the living. The legend of ghosts and monsters also reveals the appearance of life and the valuable cultural development value of the past."

Image | Photo by Tandem X Visuals on Unsplash

Darkness has always been a part of our culture, and the legends and stories of various countries and rural legends are indispensable to the existence of mysterious ghosts.

Psychologist Zhong Ying once analyzed in his book "Psychology in Legends":

The "ghost" is the darkest part of the darkness, referring to the emotions that people fear, covering the impulse of death, revenge, destruction and abuse, involving the complex of the entire community, and restoration often depends on the evolution of the whole society.

It is precisely because these ghosts, the projections of our minds, absorb the qualities we do not want to face, so we are more curious and fascinated. When we look at ghosts, we are actually looking at ourselves, eager to know the dark part of ourselves, and only when darkness and light are added together, we are a complete person.

Thinking of the "social negative personality test" that was popular a while ago, I think that society is more receptive to the display of darkness, and can generously admit that we have negative traits in our bodies.

We women are obsessed with editing partners, there are several "paranoid" scores are close to the explosion, seeing the results we laughed and said: "If you really want to be a good editor, you have to have your own paranoia!" 」 "I'm negative and I'm proud!"

Photo | Photo by Dawn McDonald on Unsplash

Being able to accept the "dark" side of society is actually very comfortable. Because we know that we have attachments, dominance, occasional vanity, and sometimes only want to be selfish, and we are not the most evil and bad people, these qualities also help us to achieve some achievements and challenge our limits to some extent.

The truly mature adult does not completely drive away the darkness in his heart, but knows how to live with the darkness and walk with it, and knows his light well in the dark night, and will not be extinguished.

So darkness, ghosts are not terrible, what is terrible is that you do not want to see its existence, and impose the anxiety of darkness on others, forcing others not to show the natural darkness of human nature, and using moral shackles to force him to pretend to be a saint.

In the darkness, we can see a lot of truth, may we take the darkness as a mirror, no longer avoid it, walk through hell, and maybe find more of ourselves.