In 2022, The Golden Melody 33 announces a gorgeous return! Xiao Yaxuan Elva has gone through the comings and goings of her family, lovers, and dogs, and walked through the suffocation of depression, but she still does not give up on refining herself, making a comeback again, and becoming everyone's pearl!

"Last year I was a pearl of the Golden Melody Awards, but this year I was the pearl of the Golden Melody Awards. Say to everyone very formally over here: 'Elva is back!'"

I don't know how many people like me, seeing Xiao Yaxuan's surprise comeback, domineering declaration return, in front of the screen can't help but scream and cheer!

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Time and space seem to go back to 1999, when the third grade of primary school in China was often said to "not sound like a girl" because of the low voice, and I hated my voice. I remember the first time I saw a girl on TV wearing a white shirt, handsomely singing: "Hair flung, stride away, don't pity the little sadness in your heart." 」

What came from my ears was not a sweet high pitch, but a magnetic, but penetrating singing voice, and I was deeply encouraged to write down the name "Xiao Yaxuan", and she let me know that such a voice can also become a singer, full of charm!

The picture | the MV of "One Man's Wonderful"

In the era when there were still signing concerts, I used to line up for a long time, and I met Elva herself for the first time on the second floor of Rose Records, a red shirt with a shelle hat, fair skin, long and thin hand hair, delicate squinting eyes and a crooked smile, and a sweet fragrance (much like me).

Later, "Rose", "You are a marvel in my heart", "Because of you", "Map of Happiness", one by one fell into her universe, and now I can hum a few words at will.

When I was still unfamiliar with the world, she took me to imagine that girls can be cool and neat, fashionable, and dare to love deeply.

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I want to confess to you, Miss Dashing doesn't love it

Just like the debut song "A Man's Wonderful", Xiao Yaxuan's song conveys a female image, always dashing, brave, and straightforward, if you don't love me, I turn around and take a big step, and then find the next person, or a person can also live a wonderful life.

When I meet the object of my heart, my body and emotions are out of control, and although I feel shy, I still want to "confess". Warm love, just like "The Main Song of Love", you are electrocuted, and you feel that the whole city is full of you. Wanting to indulge, low-key suppression is not my style, I am "Dashing Miss", do not love, tell the world, I just believe in love!

The picture | the "Confession" MV

Without concealment, without detours, without being bound by etiquette, my love is a work of art, so it is carefully carved, fully invested, generously displayed, and not afraid.

Looking closely at Xiao Yaxuan's dance movements, compared with new Jazz, which emphasizes body curves and sexy twists, her dance is more often integrated with Hip Hop, House and other elements, with brisk and powerful steps and sharp hands. It's like the queen is in charge of everything, and it's clear whether to follow or not.

My favorite ones, she pointed her finger directly forward, whether it was "like you, can't say" in "Confession", the firm index finger did not hesitate to reach forward, like shooting an arrow of love in the crowd, fearlessly saying in the eyes of others: "I just want you!" Or in "SUPER GIRL Love Fearless", when she sings, "You can be a super girl", and then transforms into a girl's superhero, telling everyone: "You just can!"

The picture | the "SUPER GIRL Love Fearless" MV

A friend told me that when he practiced muscle strength at home, he always played Xiao Yaxuan's songs, and every time he felt particularly powerful, I think it was because Elva sang her fearless and brave soul into the song and danced into the dance, and we were given strength when we listened!

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The picture | the MV of "Miss Dashing"

If you love wrong, cry again, and there will always be sunshine outside the window

Dashing and handsome in love, but does not mean that it is not affectionate and rash. Just like Xiao Yaxuan's every love is unforgettable, after the vigorous Yu Yan, so that her love songs can always sing the heartache of love mistakes, the bitterness of a person clinging to memories.

"The weather outside the window" is a person's loveless journey, the day you left, there is a memory window is no longer sunny, panicked I forgot to close the window, just let the heavy rain wet the ground, as my eternal memorial to you; "The wrong person" obviously knew from the beginning that this was not fate, I still fought hard, is it you wrong, or is it actually me who is wrong?

Listen to her dance music when you are in love, excitement is sleepless, passion erupts; Listen to her love songs when you are in love, cry and fall asleep, and mourn love.

She has always been with you, and she understands a thousand moods because she has also experienced it. The world is like this, cry hard, next time we are brave and love again.

The picture | the "Wrong Man" MV

No more malicious attacks, gossip, let us welcome the queen back

I chased all the way from elementary school to adulthood, until I went to college and listened to music less often, only to see Xiao Yaxuan's news from time to time in the news, the death of my mother, plastic surgery questioning, emotional lace.

At that time, I had not yet experienced the feminist enlightenment, and I did not know that those teases about her feelings or appearance were the manifestations of misogyny, but I vaguely felt the gesture of these news, with a lot of malice.

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In fact, as a person who loves her, I don't care about the gossip at all, I only hope to shine with her uniqueness and live happily. I hope that she on the stage is really enjoying all this, and not having a little reluctance and pain. If she is experiencing sadness and pain, but pretends to be happy to sing and dance, we will all be heartbroken.

So a few years ago, seeing her and her partner fighting on the stage, I was really happy for her, as if I saw my girlfriend happy. No matter how old he is, whether he will break up in the future, the happiness of the moment is eternal, please hold on tightly.

Elva Hsiao@FB

Because after witnessing her efforts, seeing her vulnerability, in the end you really only hope that the person who once sprinkled diamond candy in your childhood can live in the fullest love, whether that love comes from lovers, family, fans, or herself.

For the ridicule of her appearance after the Golden Melody Awards, I sincerely pray that I will not let these malice and push her away from her who is not easy to return.

I know she's powerful and not afraid of gossip, but can we not exercise a person with malice? It is to support a person with love.

I will always remember the last scene in the MV of "One Man Wonderful", Elva running in the rain with an umbrella, and the raindrops falling from the sky turned into pearls, symbolizing a person's tears refined into beauty.

The image | Elva Hsiao@FB

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After going through the comings and goings of family, lovers, and dogs, walking through the suffocation of depression, still not giving up on refining yourself, bringing more and better selves to the stage, Elva is everyone's pearl!

Invite baby fans, write your love together, and let Elva know that we have been waiting for a long time and can't wait for it all.

Together we said to Elva, "Welcome back, our queen!"